Panther Connections

Lawanda Fisher '13

Lawanda Fisher, class of 2013, currently resides in Brunswick County, Virginia. She owns her own business, The Power of One, which focuses on family enrichment and community development. Lawanda also works full-time as the Covid Testing Coordinator for Brunswick County Public Schools. She recently presented before The World Congress on Colorectal Cancer in Rural Virginia research that she and her husband carried out in Brunswick.

Maci Barker '22

Maci Barker, class of 2022, completed SVCC's Associate degree in Nursing and a General Studies Associate degree this year. She resides in Charlotte County, Virginia and works as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Southside Community Hospital. Maci says that SVCC's nursing program was tough, but it shaped her into the person she is today. In addition, she says she met some of the best people and created wonderful relationships during her time at SVCC.

Lesley Ferranto '03

Lesley Ferranto, class of 2003, just took on a position at SVCC! Lesley now works in the Financial Aid Office on the Keysville campus. Lesley says that SVCC gave her the opportunity to get a degree in the evenings while working and caring for three young children at the time. Those children got to watch their mother go to college. Three of her children are now college graduates, and her youngest child is a current SVCC student and plans on attending Virginia Tech after graduating.

Claire Lucy '18

Claire Lucy, class of 2018, was a dual enrollment student who went on to graduate from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing Management. She now works as a business teacher at Brunswick Academy and lives in South Hill, Virginia. Claire says that attending SVCC while in high school allowed her to save time, money, challenge herself with higher level courses, and be surrounded by classmates with the same goals.

Kendrik Goldman '17

Kendrik Goldman, class of 2017, has earned two degrees since graduating from SVCC. He graduated from the University of Lynchburg with a Bachelor's degree in Sport Management and from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master's degree in Sport Leadership. Kendrik lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and works for the University of Virginia as an Account Executive in Client Services. Kendrik says that he credits the administration, faculty, and coursework at SVCC for the personal and professional work ethic he has today.

Jackson Queen '19

Jackson Queen, class of 2019, completed SVCC's Powerline Worker (PLW) Program. He now works for Lee Electric as a lineman. Jackson says SVCC's PLW program was a great experience and allowed him to make friends that he remains in touch with today. Jackson lives in South Hill, Virginia and is proud of his ability to help restore power to homes, especially following devastating storms. 

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