August 2017
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Separation Anxiety?
Expert advice that works
Written by Beryl Meyer

Separation anxiety - the fear children feel when they have to be away from parents or home for the first time - is a normal developmental stage for most, and kids can have those feelings of nervousness or apprehension even when they're left with people they know well, like grandparents or aunties, or when doing something fun, like going on a playdate. But with a little know-how, you can help ease your child through this challenging phase... no worries!
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Pump Up Your Teen's Self-Esteem
Developing a healthy sense of self takes work, but the rewards are limitless
Written by Beryl Meyer

Issues around self-image, peer pressure, school performance... they can cause a teen's confidence to plummet in a heartbeat. Add to those triggers the extremely influential effects of online presence and social media, and your adolescent's ego can be powerfully undermined.

While you can't provide protection 24/7, there are ways you can bolster your child's sense of self-worth - and self-respect. Read on to learn how to help your teen counteract negative self-talk, safeguard against cyberbullying and stand tall in the face of challenges with their emotional state secure and intact.. Read More
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The Confidence-Building Benefits of Extracurricular Activities & Sports

Drama club, track and field, debate team, soccer - extracurricular activities and sports aren't just fun ways to pass the time, say experts. These types of pursuits yield great personal gains, too, like:

Physical exertion. Activities like high-endurance sports help kids expend pent-up energy and combat stress, while also keeping them physically fit. If your child shies away from extremely competitive sports, look for options that are more inclusive, such as volleyball or hiking.
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Mother helping daughter pick fruits
Smarter Choices, Happier Families
Boost your loved ones' overall well-being today!
Written by Beryl Meyer

Job, kids, housework, family... in our time-crunched world, it's way too tempting to grab takeout and bypass the kitchen, watch TV instead of working out, and make quick decisions about important matters, even when we know we're not choosing what's best - for us or our children. But even the busiest family's lifestyle can be given a boost, without busting your budget or bending over backward to maintain it. Just try:

Feeding the need for healthy fare. The answer to a long day and a hungry family waiting to be fed the moment you walk in the door? Preplanning! Check out grocery store circulars online, then create a weekly meal plan around whatever produce, lean proteins and low-fat dairy items are on sale. Make a list and stick to it, and be sure to shop the perimeter of the store first, where you'll be more likely to fill your cart with whole foods. Read More
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