2018 Weekly Village of Whitefish Bay
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Monday, September 17, 2018

Message from the Village President, Julie Siegel:

Special thanks to our collection crews who have been picking up all the old cans and recycling 99% of them. It's a painstaking process to sort and remove all the parts, and they've done an excellent job.

Best wishes,
Julie Siegel

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Why is Village Hall's Phone Ringing: 
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What do I do if I missed  Old Can Pickup?

When is Village Hall reopening for business?

Have a question?  The phone number to Village Hall is 414-962-6690.
Village Hall News, Meeting Agendas and Summaries

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This Week's Meetings:

Mon., Sept. 17, 6:00pm, WFB Public Library Program Room

Historical Preservation Commission: Cancelled

Thurs., Sept. 20, 5:30pm, WFB Public Library Program Room

Last Week's Meetings:

Public Information Meeting for a 14 intersection and Silver Spring Drive Corridor Safety Improvement Project in the Village
Mon., Sept. 10 5:00pm WFB Public Library Program Room

Mon., Sept. 10 6:00pm WFB Public Library Program Room
Agenda includes Traffic Volume, Speed and Roadway Safety Review
of Bay Ridge Avenue: Devon Street to Belle Avenue. 


Coming Soon: Village Hall will reopen for business on Monday, September 24, at 8am.

You are invited to the Village Hall Grand Opening, Open to the Public, Tuesday, October 9, 5-7p.m.

Upcoming Events
Mon., Sept. 17 - Mon., Sept. 24

Mon., Sept. 17
  • If you missed old can pickup, please place your rinsed extra cans out on the curb (as you would place yard waste) by 7am on your refuse day and be sure to Mark them to Take - any unmarked cans will be left to avoid removing your personal property.
Tues., Sept. 1 8
  • WFB Public Library  6:30pm  To Be! Shakespeare Here and Now! 
    What is "To Be! Shakespeare Here and Now"?

    "To Be!" is Humorous - Shakespeare used comedy to entertain his audiences, and "To Be!" follows suit with hilarious scenes, ridiculous characters, and outrageous history.

    "To Be!" is Interactive - Audience members take the stage, casting insults, learning manners, and playing roles including Crab the Dog.

    "To Be!" is Dynamic - Ron is an actor and a teacher, but he's also a clown and a stuntman. Every show includes a swordfight, and if "To Be!" is a one-man show, then who ...?
    "Ron is one of those rare people who can actually bring a distant time to life for his students."-  Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director, Boulder City Library District, Nevada
    Register: https://www.wfblibrary.org/our_events/?eid=238 
Wed., Se pt. 19
  • WFB Public Library - No School Paper Engineering Challenge  11:00 am - 12:00 pm
    We'll present a variety of engineering challenges all involving paper, and it's up to you to use your skills, creativity, and smarts to successfully complete each challenge.  
    Grades K5-5th.  No registration required.
Thurs., Sept. 20
  • WFB Public Library - Outrageous Acts of Science  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Register https://www.wfblibrary.org/our_events/?eid=275   Maybe you've seen the show!  It features a countdown of the 20 most outrageous internet videos of people doing science with warnings of "Don't Do This at Home."  Now is your chance to experience some of the science in action, except we will be doing the fun and safe experiments!  Grades 3-5.  
  • Village Hall and Police Department Offices on Fairmount will close at 2:00pm to allow for move back to Village Hall at 5300 N Marlborough Dr.
Fri., Sept. 21
  • Village Hall and Police Department Offices will be closed today while the offices are moved to Village Hall
Sat., Sept. 22
  • Farmer's Market 8:00am - 12:00noon Silver Spring/Aurora Parking Lot 
Mon., Sept. 24
  • Village Hall and Police Department offices reopen back at Village Hall - all services Open Regular Hours, 8am to 4:30pm, 5300 N Marlborough Drive, Whitefish Bay, WI

JOIN NIXLE: Recent Crime Email Notification
If you would like to join the Police Department alert system and receive emails  directly to your inbox regarding recent police incidents, sign up here

The police and your neighbors ask you to lock your cars and lock your homes. Please remove items of value from the interior of your vehicles. Please keep your doors and windows of your homes secure. Too often thieves find keys or fobs for the unlocked cars and they steal the cars and they drive recklessly putting the lives of your family, innocent citizens and your police at great risk. Please keep exterior lights on during the evening hours - it deters the thieves from going on to your property and it aids the police in spotting these thieves as they sneak around our community. If you see somebody at night paying too close attention to your property or your neighbors' property who isn't your neighbor please call 911 right away, don't wait till the next morning. All the neighboring police departments are working together to stop these criminals.

