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April 22nd, 2020

Dear DACC Senior Families,

As I shared with you on Monday, Governor DeWine made the announcement that remote learning will continue through the remainder of the school year. In March, when schools moved to remote learning, we were all hopeful that we would be back before the end of the school year. We soon understood that COVID-19 was more serious than we may have realized, and it was no surprise when we were told that students would remain at home, completing online assignments. 

With the end of the school year just a month away, we are receiving many questions about our Senior Recognition Ceremony. First, let me start with explaining what this event is. Each year, in addition to the students’ home district graduation, DACC honors our seniors with a formal ceremony where their name is announced, they walk across the stage and receive their program certificate from their lab instructor. The students wear their cap and gown from their home district, and if they don’t have a cap and gown, DACC will loan a gown to any student who needs one. The sea of color from the robes provides a wonderful visual of the many districts we serve. 

Originally, our ceremony was scheduled for May 18 at Mershon Auditorium on the Ohio State campus. When we realized we would not be able to hold the May 18 ceremony, our principal, Mr. Gaskill, quickly began working on plans to reschedule the event. Knowing that our home districts were also rescheduling ceremonies in the summer, Mr. Gaskill worked to find a date that did not conflict with those events. We were happy that July 8 was available; therefore, it was selected as the date to recognize our seniors. 

I ask that for now, you keep July 8 on your calendar, but understand that the COVID-19 situation has caused all of our plans to remain fluid. We are hopeful that we will be permitted to have large gatherings on this mid-summer July evening. Regular briefings from our state leaders and health officials provides guidance to our decision-making and operations. If it is determined that large groups will not be permitted to gather in July, I am confident Mr. Gaskill will find another way to honor our seniors. 

Regardless of what this year’s Senior Recognition Ceremony looks like, it is important to all of us – staff, students, and families – that we honor the Class of 2020. This is a resilient and strong group of students who are worthy of every effort we can make to congratulate them on their accomplishments.

I appreciate your patience and support throughout this evolving situation and I ask that you continue to have patience over the upcoming weeks. We receive new information on a daily basis and when that happens, we adapt and change. However, making decisions that are in the best interest of our students can take time and we will not always have answers right away. Our current reality is full of change, flexibility, and adaptability. I will continue to keep you informed of new information as we have it.
For now, know that our staff is working around the clock to provide for our students, bring clarity to the end of the school year, and recognize the achievements of the Class of 2020.
Best Regards,
Mary Beth Freeman
Delaware Area Career Center
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