April 1, 2022
Senior Project: Action Projects, TED Talks, Spring Schedule and Expectations

Hello Seniors and Families,

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and the senior team wanted to communicate with you some important upcoming events and information connected to Senior Project.  The senior schedule will undergo some changes starting next week, as seniors turn in Senior Theses and embark on their "Take Action" Projects.

Here is the schedule for the remainder of the semester:

  • April 4 -- May 5: Senior Project Action Projects
  • May 9-11: Senior Camping Trip (in the works--to be confirmed)
  • May 12-18: TED Talk Prep
  • May 19: All School Exhibition
  • May 19-26: TED Talks

Senior Project Action Projects
With Senior Theses due on Monday, we turn our attention to the "Take Action" stage of Senior Project. Seniors will put their research and theory into practice, coming up with an individual project that connects to and builds on their research question.

Senior Project Cohorts 
Beginning on Monday, seniors will be assigned one of 2 cohort groups with a corresponding senior teacher directing the group. We are dividing seniors based on their topic and senior teacher expertise. Goals of the cohorts include:
  • Regular individual check-ins with cohort leader
  • Group/cohort critiques of senior projects in process
  • Provide structure and support during the project process
  • Accountability!
  • Problem-solving groups
  • Time for documentation of project process/reflection space
  • Exhibition planning crews

Weekly Schedule for Action Project Work Time, April 4 -- May 11
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

  • Students meet with their cohort advisor, Kyle or Sara for 3rd and 4th periods. During this time students work in cohorts to project tune, solve dilemmas and critique each other's work. They will also set weekly goals that they review with their cohort teacher.
  • Students are expected to work on campus these days unless they are working one-on-one with a mentor at their off campus location. If this is the case the mentor must email the cohort advisory letting them know they will supervise this 2 hour time each day.
  • Senior Humanities and Statistics no longer meet and all seniors will not have Senior Humanities or Statistics classes 5th or 6th periods, in order to provide ample work time to create beautiful projects.


  • So much of the action project magic happens off campus. Wednesday will be a day students can be off campus working independently to secure permits, get film footage, build a prototype at the makerspace, set up interviews for podcasts, etc.
  • Students are welcome to work on campus, particularly if they need one on one support or fall behind. 
  • Seniors should plan to attend Advisory on some Wednesdays. We will communicate when this is required for them.

What about Electives?
Students are required to attend their electives for as long as that elective is running. 

Senior Project TED Talks
Seniors defend their senior thesis as well as celebrate their action project accomplishments through TED Talk style presentations. From May 12-18, we will use 3rd and 4th period for TED Talk prep.

Seniors will be individually scheduled for a 30 minute time slot May 19-26 to deliver their TED Talks. In addition to delivering a TED Talk on their research topic, they will need to serve as panelists for 6 of their peers. Electives will continue as normal and seniors are expected to attend. Most TED Talks are open to the public and we will share the schedule with families.

Thank you all for supporting us and your student through this busy and inspiring last year of high school—they are doing some amazing work, and we can’t wait to see what they produce for their Senior Project. 

Don't forget--Graduation Meeting Tuesday at 5:30, at AHS!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Sara Price and Kyle Edmondson 
Upcoming Events

Graduation Information Family Meeting (12th grade): Tues. 4/5, 5:30pm

Elevated Nest Tour: Fri. 4/8, 1pm at new campus site

PSAT9, PSAT10 and SAT (9th, 10th and 11th grade): Wed. 4/13, 8:30am-12:30pm

Professional Development Day (no classes): Fri. 4/15

Elevated Nest Tour: Fri. 4/15, 9am at new campus site

AHS Prom: Sat. 4/16, 7-9:30pm at Elks Lodge (tickets on sale after Spring Break)

Online Osprey Parent Coffee: Fri. 4/22, 8:30am

Elevated Nest Tour: Fri. 4/22, 1pm at new campus site

LINK Internships (11th grade): Mon. 4/25 through Fri. 5/13

Elevated Nest Tour: Fri. 4/29, 9am at new campus site

Bears Ears Camping Trip (9th grade): Mon. 5/2 through Thurs. 5/5

Professional Development Day (no classes): Fri. 5/6

All School Exhibition: Thurs. 5/19

AHS Graduation: Fri. 5/27, 4pm

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