From the Senior Warden

Fr. Pence is improving but has been advised to wait until September before returning to officiating at two Sunday services. The revised August service schedule is below.

  • Tuesday, August 6, Fr. Boase has graciously offered to cover this Tuesday's Healing Eucharist at 10:00 a.m., prior to the meeting of the Prayer Group at 10:30.

  • Sunday, August 11, Fr. John Thorpe* will officiate at services for the first time. He will also officiate on Sunday, August 25.

  • Sunday, August 18, Bishop Martins will be with us and officiate at both Sunday services.

We are very grateful for the wonderful support we have received from clergy during this period and are glad that Fr. Pence can take a few weeks to attend to his medical issues!

Liz Edwards
Senior Warden

*Fr. Thorpe will later return to cover Sunday services from October 6 through Epiphany.