Please continue to LOCK UP your vehicles and homes.

Click here to receive a weekly crime notification summary: www.wfbvillage.org/list.aspx
Police Non-Emergency Phone: 414-351-9900
Call 911 if you see suspicious activity especially if they are not your neighbors.
Police Department Links:
Online Payment:   Link Here
Click here to view  Home Security Tips on the Website.
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North Shore Health Department

Did you know?

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). This year's NPM focuses on planning, with the overarching theme "Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How." When disasters occur, such as the recent flooding throughout Wisconsin, first responders are often overwhelmed with major rescue efforts and individuals need to ensure that they are prepared for immediate action.
The first week of NPM reminds you to make and practice your plan. Ready.gov provides this guidance:
  • Put together a plan by discussing these four questions with your family, friends or household to develop your emergency plan.
    • How will I receive emergency warnings?
    • What is my shelter plan?
    • What is my evacuation route?
    • What is my family/household communication plan?
  • Consider specific needs in your household (children, older adults, those with access and functional needs, special medical needs, dietary needs).
  • Fill out a family emergency plan.
  • Practice your plan.
More information, including links and sample plans can be found at:
Follow us on social media (@NSHealthDept on FB and Twitter; nshd2018 on Insta) to learn about the themes for weeks 2-4.
Upcoming Immunization Clinics (appointment required) - Please call the North Shore Health Department for an appointment at 414-371-2980.
Tuesday, September 18th 7:30-9:00 a.m., Shorewood
Tuesday, September 25th 3:30-4:30 p.m., NS Library

Upcoming Adult Health Clinics (appointment required) - Blood analysis for cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides, blood pressure, weight check and a nurse consultation.  Please call the North Shore Health Department for an appointment at 414-371-2980.

Wednesday, September 19th 8:00-10:00am Brown Deer (4800 W Green Brook Dr.)
Tuesday, September 25th 8:00-10:00am Shorewood (2010 E. Shorewood Blvd.)

Upcoming Blood Pressure Screening (walk-ins welcome - no appointment necessary)
Thursday, September 20th 11:30-12:00 (Whitefish Bay Women's Club; 600 E. Henry Clay)
Wednesday, September 26th 3:30-4:30 p.m., Shorewood Office (2010 E. Shorewood Blvd.)
For the most up-to-date information on pricing, upcoming clinics and screenings, visit the Clinics page of our website at:  http://www.nshealthdept.org/Clinics


Village Crews sorted and removed hardware from all collected cans in order to recycle them


Thank you to all residents who put out their carts, cans and bins on Saturday the 8th and 15th - - the Village has been able to recycle up to 99% of all the materials.

If you missed the collection, please place unwanted carts, cans and bins on your refuse day starting this week. Please be sure to empty and rinse any cans, and all unwanted items must be tagged or marked for pickup. Personal property will not be removed without such indication. All collection is done curbside, like yard waste. No alley removal will occur. 

Refuse and Recycling Schedule Important Details:
This week is A-Route Recycling pickup
  • Please have cart(s) out by 7:00am on your pickup day, spaced at least three feet apart and 3' or less from the curb. As you may have noticed, refuse and recycling are starting in different areas than before, so your collection will be missed if not out by 7am.
  • Please make sure your lid fits securely prior to pickup. Open lids toss debris into the street and also damage your cart.
  • Can't fit everything in the cart? Additional carts are available for purchase for $75 - pay in person at 155 W Fairmount M-F, 8-4:30pm. Refuse sizes: 95 and 65 gallon. Recycling size: 95 gallon
For the details and a timeline of this program and the history of public meetings on this program, see the website page dedicated to the program here:  www.wfbvillage.org/trashrecycle

