Sept. 2020
SVMI Virtual Manufacturing Career Day -- Oct. 2
To inspire students to consider manufacturing careers, Sacramento area businesses are hosting virtual tours and giving presentations to classes in celebration of National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 2. This event is being sponsored by the Sacramento Valley Manufacturers Initiative (SVMI).

The goal is to connect employers with the rising generation of students and expose them to career options related to manufacturing, explained Steve Dicus, Advanced Manufacturing North Region, California Community Colleges. "Each presentation will be a standalone event," said Dicus. "The 45-minute sessions will show where the presenters work and some of the typical tools they use, as well as include a discussion of typical tasks and daily activities. In addition, the presenters will address the pay range for their particular careers, the training and certification needed, and future outlook for these careers."

Instructors and businesses should contact Steve Dicus if they'd like to participate in these live virtual presentations on October 2. Find more information on the Edu2Mfg blog post SVMI Virtual Mfg Day.
Project Update
Shop Talk Virtual Meetups Support Remote Instruction
Educators and business partners have been sharing resources to improve remote instruction of CTE courses through Shop Talk calls since the COVID-19 pandemic began. As many as 25 people have participated in the Edu2Mfg zoom meetings and the greatest benefit is hearing how other educators use online tools or handle classroom management virtually. Several vendors and instructors have conducted demonstrations and participants appreciate direct access to the suppliers and candid feedback from users. Partners such as Amatrol, Autodesk® and Parallex offered demonstrations over the summer.

Join Shop Talk: The next Shop Talk will be on Tuesday, September 8 at 3:30 PM. To join these Shop Talk calls, please Click Here to request access and/or get on the list for future notifications.
Watch Shop Talk: Previous recorded Shop Talk calls are available on the Edu2Mfg website.
Resources: See List of Shop Talk Resources on the website.
Colleges Offer In-person Manufacturing Labs
Employers are hiring people with advanced manufacturing skills who can learn on the job and are interested in expanding their skills through community college classes, certificates and degrees. In the Sacramento region, Sacramento City College, Sierra College and Yuba College started advanced manufacturing courses in late August with in-person labs.
Download the Advanced Manufacturing Essential Careers flyer with Sacramento area classes to share. See more information on the Edu2Mfg blog post, Adv Mfg Classes Start August 2020.
SVMI Partners to Offer Pre-Apprenticeship Program
The Charles A. Jones (CAJ) Career and Education Center in Sacramento announced a Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship in collaboration with the Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative (SVMI). The first 90 hour, five week session starts November 5 and then will repeat with seven sessions slated for January through September 2021. Currently they plan remote education followed with lab work when it is allowed. Topics include:

  • Intro to Advanced Manufacturing
  • Additive Processes
  • Subtractive Processes
  • Forming Processes
  • Joining Processes
  • Soft Products, Sewing, Textiles
  • Surface Finishing Processes
  • Manufacturing Support Systems
  • Manufacturing Safety
  • Use of Basic Hand Tools
  • Components and Terminology
  • Critical Thinking and Proper
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathways

Participants register with Cal Jobs, a process that can take 2-4 weeks. The cost is $500 and that is refunded by Cal Jobs in proportion with attendance.

Learn more at the Charles A. Jones Career and Education Center website; it is a public adult school operated by the Sacramento City Unified School District. See the portion of the catalog with the Pre-Apprenticeship program listed on the Edu2Mfg blog post: Pre-Apprenticeship Offered in Sacramento.
Continuing Education Ofered by Business Partners
Several of the north region college and high school instructors participated in professional development this summer. Thanks to Autodesk® and Parallax Inc.for offering this training.

Autodesk is beta testing it's Generative Design certification program and is offering free vouchers to anyone in the region interested in taking the exam. Contact Jeff Briggs, Regional Director, Advanced Manufacturing North Region, directly if you are interested in learning more.
Mini Design Competition Open to Students
Autodesk® announced the fourth student mini design competition, offered August 24 to Sept. 4. The challenge is to develop an innovative new camping product using Autodesk Fusion 360. The purpose of these design competitions is to continue to motivate and engage students to sharpen their CAD skills and build up their resume. The first place winner's prize is a 3D Space Mouse. See the flyer and Students can sign up here.
Carol Pepper-Kittredge Has Retired
Many college and high school instructors worked with Carol Pepper-Kittredge, former Associate Dean of Workforce Innovation, Sierra College, over the years. She managed the Regional Advanced Manufacturing program hosted at Sierra College. In addition, students, instructors and educational institutions benefited from the programs that she ran, including the Sierra STEM Collaborative, NEW event (Nontraditional Employment for Women), Tech-Explorer, CCC Maker and others focused on attracting students to hands-on careers and preparing them for meaningful employment.

When she retired at the end of June 2020, she was recognized for her many contributions to advanced manufacturing in the region, through college and high school teacher education and funding to expand programs, employer training in productivity and lean manufacturing, partnerships she forged between educators and industry, and support of SME Sacramento Valley and SVMI.

Jeff Briggs, Regional Director, Advanced Manufacturing, North Region, said: "Carol's spirit, drive, tireless energy and determination have helped shape the future of workforce development and manufacturing education in this region that will resonate for generations to follow." See more comments and photos at Celebrating Carol.
Welcome Staci Richardson to Sierra College Workforce Innovation
Sierra College selected Staci Richardson as the new Program Manager, Workforce Innovation. She will oversee the California Community College Chancellor's Office Advanced Manufacturing North Region contract for Sierra College. Richardson had been serving as the college's Purchasing Manager, has deep ties to the greater Sacramento community, has extensive workforce development experience and used to work for California Capital Finance Development Corp. We are all looking forward to working with her.
Sept. 8 - Recruiting Women to Manufacturing: From Intention to Action webinar from National Institute for Women in Trades,Technology & Science 10 am
Sept. 8 - Edu2MFG Shop Talk - Greater Sacramento region college and high school instructors share learning tools and remote instruction methods 3:30 pm Email Jeff Briggs for link
Sept. 15 - Why Women: The Importance of Women to the Manufacturing Sector webinar hosted by JFF's Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning 10 am PT
Sept. 16 - What Works: Recruiting and Retaining Women in Manufacturing webinar hosted by JFF's Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning 10 am PT
Jeff Briggs . Regional Director . Advanced Manufacturing North Region 
916.316.8100 . . 
Hosted at Sierra College . 5100 Sierra College Blvd., Rocklin CA 95677
Funding provided in part through Sierra College Grant #19-452-001, administered by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.