September 2022


José Guadalupe Gutierrez: Designing Green Spaces for Equity and Community

As a child José regularly visited family in Mexico, where they had abundant natural space to explore, but he was disappointed in the lack of safe parks to play in when he would return to Los Angeles. As a community organizer, he saw the value of quality greenspace to working class communities. These experiences ultimately led him to pursue a career as a landscape architect working to advance park equity. In recognition of Hispanic heritage month, we interviewed José about his leadership story

In order to create successful, equitable projects that are “responsive to the needs and interests of people”, José believes that landscape architects “have a responsibility to implement robust, authentic organizing strategies for the greenspaces we design and construct. Residents must be involved in every step of the way, especially in complex greenspace projects.” Read the full story here.

Erin Lloyd pilots new sabbatical leave policy

Sabbatical leaves are personally valuable for individuals, reducing stress and improving well-being. They can help leaders to reconnect with the purpose of their work, avoid burnout, and return with better balance. Sabbatical leaves are also valuable for organizations, increasing innovation and improving collaboration. The Switzer Foundation’s new policy makes sabbatical leaves available to all long-term employees. Read more about the new policy here.

With 18 years of service to the Switzer Network, Program Director Erin Lloyd will be the first staff member to pilot the new program. Erin’s sabbatical will take place October 3, 2022 through January 2, 2023. Fellows should refer to Erin’s listserv post* for instructions about whom to contact for specific needs while she is away. Erin looks forward to sharing reflections with the network when she returns. 

*Please contact Cora if you have any trouble accessing the listserv post.

Interested in COP27 Switzer Fellow gatherings?

We would love to support an in-person networking event for fellows attending COP27. We could also convene a virtual pre- or post-conference gathering of Switzer Fellows interested in the outcomes of COP27. If you’re interested in convening with Switzer Fellows before, during or after the conference to network and discuss goals, outcomes, strategy or anything else related to COP27, please let us know!

Get to Know the New Switzer Trustees

We’re excited to welcome three new members to the Switzer Foundation’s Board of Trustees this year: Michael Billingsley, Ekow Edzie and Roger Perez. This month we’re happy to highlight Roger Perez

What motivated you to become a Switzer Foundation trustee?

The Switzer Foundation has helped guide my personal and professional trajectory. Since finding the fellowship in 2015, I have met an amazing cohort of environmental leaders, had the opportunity to stretch and learn, and have been inspired each year as a new class of fellows comes on board. I am a huge fan of fellowship and mentorship programs and believe in the power they bring to help solve large and seemingly intractable issues.

What inspires you about the Switzer Network?

The breadth and depth of expertise. I sometimes find myself scrolling through the ‘Find an Expert’ page, reading how fellows work in their fields and advance their issues. It’s amazing to see the ~700 dedicated people, their commitment, and new ways of thinking and doing.

What unique perspectives or experiences will you contribute to the Switzer Foundation board?

I look forward to sharing my background and experience in the environmental justice, philanthropic, and nonprofit space. I have been lucky to work with organizations advancing social and environmental issues through advocacy, impact investing, grantmaking, and participatory processes, among others, and am excited to contribute to Switzer's goals.

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Latinx/e Switzer Fellows Social Hour

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Noon-1 pm PDT / 3-4 pm EDT

A casual gathering for Latinx/e Switzer Fellows to get to know one another, network and share experiences and discuss topics generated by the group. All Switzer Fellows who identify as Latinx/e are welcome. 

Sign up here!

Navigating Difficult Conversations (by COMPASS)

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

10 am - 1 pm PDT / 1 - 4 pm EDT

Learn about the connection between partisanship and views on science, the types of audiences to focus your efforts on, and steps to making progress in a difficult conversation. Limited seats are available for Switzer Fellows to join this and two other COMPASS events for free. Register using the code SwitzerVIRT to receive a free registration. Please do not share this code outside the Switzer Network. Contact Cora if you have questions or trouble registering.


Thank you to everyone who has been sharing opportunities on the Switzer Fellows listserv! We encourage you to keep posting jobs that come your way. If you have a connection to the hiring organization and are willing to be contacted, please include that information when you forward the posting. If a fellow has a connection, we will include it in this section each month.

You are also invited to join our private LinkedIn Group. This is another space to connect with other Switzer Fellows and stay up to date on the latest opportunities and news.

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