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  Mars entering its Retrograde Arc (Shadow) September 3-March 16, 2023. Last month I spoke about Mars entering tropical Gemini/sidereal Taurus where it stays for many months. Below I address Mars entering and leaving the retrograde arc (shadow).
  Mars Retrograde Webinar. Sunday October 9, 2022. 12-2:30 EDT. Sign up for the Mars retrograde webinar at early bird rates if you want to have as much information as possible about Mars retrograde cycles in history, and what to expect over the next few months in the world and in your chart when Mars retrogrades.
  Mercury Retrograde from September 10-October 2, which means that between those dates there will be six retrograde planets including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, a similar situation to autumn 2021.
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  Celestial Events. September 2022.
  Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy Book for sale.

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This month's lunations occur with the Full Moon on September 10, 2022 at 9:58 AM GMT. Tropical. 17° Pisces 41’. Sidereal. 23° Aquarius 36’. pūrvabhadrapadā and the New Moon occurring on September 25, 2022 at 9:54 PM GMT. Tropical. 2° Libra 48'. Sidereal. 8° Virgo 44’. uttaraphalgunī. If you have any planets, points, or angles around those degrees (I would take a one degree orb) then whatever is represented by that planet, point or angle, will be prominent and important until the next lunation, meaning the next Full Moon on October 9 (if something is conjunct this month's Full Moon) and the next New Moon on October 25 (if something is conjunct this month's New Moon). The New Moon represents new beginnings and can help you to institute a change you have been thinking about while the Full Moon is an accomplishment or culmination and gives the push to continue on that path. If your birthday is between September 9-11, then the Full Moon is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning that it may be year when things you have been working on will manifest, or feel like they are moving in the right direction, so continue with whatever is fulfilling you. If your birthday is between September 24-26, then the New Moon is in your solar return (varsaphal) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning a change is bound to happen, so work on that change. It could be a physical move, job change, relationship change, or simply working on yourself to integrate new patterns and habits into your life. (Scroll below for more Celestial Events.)

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Mars Enters Retrograde Arc (Shadow)

Last month I spoke about the start of the influence of Mars by citing that Mars entered tropical Gemini where it will stay for 7 months from August 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023. Mars entered sidereal Taurus, where it will stay along with sidereal Gemini for 9 months as follows. Mars enters sidereal Taurus on August 10, 2022, enters sidereal Gemini on October 15, 2022, retrogrades on October 30 and into sidereal Taurus on November 14, 2022. Mars stations direct on January 12, and re-enters sidereal Gemini from March 12, 2023 to May 10, 2023.
This month on September 3, Mars will enter the retrograde arc or shadow, meaning it is the degree where Mars eventually stations direct, and defines the span where Mars will travel either two or three times during its travels within the retrograde arc from September 3, 2022–March 16, 2023. (More details in my webinar) Below is the retrograde cycle of Mars/Kuja which is repeated from the last newsletter.

September 3, 2022. Mars enters Retrograde Arc or Shadow. This is the degree where Mars eventually stations direct.
Tropical 8° Gemini 07’. Sidereal. 14° Taurus 03'
·  October 30, 2022. Mars Stations Retrograde (Vakra). Tropical 25° Gemini 36’. Sidereal. 01° Gemini 32’. mṛgaśira
December 8, 2022. Sun-Mars opposition. Mars is closest to Earth and midway through the retrograde cycle.
Tropical. 16° Sagittarius 05’/16° Gemini 05’. Sidereal 22° Scorpio 01’/22° Taurus 01’    
·  January 12, 2023. Mars Stations Direct. Tropical. 8° Gemini 07’. Sidereal. 14° Taurus 03’. rohiṇī
·  March 16, 2023. Mars leaves Retrograde Arc or Shadow. This is the degree where Mars stationed retrograde.
Tropical 25° Gemini 36’. Sidereal. 01° Gemini 32’.  

This means that while Mars affects the world, and influences the house where you find tropical Gemini, and sidereal Taurus and Gemini, if you have planets that are within the span of the retrograde arc or shadow it will hit it three times, when it moves direct, retrograde, and direct again. If you have a planet on the degree of the retrograde or direct station, it will hit that degree twice, when it stations, which is one of the most powerful points, and when it hits it again. The station is the most powerful place for a planet to be situated. As we get nearer to that Mars retrograde we will begin to feel its movements, but if you have a planet, point, or angle between tropical 8° Gemini 07’-25° Gemini 36’ or sidereal 14° Taurus 03'-01° Gemini 32’, Mars will be transiting there three times. Follow the ephemeris to see but the entire retrograde arc cycle will be sensitive nonetheless.
As Mars enters the retrograde arc, we will begin to see and hear things that will be magnified during its actual retrograde cycle. I will be presenting a webinar in which I cover the entire Mars cycle in depth. Note especially that there will be a Sun-Mars opposition that always occurs midway through the retrograde cycle, and I have found that when Mars crosses that degree three times, it can be as powerful as the planetary station, forcing heated and explosive events in the world. If you have something around that degree, the opposition will be very potent in your chart as well, with what that position in your chart represents. This year, those dates when Mars is within one degree of that opposition, which as you see above is Tropical. 16° Sagittarius 05’/16° Gemini 05’. Sidereal 22° Scorpio 01’/22° Taurus 01’ are September 19-23 (direct), December 4-11 (retrograde), February 18-26 (direct). More about this in my webinar and the weeks to come since these dates will put the world on alert.
Repeating from last month about Mars retrograde but understanding that these influences begin to really start to gain speed and accelerate after September 3.

