With the weather turning warmer, the market is starting to heat up. We are receiving many calls from members frustrated with the lack of SentriLock Lockboxes being used and the number of one day codes being requested.
If you have not picked up your SentriLock card and credentials, please call the GMAR today at 414-778-4929 or go to our website to sign up for a 30-minute training session
As the market heats up in the coming months, listing agents will be less inclined to provide one-day codes for agents who do not have their credentials. If you do have your SentiLock credentials, but aren’t sure how the system works, please watch these refresher videos .
To give you an idea of what the lockbox situation looks like, here are numbers pulled as of March 20, 2019.
Number of listings in the MLS : 7,925
Number of SentriLock Lockboxes on those listings: 1,327
Number of agents that need to pick up their SentriLock credentials : just under 1,000
Number of one day codes being used each month:
January – 1,355
February – 1,410
So far in March – 982
We are asking any members who have not picked up their credentials, or have their credentials but are intimidated by the system, to sign up for a training with Alberta/Michelle at the GMAR. Trainings are about 30 minutes, and go over the system including hands on training so you can practice opening up the lockboxes.
We are also encouraging offices to setup a time for Alberta and Michelle to come and do a refresher for your office. We have been to numerous offices in the past month and have heard that these sessions have been very helpful. If you would like to setup a time for us to come to your office, please email
We would like to decrease the number of one-day codes being given out to GMAR members. So please – do your fellow agents a favor and pick up your credentials or stop into the GMAR office for additional training!