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August 7, 2019

Dear Parents:

As we are preparing for the upcoming school year, we are pleased to announce the dates for the Senior Yearbook 2020 pictures. The photography sessions will take place in the High School conference room on:
Friday, August 30th 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Monday, September 2nd 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Wednesday, September 4th 7 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

We have found in the past that taking the senior pictures before school begins greatly enhances this experience for our students. Mr. Baruch Bitman of Simcha Photography will once again be taking the students' pictures.

This is a very exciting time for your daughter, as she starts to realize that this is the beginning of the last chapter of her high school experience - her yearbook picture. The cost is $25 per photo session, to be made payable to Bais Yaakov Margolese. Should a student desire a retake session, there will be an additional charge of $25; date and time will be arranged through the yearbook committee and Mr. Bitman for immediately following Succos.

Please note that there will be a school faculty member and a student photography committee member present throughout all of the photo sessions. No mother, relative, or friend of any student may be present during the photo sessions. All those who accompany the student are welcome to wait in the lobby during her session. It goes without saying that appropriate conduct and cooperation before, during, and after the session are essential for it to proceed smoothly.

Each student is allotted a ten minute photo session time slot. We strongly urge that each student plan any preparation and appointments accordingly, as she needs to arrive ten minutes prior to her session and sign in at that time. Should a student arrive late or not be ready at her designated time, that student will then need to wait until the end of the entire session. An additional charge of up to $25 will be charged to cover overtime charges.

We are pleased to offer a new method of signing up for your daughter's photo session. There will be a sign up form online accessed through our Bais Yaakov website When prompted for a password, please type "yearbook2020." For those who have limited or no access to the Internet, you may call the high school office and one of the secretaries will gladly assist you with choosing the time slot that works best for you. Once a time has been chosen and a change is necessary, the student must contact one of us to allow the change.

We have found that a consistent and uniform dress code for the yearbook pictures provides an attractive and dignified overall appearance. All students should therefore wear a buttoned down, pointed collar shirt - either the light blue uniform shirt or their own white shirt, and a dark uniform sweater. The sweater may be a navy blue uniform round neck sweater or a black round neck sweater.

The pictures in the yearbook will be printed in black and white; we urge students to bear this in mind when applying any makeup. We have found that a more natural look gives a more flattering representation of the student. Therefore, the choice of earrings and jewelry also should not be loud or overpowering.

Additionally, when choosing a hairstyle, students should plan accordingly-hair should be away from the face and not pulled forward. Please be aware that the pictures in the yearbook will be placed in a manner that might not necessarily include the entire length of the student's hair. Again, we have found these guidelines to be effective in creating an image consistent with our school's standards and values.

We are looking forward to participating in this exciting milestone and in the production of your daughter's yearbook. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.


S. Bienstock
Faculty Yearbook Advisor
S. Greenlinger
Faculty Yearbook Advisor