Sensory Friendly Dining Hour at Prairie Grass Cafe
Accessible and Inclusive for All

We are happy to announce a continuation of our sensory friendly dining hour! The sensory friendly hours will be held on the last Saturday of every month of 2024 (January 27th, February 24th, March 30th, April 27th, May 25th, June 29th) at 3:45 pm.

This time will provide an inclusive atmosphere for individuals of all ages and abilities to enjoy a meal in a relaxed and crowd-free dining experience with limited people and contact. The sensory friendly hour creates a safe and comfortable environment for people with autism, sensory input disorders, sensory sensitivities, or other physical, cognitive, or development disabilities, and their families, friends, and caretakers.

We want to give neurodiverse restaurant patrons a positive dining experience in a welcoming environment. Patrons can bring fidget objects, noise-reducing headphones, and other sensory tools or devices. Noise will be limited and lights will be dimmed. Our staff provides efficient service with minimal contact but are always available if you need extra assistance.


Chef Sarah designed a special limited menu that eliminates long wait times. (Please be aware that beef dishes ordered well done will take longer to prepare). At 5 pm, the servers will provide all customers with their checks and alert them that the restaurant opens for regular business at 5:15 pm and guests will begin arriving, lights will be turned up, and the music will go on. Guests are welcome to stay as long as they like. 


Reservations are required. Please call to make a reservation by the Wednesday prior to your desired dining date. (847) 205-4433.

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Prairie Grass Cafe thanks Hannah Rose Higdon for acting as a consultant and advocate on this project. We appreciate the wisdom and integrity that she brings to the table.

Hannah Rose Higdon

Hannah Rose Higdon believes in equity for all. She has a master’s degree in communications, and a social media marketing business where she helps build digital footprints and brands. She is a Client Success Manager at LifeGuides, as well as a Certified LifeGuide. Hannah is Native American Lakota and a part of the Hunkpapa (Leaders of the Circle) clan where she grew up on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. She has shown true perseverance as a deaf individual living in a predominately hearing world. She regularly volunteers by giving back to the deaf community, she is a deaf advocate, and she always brings her unique insights and abilities to help people create a more inclusive world through educating others.

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