"So even though we are still a time away from Mars retrograde, its importance lies in the fact that we must be prepared for almost anything that happens suddenly and without warning. As I have written about in other presentations, at an extreme, Mars periods can accentuate impulsivity, hostility, aggression, ambition, assertion, war, and meteorological extremes. It produces heat, which can also increase fires, accidents, terrorist activities, and anything in which you do not use the ability to reflect on your actions. During Mars retrograde, your patience and the ability to act decisively and energetically but compassionately and diplomatically will be thoroughly tested. You may be confronted with situations where your mouth moves faster than your mind or heart, and you will have to work hard to develop patience, listening skills, and control what you say. Move slowly and cautiously especially when driving since you never know who else will be on the road. Under normal circumstances, if we have words with someone, it usually blows over the next day. With Mars, planet of action and aggression, lingering close to the Earth, it is not as easy for arguments to blow over, or for anger to subside. Tempers are shorter, because Mars is closer to the earth when it retrogrades and often you act before you think, so do watch your impulses are. It is great to indulge in sexual relationships, but once Mars goes direct you will then be able to see if there is something more going on. Even if you do not want to change, the influence of Mars will force you to at least do something different, since Mars transits are never a time to keep things static, moving ahead is on the horizon and if you do not take charge of those changes, some things will come along to make those changes for you.”
Take notice if you have a planet, point, or angle between tropical 8° Gemini 07’-25° Gemini 36’ or sidereal 14° Taurus 03'-01° Gemini 32’ they will be affected since Mars will be crossing that point three times between September 3 and March 16, 2023, and if you have any planets, points or angles on the planetary stations, Mars will cross that degree twice, with the station being the most intense degree of the retrograde arc. Scroll down to the end of Mercury retrograde to see the definition of the planets and angles. 
Mars Retrograde Webinar. Sunday October 9, 2022 (Full Moon). 12-2:30 PM.
Lecture 12 - 2 PM. Q & A. 2-2:30 PM
Early Bird Rates. $50 through September 25 (New Moon).
September 25-October 5. $60. After that $65.
Register at www.ronniedreyer.com. If you cannot attend live,
you will get the recordings and presentation on Monday October 10.
Mars is a unique planet with a unique retrograde cycle. Every 2 years and 2 months Mars retrogrades for 70 days. It will retrograde either in one sign, or in two signs, but it means that Mars stays in one area of the zodiac for more than seven months. Read the section on Mars and you will know tropically it stays in Gemini for seven months and in sidereal Taurus and Gemini for nine months.
The webinar will include:

1.    Astronomy and Astrology of Mars
2.    Outline of Mars cycle, including Retrograde Arc, Sun-Mars opposition, aspects to the current Mars, Naksatras.
3.    History of Mars retrograde cycles in tropical Gemini and sidereal Taurus.
4.    What this current retrograde will mean for the world focusing on specific countries and leaders
5.    What this current means for each sign.
6.    Q and A to be submitted beforehand. These will come first, then questions arising from webinar. I will not answer questions about personal horoscopes. 
This webinar will take place October 9 on the Full Moon before Mars retrogrades on October 30. If you cannot attend live then you will get the recordings and presentation the next day. Early Bird rates until September 25.

Some of you have heard my articles and talks on Mars retrograde, and we have discussed this in my 2022 Sensitive Degrees year ahead seminar, but this webinar will be even more complete and include lots of material that was not included due to time considerations though there will be some repetition. It will be presented in tropical and sidereal (Indian) zodiacs.

