Senior Scoop
October 1st Edition
Dear Whitemarsh Township!
Please find below community resources and some fun activities you can do from the comfort of your own home! Please share the newsletters and information with any friends or family, specifically area seniors. If they want to sign up to receive these newsletters they can e-mail us at

Stay safe and remember "Social Distancing",
The Parks and Recreation Team

A special thank you to our First Responders, medical staff, and everyone else who is working to keep our community safe.
Free Cooking Classes!
Cooking is a hobby and a skill that is difficult to master, but can be very satisfying (and tasty!) to learn. Learning to cook also has health benefits attached to it, such as controlling the ingredients, balanced eating and it can be a relaxing activity, provided you're not a perfectionist. Take some time, order some ingredients and treat yourself to some great meals!
One of the most well-known chefs in the world is Gordon Ramsay. While his personality may seem brash and curt on most of his shows, he is really good at helping guide new cooks in their new hobby. His classes walk you through almost anything you need to know in a descriptive, but not overwhelming way.
Tyler Florence isn't as well known as Gordon Ramsay, but he's still a great cook! His live streams take you through cooking an entire meal, while incorporating a laid back demeanor and chats it up. His first guide is for a two course meal and takes just over an hour to complete the meal!
If you are already adept at cooking and want to try your hand at baking, try out Joe the Baker. With almost 30 videos during quarantine of baking different items, he is sure to have something that leaves your mouth watering.
Mindful Wellness

Try the free Daily New York Times Mini Crossword Puzzle. Check back each day for a new puzzle!
Mindful Exercises

Open the above Document and practice 6 different ways to ease your mind and body.

Check out a new e-book or e-magazine by visiting our friends over at the William Jeanes Library. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking to do a puzzle, but don't have any? Try an online puzzle at
Community Resources
Whitemarsh Pharmacy is offering curbside pick up and free local delivery! Call them at 610-828-5222 for more information on fill prescriptions and ordering essential items and supplies.
The Market at Lafayette Hill is offering curbside pickup and delivery Monday-Friday.
For more information visit
or call the store at 610-941-7101.
See a message from the Whitemarsh Police Department about COVID-19 related scams.

All GIANT stores will open for customers over the age of 60 from 6:00-7:00AM.
COVAID connects neighbors helping with getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, and more.
United Way of Pennsylvania Dial 211 or text your zip code to #898-211 to talk with a resource specialist for free.
Ready MontCo is a service from Montgomery County Dept. of Public Safety. Learn more information by visiting their website.