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Next NSENG Meeting is Mon Sept 30th
6:15-8:30pm, Glenview Library (1930 Glenview Rd)
"How to Train Your Brain to Perform Better During Job Interviews"  
Some of the most important skills in performing well during job interviews and networking situations are  your ability to focus clearly, think fast on your feet and be able to make better decisions with less stress. Much of that depends on your brain's mental agility and the ability to quickly adapt to different situations. During this meeting executive brain coach,  JOHN KENNEDY, will present on  "How to train your brain to perform better during job interviews". He will take everyone through some brain training exercises where you may notice a positive difference before you leave this event. Most importantly, you can use what you've learned in this meeting just prior to any job interviews or networking encounters you have so that you perform level with more responsiveness and focus.

Some of the topics that John will address include:
  • Learn about the ability of your brain to change based on stimulation
  • Understand how you can assess situations and adapt your behavior for greater success during interviews
  • How to break bad interviewing and networking habits and create new ones
  • Go through an exercise that will physically change your brain to be faster and more focused
  • Learn how to apply the exercises before interviews and networking events

Here is some background on  John Kennedy :
John is a pioneer in the field of Targeted Neuroplasticity Training. He was contracted by the US Marines in 2007 to develop the Combat Brain Training™ program to reduce casualties in combat and improve Warfighting capabilities by accelerating mental processing and improving focus. Overwhelmingly successful, John's programs quickly spread to other individuals including: US Special Operations Command, Snipers, pilots, athletes and students of all ages, business people, those suffering from brain trauma... and JOB SEEKERS. He has even trained inner-city high school kids on his techniques and 100% of them reported significant improvements in just a few hours. Additionally, brain John's training has since been adopted by many executives, salespeople, technical experts, attorneys, traders and financial advisors. To learn more about John and his proprietary brain training program, click  here.
Here are a few additional upcoming events:
-- Mon Sept 23, 7:00-8:00pm WEBINAR: Catherine Johns (former WLS-radio host) presents on "Delivering a Dynamic Elevator Pitch During Interviews & Networking Meetings". Click HERE to register. You get the recording whether you attend or not.

-- Thu Sept 26, 5:30-8:30pm WORKSHOP for Job Seekers in their 20s @ Glenview Library: Marty Gilbert (NSENG Founder) presents on "Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles & Cover Letters that Get You the Job". Click HERE to register. You get a $25 refund for every person you refer who registers (up to a max of 3 people).

-- Tue Oct 8th, 9:15am-1:00pm WORKSHOP @ Glenview Library: Marty Gilbert presents on "Creating & Implementing an Effective Job Search Plan" Click HERE to register.

FREE Training Opportunity:
Click HERE to get information on MicroTrain's training programs and how you may qualify for free government funding. Some of their classes include: project management, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management... Business Analysis... Business Process Improvement... Agile Scrum Master.

Over the past 14 days,  24 NSENG members have landed new jobs . Congratulations to:
-- Ed Stauber, Senior Credit Officer at AIG
-- Todd Loid, CPA at VK Group LLC
-- Jennifer Thomas, Customer Programs Rep at Regional Transportation Authority of NE Illinois
-- Carol Kuzmich, Digital Champion at Schneider Electric
-- Jon Spoerry, Equity Partner at American Commercial Bank & Trust
-- Joe Hus, VP of IT at MasterBrand Cabintes
-- Diane Johansen, VP Finance Global Services at Logistyx Technologies
-- Jim Solomon, Facilities Manager at Syngenta
-- Scott Sabin, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Hostess Brands
-- Mike McKewin, Strategic Insights & Research at Well Fargo Bank
-- Robert Buongiorno… President at BST North America
-- Zachary Timm, Content Marketing at Anixter
-- Mark Riordan, Advocate Property Management
-- Michael Dahms, Reynolds Consumer Products
-- Dina Carr, Diversity & Inclusion at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
-- Andrew Owings, Reg'l Maintenance Director at the Inland Real Estate Group
-- Michael Podboy, President at CA Ventures LLC
-- Ken Wagner, Sr Financial Analyst at CBRE
-- Jason Boston, Sales Consultant at Reinhart Foodservice
-- Scott Komplin, Finance Manager with Riddell
-- John Rio, Service Center Mgr at Express Global Systems
-- Warren Frank, Interim Consultant at Salo LLC
-- Mark Lieverthal, Manager of Benefits Performance & Analytics for SkygenUSA
-- Bob Amberg, Director of Quality at Leviton

Over the past 14 days,  63 new members have joined NSENG . Please feel free to reach out to them in an effort to help expand one another's networks:
Peter Michaels… Tim Dorngfeld… Michael Drayton... Norma Thorelli… Tricia Barry… Rebecca Feldman… Shelly Schmeling… Lisa Wellington… Amber Webb… Jennifer Griffin… Sanjiv Sharma… Marchel Rogers… Matt Grimm… Shelley Boscamp… Tim Dorngfeld… Michael Drayton… Stacia Goldstein… Steve Pokrak… Kris McCarthy… Brian Donnelly… Mary Bradbury… Debi Ross… Leslie Miller… Lisa Mullaney… Jolanta Kozakiewicz… Ann Watson… Leslie Ciastko… Larisa Mats… Monica Bibbs… Tricia Keating… Billy Keller… Robert Job… Rochelle Poole… Heather Bastounes… Ingrid Klein… Aaron Lang… Kristin Grosse… Julie Watkins… Justin Givot… Connie Spiegel… Matthew Strait… Brent Trebels… Matt Cassidy… Jessica Reimer… Mike Sherkey… Tom McGargill… Jeff Bergman… Michael Johnston… Joe Kelly… Adam Kellner… Tim Sheridan… John Suarez… Lisa Crosse… Gary Lazicki… Sue Degnan… Sandy Lomas… Bridget Westley… Stephanie Chandler… Mary Lynne Shafer… Steven Haubrich… Robert Lanham… Tim Manning… Judy Aronson

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And if you're an NSENG member who has already landed, you're always welcome to come back to any meeting. Lastly, don't forget to check out the Glenview library's underground parking if the above ground lot is full-- and parking on the side streets and at the Metra station are always an option. Hamburger Univ has plenty of parking.

Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

Here are a few Chicago area opportunities that may be of interest to you:
Horizontal Integration | Schaumburg IL
Brookfield Asset Management | Chicago IL
Arena Americas | Glendale Heights IL
University of Chicago | Chicago IL
Gagen MacDonald | Chicago IL
Relativity | Chicago IL
Adtalem Global Education | Downers Grove IL
CDK | Hoffman Estates IL
Brown & Joseph | Itasca IL
Innovasis, Inc. | Chicago IL | Chicago IL
Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach
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