Mercury Goes Retrograde
·       August 20, 2022. Mercury/Budha enters Retrograde Arc or Shadow. Tropical. 24° Virgo 11'. Sidereal 0° Virgo 7'. uttaraphalgunī.
·    September 10, 2022. Mercury/Budha Stations Retrograde (vakra). Tropical 08° Libra 55'. Sidereal 14° Virgo 51’. hasta.
·    September 23, 2022. Sun/Surya Mercury/Budha Inferior conjunction. Tropical. 0° Libra 14'. Sidereal 06° Virgo 38'. uttaraphalgunī.
·    October 2, 2022. Mercury/Budha Stations Direct. Tropical. 24° Virgo 11’. Sidereal 0° Virgo 7’. uttaraphalgunī.
·    October 17, 2022. Mercury/Budha Leaves Retrograde Arc or Shadow. Tropical 08° Libra 55'. Sidereal 14° Virgo 51'. hasta.

Much of what I write here is similar to my usual Mercury Retrograde missive, but with different degrees of the zodiac and different dates. It always brings the same general uneasiness, even though much of it is unwarranted. Sure, there will be the mild annoyances and disruptions, which may include communication snafus, scheduling conflicts, misunderstandings, and transportation slowdowns, and if you are prepared and figure these things are possible, they will not throw you off your center when they occur. Remember to think before you speak, do not overreact to what others say and do, and refrain from juggling your usual array of activities. Mercury multitasks well when it moves forward at a steady pace, and not when it appears to slow up, which is what retrogrades are all about. Retrogrades are a great time to look inward and revise and fix something you have previously worked on since once it goes direct you will be able to move forward with something new that you have incorporated in a project, relationship, move, or just with your own appearance, attitudes, and goals. Be quiet, meditate, and look inside. Be more alert than usual, develop more patience, and generally take things slower. Look inward and you will be able to problem solve. Retrogrades are always a time for reflection and revision. 

Planets retrograde when they "appear" to move backwards though they do not, but do move closest to earth in their orbit and slow its speed. As an inferior planet that falls between the Earth and Sun, Mercury entered its shadow, or retrograde arc (the term I prefer), which is the degree of the eventual direct station, on August 20, and leaves its shadow or retrograde arc when it passes the degree of the retrograde station on October 17. Approximately midway through the retrograde cycle between September 10-October 2, the Sun and Mercury form its inferior conjunction on September 23, since Mercury is close to the earth in between the Sun and Earth.

Now that Mercury is in its retrograde arc, and near the actual retrograde station, we may begin to see the flow of information slowing down, getting delayed, confused and misunderstood. We have to work even harder to be clear in our communications, since that really is what Mercury retrograde is all about. We cannot always control if our computers slow down, or if there is a lot of traffic and delays, but what we can do is just take deep breaths, call up patience, and really focus on what is most important and to choose our battles wisely. there is no reason to get bent out of shape if your train is delayed, and if you are late for an appointment, just be clear what the problem is and the person on the other end will understand. Watch machines, especially computers and cell phones, since they tend to break down, and since we use them for communication, it definitely comes under the purview of Mercury. 

Ditto for signing contracts and any other important papers. Make sure you are clear, and you have asked all the questions you need to ask. Do not hesitate to ask for a re-wording of something, and just make sure you cover all your bases. It is always good to show the contract to someone who understands what it is about. If you do have to sign something or start a project when Mercury is retrograde, just choose a good date and planetary hour. We cannot control what happens in life, and do not overdo any problems that could arise with Mercury retrograde, since sometimes worry or anxiety is far worse than anything that can actually go wrong.

In general, you want to do things on a day ruled by a benefic planet, therefore, Monday (Moon), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter) or Friday (Venus). Try to do that on a waxing moon, meaning between the new and full moon, but begin about two days after the new moon when we can see a sliver of it in the sky. We can also extend a positive period until three days after the Full Moon since it is still able to be seen in the sky. Of course this is general, but these are general tips for diverting Mercury retrograde. 

This is the span of degrees of the current Mercury retrograde which you can see above: Tropical. 8° Libra 55'-24° Virgo 11'; Sidereal. 14° Virgo 51'-0° Virgo 07'. This retrograde is in tropical Libra, ruled by Venus, and in its exaltation and rulership, Virgo, in both tropical and sidereal astrology. Look to see which house they fall in since that can give you a hint as to which area of the chart is affected. Tropically Mercury retrograde will span Libra and Virgo. Sidereally Mercury retrograde only spans Virgo. This area of your life might become unpredictable, may slow down, or may take an unexpected turn. You may not get the results you want so either explore the new expression or be patient and wait for things to straighten out.

If you have any planets, points, or angles that conjoin the degrees where Mercury stations retrograde or direct they will be affected. See what these planets mean in a generic sense, and which house it occupies and rules since it will cross those planets three times. If you have anything 1-2 degrees of one of the stationary points, it will hit that degree twice but will be especially important for that planet when Mercury stations retrograde or direct. Just take care and take deep breaths. Use the retrograde energy to think about plans but do not put them in motion until after Mercury goes direct.

