Tim Dalton
Senior Spotlight
Throughout the year we take pride in highlighting our successful alumni.  Over the next several months we will be profiling, via our Senior Spotlight series, members of the Class of 2015 who are currently in their final semester of high school at Benet Academy, Nequa Valley, Naperville North, St. Francis, and Marmion.
Today we will learn about Tim Dalton's experiences at Naperville North.

  • I have played Baseball at NNHS for four years, and I have been named Captain of our Varsity team. 
  • I also am a member of the CEC Club (Council for Exceptional Children) which is an integrative Special Education club, and I'm an Adaptive PE Leader, which is a Special Education leader. I also belong to our Dawg Pound Spirit Club.
  • I am a basketball coach for the Naperville School District 203 Special Education department. 
  • I have also volunteered with the CEC for Special Education events throughout the year. Our baseball team also volunteers to work with elementary school kids in reading, and in encouraging them to do sports.
  • I have made the Honor Roll every semester at NNHS, and I have received 4.0 Honors for 5 semesters. 
  • I am named an Illinois State Scholar and was named to Academic All-Conference for Baseball. I have also received the "You Make a Difference" Award, which is given to students who go out of their way to do something to make a difference in the life of someone else at school, or who has contributed in a unique way to make the school a better place. 
  • I also was named "Woodworking Student of the Year" in our CTE department (Career and Technical Education). 
College Plans:
  • I have applied to ISU, Iowa, Purdue and Clemson. I am accepted at ISU, Iowa and Purdue, and am still waiting to hear from Clemson to make my decision. I am planning on majoring in Construction Science and Management, which is a mix of engineering and business.
Career Goals:
  • With my major in Construction Science and Management, I plan on having a career in construction. Although I do not yet know specifically what types of things I'll build, I do know that I love creating and building things.  My favorite classes at North have been Engineering, Drafting, Research & Design and Woodworking. I feel lucky that my high school is big enough that it can offer a wide range of classes, because it has allowed me to learn what I want to study in college.
What I learned at SSPP that helped me in high school:
  • At SSPP I learned great time management skills. I couldn't do all the demands of sports and clubs unless I could handle the homework load on top of it, and SSPP taught me how to budget my time and get things done when I need to. 
  • SSPP also taught me to respect my peers. Coming to a huge school like NNHS was a big adjustment from our small school. The greatest thing about North is its diverse student body. I learned that every person has something special to offer and that I should never judge anyone before knowing them and their story.
Teachers that influenced me:
  • Mrs. Paski (formerly known as Miss Z) - She taught me how to express myself in words and how to put my thoughts onto paper. This helps a lot in high school and in life.
  • Mrs. Phillipp - She taught me I can work around any problem by using all the skills I know. It has helped me in all my classes, especially in math, physics and engineering.
  • Coach Schmecht - He made me into the competitive person I am, and he helped me become an athlete. He also showed me how fun sports and games can be.
Best SSPP experience:
  • Timberlee was my favorite experience. I was lucky that my dad came too and was one of the group leaders. We still laugh about many of the things that happened on that trip. 
  • Also, I loved the Washington D.C. trip. Being on the bus and in the hotel room was as fun as well as seeing the historic sights.
Advice for current students:
  • Enjoy time with each other before you split up to go to different high schools. I still see my SSPP friends, but it's not the same! 
  • Also, don't stress about which high school you should go to. They are all great, and every one of my friends is super happy at their schools, and they all go to different ones.
H ow my Catholic faith resonates with me today as a teenager:
  • No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I always have my Catholic faith to keep me on track. It's like my default setting that makes sure I don't stray too far or go down the wrong path. It gives me the same support as my parents, and my faith makes me want to be a better person.

    Volume 6, No. 16
   January 22 , 2019


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