Old Can Pickup Crew  - Tony, Dan, Kris, George and Pat on Sat., Sept. 15

  • Residential Refuse and Recycling Collection Program Questions: Jenny Heyden, Communications Specialist, 414-962-6690 Ext.495, Email: j.heyden@wfbvillage.org
Village Hall and Police Department operations will be shared with DPW at their location at 155 W Fairmount Ave at Lydell until September 24, 2018, when services will switch back to Village Hall, 5300 N Marlborough Drive. Customer Service Window hours are 8:00am-4:30pm Monday - Friday.


Yard Waste Pickup 

Yard Waste Pickup continues.There will be no program changes to yard waste or chipping collection. All yard waste must be containerized, which means in paper yard waste bags OR reusable hard plastic cans or carts (please leave lid off so collectors know it is not refuse). 

Yard waste containers - must weigh 50 pounds or less, and be paper bags or hard plastic containers - no plastic bags.

Per Whitefish Bay Ordinance 7.02(1), no yard waste or clippings should ever be placed outside of private property, such as on the street, gutter or near sewer drains. Please advise any lawn care provider that blowing or brushing waste into the street is a ticketable offense. Lawn care providers often blow waste into the street or other property. This is against Village Ordinance. Mulching mowers and redistributed grass clippings are recommended. 

Yard waste continues Mondays/Tuesdays starting on north end of Village ( weekly

Chipper continues Wednesdays/Thursdays starting on north end of Village ( bi-weekly).

New Flashing Pedestrian Crossing at Palisades and Lake Drive
The rapid flashing beacon pedestrian crossing system at Palisades and Lake Drive was installed and operational Tuesday, September 4 for the first day of school.

Hydrant Flushing Nears Completion
The upcoming area that will be flushed includes Silver Spring Drive heading south, Santa Monica Boulevard heading east all the way up to and including Lake Dive and to the south village limits. Flushing will begin in the northwestern part of that area, heading in a southeastern direction.  Completion of the flushing project should occur at the end of October . Portable signs will be posted in the general area where the flushing is occurring. Residents may notice cloudy water at times and may experience low water pressure.  If cloudy water occurs please run your water for a period of time until the water clears; this is only a temporary condition if it occurs.    
2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program 

The mission of the Program is to sustain infrastructure longevity and improve safety. The Program will run from March to October, 2018, and will cover sidewalk in the southwest area of the Village. There is no charge to residents for this work.
March and April: Sidewalks marked for identification
June - October: Sidewalk Improvement

As in the past, the 2018 Project will involve the replacement of problematic & deteriorated sidewalks, carriage walks, and curbs within the Village Right of Way. As the Village policy states, "All sidewalk improvements shall be made in order to eliminate trip hazards as first priority. Efforts shall be made where appropriate to improve drainage. Identified drainage problems shall be addressed as directed specifically by the Village Engineering Staff." This year, Forward Construction has been awarded the contract.

A number of factors are used to determine if a sidewalk block is to be replaced. They include, but are not limited to, deteriorated joints, uneven squares (offsets greater than ¾"), transverse cracks, longitudinal cracks, holes, spalled surfaces, sunken slabs, back pitched slabs, graylining, open aggregate, and/or gaps greater than ¾".
Currently, sidewalk in the southwest corner of the Village is being marked for sidewalk improvements.  A white circle indicates the sidewalk block will be replaced. "L" shaped marks indicate that the raised portion of the sidewalk will be ground down to minimize tripping hazards. A white line parallel to a joint abutting a white circle indicates a saw cut.

Thank you for your patience while this effort is in process.