Read if you use sidereal Indian astrology. If you have a planet, point, or angle in your chart between 14° Virgo 51'-0° Virgo 07', where Mercury retrogrades, this is what may be slowed down, reviewed, revised, and ultimately reinvigorated and reinvented.
Sun. power, vigor; Moon. maternal, mind; Mars. strength, courage; Mercury. speech, learning; Jupiter.  knowledge, wealth; Venus. love, happiness; Saturn. sorrow, fear; Rahu. intensity, compulsion; Ketu. extremes, spirituality; Lagna. destiny, vitality. If you want to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto you can look below at tropical Western astrology for their keywords.

The house that sidereal Virgo occupies is the area that may be slowed down, reviewed, revised, and ultimately reinvigorated and reinvented. If you do not know which house sidereal Virgo occupies, look at your ascendant, or Moon, or even your Sun, and just count from there. General descriptions for bhavas (houses) are as follows:  
1. appearance, destiny, temperament, personality, constitution; 2. Money, family life, food, speech, early childhood; 3. Siblings, Fine arts, courage, desires; 4. Mother, happiness, real estate, vehicles; 5. Children, romance, investments, speculation; 6. Open enemies, work, competition, obstacles, illness; 7. Marriage, partners, contracts, passion; 8. Life and death cycle, research, accidents, other's money, inheritance; 9. Father, teacher (guru), religion, higher learning, opportunity; 10. Career, status, public recognition, reputation; 11. Profits, rewards, gains from work, awards, older siblings; 12. spiritual practice, secret enemies, foreign travel, debt, confinement.
Read if you use tropical Western astrology. If you have a planet, point, or angle in your chart between 8° Libra 55'-24° Virgo 11' where Mercury retrogrades, this is what may be slowed down, reviewed, revised, and ultimately reinvigorated and reinvented.
Sun. vitality, individuality, ego; Moon. emotions, habits, conditioning; Mercury. communication, intelligence; Venus. love, beauty, creativity; Mars. physical energy, aggression, courage; Jupiter. expansion, abundance; Saturn. limitation, disciplined, fear; Uranus. originality, independent, rebellious; Neptune. spiritual, immaterial, imagination; Pluto. intensity, power; North Node. power, place where you must strive; South Node. place where it is easy, habits; Ascendant. personality, destiny; IC. home, family, mother; Descendant. partnerships, contracts; Midheaven. career, father

The houses that sidereal Libra and Virgo occupy are the area that may be slowed down, reviewed, revised, and ultimately reinvigorated and reinvented. Mercury retrograde is in Libra from September 10-23, and in Virgo from September 23-October 10 so the area of your chart where Libra and Virgo are located will be affected. If you do not know where Libra or Virgo are located in your chart, just count from your Sun sign or your rising sign. These are general definitions for the houses.
1. personality, body, appearance; 2. finances, possessions, values. 3. communication, siblings, short journeys, learning; 4. family, mother, home; 5. children, recreation, entertainment; 6. health, service, pets; 7. marriage, contracts, partnership; 8. business transactions, sexuality, life and death matters; 9. higher education, travel abroad, publishing, law; 10. profession, status, father; 11. gains, friendships, hopes, dreams; 12. compassion, spirituality, limitations, solitude.
Horoscope Consultations

I am available for phone or video chat (I will send a link for gotomeeting, which is like zoom) consultations and tutoring sessions at the prices below. I am no longer doing in-person consultations in New York City for the immediate future. I will be doing readings at The Astrology Gathering (TAG) in Lily Dale NY on Friday Sept. 16 an Sunday Sept. 18, so please email me if you are interested. I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 and mp4 file, which you can easily download onto your computer or device and listen to it. If you wish to give a horoscope reading as a gift, please make sure the person you are gifting would like to have one done. If you would like to have a reading, please make payment at www.ronniedreyer.com and I will reach out to you within 24-48 hours with available dates and times. I accept paypal account, credit cards, or checking account with the paypal invoice that is on my website. I also have venmo and installment payments for paypal.

My next appointment is Wednesday September 28th. But they do go fast.

. Phone or Video Initial Consultation. $295 (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for questions after).

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. Choosing an Auspicious Date for an event. $200 for research and consultation.

. Astro*Carto*Graphy or locality readings or "Where in the World?" $200. (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). Finding the right location and best timing for work, love, finances, health, etc. You must provide places that you are interested in.
Combination of initial reading and Astro*Carto*Graphy reading. $350. (120 minutes with opportunity for questions after).

. Answering one specific question or examining one topic or area. $165. (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This is NOT a horary chart but an examination of only one specific area or question. Only for people who have had an initial reading.

.One hour Tutoring sessions in Indian Astrology or Astro*Carto*Graphy. $100 for one session. $275 for three sessions.