September 2019 Edition

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It is my heart to be a true pastor to the pastors and ministers in OBE. It is also my desire to help equip you to become more effective in the ministry that God has called you to....
-----Pastor Josh Grimes-----
Are you making the IMPACT you would like?

Would you like to make a bigger IMPACT for the Kingdom?

Who are you? Why do you exist? What does God want or need from you??? Are you, your ministry, and church making an IMPACT for the kingdom of God??? Ultimately… making a heavenly Impact is what matters!  

These are just a few questions that are necessary to answer IF you are going to be able to  “Write the Vision, and make it PLAIN! So…… those who read it will RUN with it!”

Hab 2:2- Then the Lord answered me and said, “Write the vision And engrave it plainly on tablets So that the one who reads it will run.

The above scripture is a prophetic promise! So… are the people you serve “running” with the vision? Or…could it be, that the vision for your church/ministry needs to be clarified to make it… plain, simple, and compelling… In order for people to JUMP on board??? 

This is where a strategic plan comes in. Do you have a plan… A plan to carry out the vision God has placed in your heart and in the DNA of your church/ministry???  Could your plan be revisited, clarified, or simplified? 

Most pastors and ministers do not have a problem staying busy! To be honest, most are too busy!  I do not want to “make more work for you”. Actually, I want to help you clarify the call and vision of God to help free you up to carry out the plan and call of God for you, your ministry, and church! 

Will you take this journey with me to help make a strategic plan for you, your church, and ministry? Will you allow the Holy Spirit to direct you and lead you through this process to clarify the vision that God has for you, your church, and ministry???  Will you assemble a team and guide them through this process so they too could own the vision? Remember, you cannot carry this alone; everyone needs a team! 

Take a look at the FREE resource provided below, and if you have any questions, or if you would like to receive help or advice feel free to call us at the regional office any time. We are here to serve you!
-Pastor Josh & Melissa

Making A Strategic Plan
Download the document below and use it as a resource to make a Strategic Plan to help you, your church, and your ministry make a greater IMPACT for the kingdom of God! .

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