2020 Online Annual Conference

August 11, 2020
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We have been reflecting on the irony of August being National Health Awareness Month - as if anyone in the US is thinking about anything else these days! In the midst of all the challenges we have faced since lockdown, some interesting silver linings have emerged. 

One of them is how quickly everyone has adapted to virtual learning. We are so pleased that there are over 300 online Awareness Through Movement® classes being taught by FGNA members. We had to scrap the annual in person conference, but rising out of the ashes of our disappointment an online Virtual Conference has appeared! Cheaper, more flexible, free recordings and you can do it all in your pjs in your own home - no need to take flights, book hotels or compromise your current schedule of juggling work at home, children at home, home at home. 

This issue is an opportunity to get the skinny on how you can attend the conference as well as meet some of the stellar presenters being offered this year. Read on to learn about a lesson that can shift your emotional state, as well as how to apply Awareness Through Movement to everything from outdoor activity to memoir writing.  

We look forward to seeing you on your floor! 

-- Lavinia, Mary and LeeAnn
What can Feldenkrais® do for YOU? Feldenkrais Method® Annual Conference Online September 11,12 and 13th

This year's conference is particularly geared towards inviting the public to experience the power and scope of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education. With ten workshops open to the public, you will have abundant ways to learn how Feldenkrais can enhance your life. All workshops will be recorded and available for download after the conference, a very special bonus included in your affordable registration fee.

Each day you will have the opportunity to experience Awareness Through Movement lessons, also included in your registration. See the full conference schedule and registration information, as well as presenter information by clicking on Feldenkrais.com

We are delighted to announce our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Rollin McCraty of the Heartmath Institute. He will be talking about Movement and Heart Coherence - how can movement, especially movement with attention affect the heart? You can learn more here.
Photo by Alvaro-Serrano on Unsplash
Exploring Memories Through Movement 
By Kate Conroy, MA, GCFP, and Marty Correia, MFA 

A Dialogue

Ten years ago Marty's was the first head I rolled. As a dedicated spouse she was my first volunteer outside of my training cohort. Marty's absorption of the work and her feedback was profound and encouraging to me. 

At first, Kate's Feldenkrais® sessions seemed too slow and incremental for my taste. I wrote this off to Kate's learning curve until I went into the Feldenkrais studio for a session with a seasoned practitioner, which proved that the pace is at the core of how the Feldenkrais Method works. As a writer, I saw the connection between the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education and creativity. I see the practice as the embodiment of Robert Frost's poetic insight, "The only way out is through." I have found myself using Feldenkrais as a way to tune into my body to activate and deepen my creativity.

Over the years I have worked regularly with Marty giving her Functional Integration® lessons (FI®) and doing Awareness Through Movement® lessons (ATM®) together. The results expanded from regular movements becoming easier, agility improving to gracefulness, and novel movements becoming surprise achievements....
Join Kate Conroy and Marty Correia at the Feldenkrais Online Conference
Bring your writing and Feldenkrais practices to the next level. This workshop welcomes artists, writers, and practitioners of all levels. During this blended Awareness Through Movement and literary craft class you will generate fresh writing from your recovered memories. Learn methods designed to reacquaint you with yourself, validate your experiences, sharpen your focus, and even rediscover forgotten joys in this safe and welcoming learning environment. 
Photo courtesy of the author
The Power Of Play
Shari Lee, MS, GCFP

We played to learn. We learned through play; not only how to have fun, but to develop our sense of self, our relationship to others and the world around us. Playfulness stimulated our sense of curiosity, our development of strategies to access what caught our attention and interest. It cultivated a sense of value within us for ourselves and others through interaction with and connection to our playmates and caregivers who created a mirror reflecting back to us our value through our actions, our responses and interactions. The more playful and joyful, the more positive and stimulating our experience and the greater the likelihood of branching out and expanding our repertoire of new experiences, our self confidence, skills and abilities.
Like play, Feldenkrais® lessons....

Join Shari Lee at the Feldenkrais Online Conference. 
Feldenkrais® Strategies to Make it Possible, Easy and Fun to Get Out and Play!

Learn to play more freely, fully, and confidently using some of the same principles we all naturally engaged in during our earliest years. Clarify your image of action and the accompanying movement patterns to develop and improve balance, power, proportionally efficient effort, whole body fluidity, overall enjoyment and enhanced self-reliance in your recreational pursuits. 

Experience self-awareness, learning and integration that leads to a preferred "Shift in your State of Being"

Donna Ray

Free Awareness Through Movement® lessons and More

When you register for the Conference, you will also be able to enjoy six free Awareness Through Movement lessons. If you've never experienced one, here are a couple of free samples for you to try. 

Julie Peck, author of the recently published book, Moving From the Inside Out, Is a featured teacher of the ATM® series during this year's conference. Enjoy this 57 minute lesson from Julie about sensing and the self-image.  See the full listing of ATM teachers for the conference here. 

Enjoy a 35 minute ATM exploring spinal support from Nick Strauss-Klein, a practitioner who believes that "more people doing more Feldenkrais makes the world a better place." He is the creator of The Feldenkrais Project.

Learn more about conference presenter Jeff Haller in this interview as he shares his early experiences with Feldenkrais within the context of his background in athletics.
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