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June 2016
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Teresa Jepsen
Teresa L. Jepsen, M.A.

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Once again Teresa's knowledge and assistance were invaluable to our family!  It is such a comfort knowing that Trusted Senior Placement is there for all of us.  Helping us navigate the complicated and emotional process of placing our loved ones in new homes and in the care of others.  I really could not have done this again without her help and support. 

- Kelly Wilson

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There are already 55,000 Americans over age 100, and by 2050 the number of centenarians will reach 600,000-roughly the population of the entire state of Vermont! 


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What makes us different from our competitors is that we do not give you a list of facilities to cold call. We research, interview, tour, negotiate cost, and select the best available options for your particular needs.

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Happy Fathers Day! 

June is a month to celebrate fathers and the father figures in your life. Summer time ushers in the excitement of graduations, weddings, and travel! This month our articles will help you prepare to travel with seniors, find the perfect gift for dad, and enjoy the healing benefits of the sun. Enjoy the start of summer. I hope yours is filled with BBQ's, pool fun, camping, or the dream trip of a lifetime trip! Have fun and make memories!

Warm Regards,
Senior Travel         
Traveling with Your Aging Parents

Valerie Grubb loves to travel. Not only that, she loves to travel with her mom. In the past 20 years, the author of "Planes, Canes and Automobiles: Connecting with Your Aging Parents through Travel" (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2015) has logged more than 300,000 miles with her mother, now 85. "It's been one of the best things I've ever done, "she says. You, too, can have a great trip with Mom or Dad, even if they have mobility challenges. Just follow a few of Grubb's tips.

Gifting Dad
For Assisted Living Residents

With Father's Day just around the corner, many adult children may be wondering what gift to buy for a Dad who calls an assisted living community home. Their basic needs are taken care of by the staff at the community; life enrichment activities often keep them busy and engaged; and they have limited space in their apartment for new treasures. All of these things combine to make gift giving more challenging. To help give you some ideas, we've pulled together a few gift suggestions our staff has noticed are a big hit with residents.
Sunning Seniors
5 Reasons Vitamin D is a Must-Have for Seniors

Vitamin D deficiency can have serious health effects on seniors and caregivers. Getting enough vitamin D through sunlight, diet or supplements can help prevent falls and fractures, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure and some cancers.

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