During the 2000-2001 school year, the School Board had the foresight to implement a program that supplemented teacher salaries. One primary goal of this initiative was to stabilize the teaching faculty and reduce staff turnover. As you have seen in reading our Senior Spotlight series, our graduates have already gained the maturity to understand how strong,  quality, dedicated educators have played a key 
role in laying a foundation for a successful high school experience.

Today we feature David Olson from St. Francis College Prepatory School in Wheaton, IL.

Extra-curricular involvement:
  • St. Francis Golf Team - 4 years
  • Greg Baresel Golf Academy member
  • Illinois Junior Golf Association member (IJGA)
  • National Honors Society (NHS)
  • Student Government
  • Engineering Club
  • Business Club- Capsim Core Business Simulation
Awards and Accomplishments:
  • Butler University Business Scholar
  • 'A' Honor Roll
  • Capsim Core Simulation 1st place winner
Service involvement:
  • Marian Park Tutoring
  • SALT- Student Ambassador Leadership Team
  • Loaves and Fishes Volunteer
  • St. Francis Golf Team Service Project member
College Plans:
  • I've been accepted to Butler University, Marquette University, Miami University (Oxford, Ohio), and University of Dayton.
  • I will be attending Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, and will be majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics.
Career Goals:
  • I would like to become a financial planner. This career is a good match for me because of my love for business, math, and interacting with people.
  • Being able to help others become financially secure and prepared for their future is my long-term career goal.
How my Catholic faith has resonated with me today as a teenager:
  • Always be kind to others for you never know what they are going through.
  • People are different. Be open to others and don't judge them.
  • I've learned that I can talk to God whenever I need guidance or advice and He will be there to help me through the obstacles I face.
  • Understanding the importance and value of attending weekly Mass.
What I learned at SSPP that has helped me in high school:
  • Throughout high school, my SSPP experience has benefited me in many ways. My time management skills and work ethic, which I credit to SSPP, have helped me maintain a high GPA, along with balancing athletics and other extracurricular activities.
  • I learned how to plan and work ahead and be proactive with my time to insure I produce the best quality of work possible.
  • I am extremely grateful to all my SSPP teachers for pushing me to my full potential.
Teacher at SSPP who had the most influence on me:
  • I knew her as Ms. Z, but you know my most influential teacher as Mrs. Paski. She was always willing to stay late or come in early to meet with me when I had questions. Her willingness to help me succeed both in the classroom and in life has greatly influenced me.
  • Mrs. Paski's ability to understand students on a personal level made my time in her class, even when I was struggling, a more positive learning experience.
  • Mrs. Paski made me feel valued. I will always be thankful for her enthusiasm in the classroom, intuitive teaching style, and dedication to her students. This is what makes her an inspiration and role model to every student she teaches.
  • On a side note, you do actually diagram in high school and thanks to Mrs. Paski, it was an easy "A" for me!!
Best Peter and Paul experience that I cherish:
  • My best Saints Peter and Paul experience would be going on our class trip to Washington D.C. I will cherish and remember the amazing events on that trip. Learning about and seeing some of our country's historical sites was a great experience.
  • Just as memorable is looking back and laughing with former classmates about our travel adventures. Throughout our trip, it was amazing to see how much our class bonded and became closer.
Advice to current students:
  • No matter what, never give up when you face adversities. Life is constantly throwing you curve balls and it may seem like these challenges cannot be overcome.
  • Take time to think about these challenges, do not be afraid to ask for help, and to believe in yourself. The foundation you have built from your family and SSPP has brought you where you are today. Those lessons you have learned will be there to help you during high school. While school can be challenging and sometimes seem overwhelming, it is essential to creating a strong foundation for the future.

    Volume 6, No. 30
   March 19, 2019

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