The Clinician's Corner
Case: Failure to Diagnose Sepsis

The failure to diagnose sepsis remains a critical issue as delays in diagnosis significantly increase morbidity and mortality. Read this case for clues to early recognition and intervention.

Case Study
Clinical Analytics that Drive Quality Neonatal Care
A large healthcare organization wanted to determine the level of compliance with standards of practice related to oxytocin infusions and FHR monitoring, as well as whether that alignment had an impact on patient outcomes. 

This case study outlines the deployment of RSQ® Assessment-Obstetrics to facilitate a system analysis, as well as the resulting improvements in neonatal outcomes. 

Need a scalable solution to
improve neonatal outcomes?
Webinar from the Archive
Optimizing EMR Workflow to Reduce Medical Errors & Provider Frustrations
Dr. Dan Sullivan reviews the current state of EHR technology and its impact on patient care. He shares ideas on how to optimize EHR workflow to improve patient safety and reduce practitioner frustration.

From the Blog
Every Story Paints a Picture: EMR Documentation of Appearance & Activity
A physician invited a malpractice attorney to shadow him for a shift in the emergency department. The attorney's observation: "It shocks me that so little of what you see and do is actually documented." 

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