Dear Friends,

“Standard of Care” is a model that describes accepted medical practice that is evidenced-based, cost effective and thus widespread. Over the last twenty-two years Kids Kicking Cancer has been demonstrating the impact of our martial arts therapy in lowering the pain of children, enhancing compliance and supporting families during their most difficult times. As you will read of our ongoing announcements of our third Annual Pediatric Psychosocial and Palliative Care Conference Nov. 3-4, you will see a growing movement that is training hospital staff across the world. The goal is to establish our unique empowerment techniques as a “Standard of Care” model that can be easily applied to children wherever they are. Our world class speakers and a global audience are assuring that we will continue to grow the message of “Power Peace Purpose”.

Now, more than ever, we need your help to amplify this message to integrate the last twenty two years into a safe and effective global model of care. It is more than simply cost effective to empower a child beyond pain. It is life changing for the children and their families.

Thank you for being a part of our movement!

Rabbi G.
Founder and Global Director

Despite the pandemic, we’ve continued to serve children and families globally. This snapshot in time is a chance to celebrate everything we have accomplished together Jan. 2020 - June 2021, thanks to donors and supporters like you!
Join us Nov. 3-4, 2021, for our Third Annual Pediatric Psychosocial and Palliative Care Conference.

This year’s theme, Creating a Culture of Healing Empowerment, will focus on standards of care and how to create a personalized approach that addresses the physical, psychological, and social effects a possibly life-threatening illness can have on a family. Our virtual conference will bring together world-class experts on pediatric psychosocial and palliative care to motivate, inspire and share their latest work with health care professionals.

Please visit our website to register, apply for a scholarship, or for
additional speaker information and schedule details.
Our martial arts therapy has provided Adeline with the techniques to overcome pain and stress during treatment. Learn more about Adeline's journey and how we taught her bravery and skill through power breathing.

Q: What do you love most about Kids Kicking Cancer’s mission?

A: I love that KKC does not just teach martial arts, but they teach empowerment. For kids who have so few opportunities to exercise their power externally due to their medical difficulties, KKC works on a deeper level to empower internally. Regardless of the external circumstances, the kids learn how to use their power.
Don't Miss Your Chance To Participate!

In support of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and National Sickle Cell Awareness Month, Century Martial Arts and The Heroes Circle have partnered up in September to recognize the little heroes who have emerged from their illnesses as POWERFUL martial artists, and to celebrate the Martial Arts Therapists who have used their love of the sport and their unique abilities as teachers to EMPOWER children across the globe.  

It’s Simple!
Step 1
Perform and record a video that includes 10 of your best martial arts kicks. Basic kicks, axe kicks, spinning hook kicks, flying back kicks – we’ll let you decide. 
Step 2
Post your video on LinkedIn, TikTok, or Facebook using #10KickChallenge and #HeroesCircle AND tag/challenge 3 of your friends.
As you perform the 10 Kick Challenge, you are showing support for the children in the Heroes Circle community. Children who suffer from painful illnesses such as cancer, sickle cell, and hemophilia. Children who have been given the tools designed to reduce pain, anxiety, and fear. Children who have overcome their diagnoses and have emerged with POWER, PEACE and PURPOSE. 

Props are acceptable. Bring your best form and show us your best 10 kicks! 
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It's easier than ever to search/find a MAT led meditation in our online library: Click here.

Capture yourself taking a Breath Brake and share your photo or video using the hashtag #BreathBrake and tag @KidsKickingCancer (on Facebook) and @KidsKickCancer (on Twitter and Instagram) to be featured on our social media or blog. 

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When you give to the Heroes Circle (powered by the children of Kids Kicking Cancer), your donations are put to work to ensure our evidence-based therapy is delivered in person and virtually throughout hospitals, medical facilities, outpatient centers, home visits and schools across the United States and globally. Thank you for your support!