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Colorado Springs Group Holds 2nd Annual Picnic

    On  July 8, the Colorado Springs chapter of the Daughters of  Abraham met at Windmill Mesa Park for our second annual 
 family picnic. We had a great turnout, beautiful weather,  delicious food, and a wonderful time of getting to know each  other and our families in a different context from our monthly  book discussions. Our husbands and children also really  enjoyed the opportunity to connect within our special group and  play some outdoor games together.
   On Palm Sunday this spring, we had included families in our  group's visit to one of our local churches, and several of our  husbands commented that they wished they could have a Sons  of Abraham group. They really see the value of their wives  meeting together and growing in understanding of our different  faiths, and are grateful for opportunities like the family picnic to  bring them into the group. 
   A representative from each of our faiths prayed before our  meal. After the Jewish prayer, we took a piece of bread and  passed it around so that everyone could eat a portion. 
   We are already looking forward to next year's family picnic

Fall Holidays
Sept. 10 & 11th Rosh Ha Shanah -  Jewish New Year
Sept. 19 Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
Sept. 24 Sukkot (ends on Sept.30) - Festival of Booths, a Jewish harvest holiday. One of 3 Pilgrimage Festivals.
Oct. 2    Simchat Torah Celebration of the completion of the annual reading of the Torah.

Shana Tova to our Jewish Daughters

Sept. 11 Hijira Islamic New Year
Sept. 20 Day of AshuraShi'a Muslims believe that Muhammad's grandson was martyred on this day. Sunni Muslims mark it as the day that Moses was saved from Pharoah's tyranny.

Happy Islamic New Year to our 
Muslim Daughters

* All Jewish & Muslim Holidays start on the preceding evening at sundown
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