2018 trick-or-treat will be held on Sunday, October 28th from 1:00pm-4:00pm in the Village of Whitefish Bay

There will be no block parties held that day.
Wilson Drive Project Updates are available here:  http://www.villageofshorewood.org/780/2018-Wilson-Drive-Reconstruction
Nearby Construction to the south:

Lake Drive 2018 Resurfacing Project - Shorewood - note, delayed until September


Nearby Construction to the north:
Green Tree Bridge Closing: Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

  • The Good Hope Road entrance ramp to I-43 southbound will close.
  • Overnight single lane and full freeway closures for storm sewer work;
  • Closure of Green Tree Road west of Jean Nicolet Road;
  • Westbound Green Tree Road access to southbound Jean Nicolet Road only

Community Links

Merchants of Whitefish Bay
Watch  the website and  Facebook Page  for exciting events on Silver Spring D rive! 

Whitefish Bay Farmers Market
Saturdays, 8am to noon
July 7 - October 27

Santa Monica @Silver Spring/Aurora Parking Lot
The Whitefish Bay Farmers Market will be returning to downtown Whitefish Bay in the Aurora Parking Lot again this July thru October - 3 weeks longer this year! Come join your friends and neighbors from 8am to noon.
The open-air market is a family-focused community event with 30+ Vendors this year selling fresh and organic produce, flowers, meats, eggs, honey, cheese, salmon, popcorn, homemade treats, and more! See you at the market!

Make sure you are following us on
Merchants of Whitefish Bay on Facebook
WFBBID on Instagram

Kiwanis Club The Kiwanis Club of North Shore Milwaukee was chartered as one of 7, 700 clubs in 80 countries in 1950. Our motto is "Serving the Children of the World".  Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.   All proceeds will benefit Kiwanis youth charities.

Thanks to all who came to our first event!
Click here for Facebook link to this Event!

Learn more about the North Shore Health Department and visit us at www.nshealthdept.org and like us on Facebook .
Click Here for the Online Guide on Opioid Addiction.
Whitefish Bay School District
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New start/end times at all schools starting with the 2018-19 School Year:
Cumberland Elementary 7:50-3:00 PM
Richards Elementary 7:55-3:05 PM
Middle School 8:05-3:20 PM
High School 8:15-3:35 PM
Are you a Whitefish Bay alumni? If you have good news to share we would love to hear from you! Please email: districtnews@wfbschools.com

  School District Sponsored, will  raise funds to renovate the Fitness Center at Whitefish Bay High School

Calling all Whitefish Bay Alumni: Got good news to share? Contact  districtnews@wfbschools.com

WFB 55+ and Better Program: Register at the WFB Community Center. For more information please contact Carolyn Noori at 414-963-3992

Come to the Swift Count on Sunday, Sept. 2. Details above in calendar. 
We are always looking for new members, so check out our website and email us if you would like to learn more about how you too can participate. 

  • WFBWC Blood Drive Sept. 19, 2018 Wednesday. Please call Catherine Cavanaugh 332-1970 for an appointment OR come in from 1:00 - 5:00pm.
Usual Monthly Schedule:
  • Stitching: 9am-12noon 2nd and 4th Mondays - creating teddy bears for people in need.
  • Knitting: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 10am to 12noon at the Woman's Club. Knitting hats for the deployed soldiers.
  • Bridge: 1pm Bridge Club 2nd and 4th Thursdays
Save the Date: October 13
Bazaar in the Bay
October 13, 2018 ~ 10 am to 3 pm
At the Whitefish Bay Woman's Club
600 E. Henry Clay Street, Whitefish Bay
Join us!! for a fun makers and vendor shopping event! 
With a strong tradition of community service and supporting women, the Whitefish Bay Woman's Club is pleased to present this fabulous event! Enjoy this opportunity to support local creative women entrepreneurs, all while shopping for yourself or for gifts!
In addition to the vendor booths, club members may be showcasing their own talents with their quality crafts and a bake sale.  Lunch will also be available.
Sunday, October 21, 2018
At the Whitefish Bay Woman's Club
600 E. Henry Clay Street, Whitefish Bay
All young children and their parents/grandparents/brothers and sisters are invited to our clubhouse for our annual fun-filled Halloween Party on Sunday, October 21. Enjoy playing games, face painting, decorating a small pumpkin, eating Halloween cupcakes, cookies and other goodies. There is no admission charge - only a small fee to play the games and eat. Wear your costumes!

Village Band of Whitefish Bay: Facebook  

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