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September 2014   |     #BeWellCal
Help yourself stay well this fall and winter. To protect yourself, you need a flu shot every year. No appointment needed! Drop in to any flu shot clinic! Find future clinic dates and more info on our Flu Shots webpage.
  • Preservative-free vaccine, protects against 4 different viruses (quadravalent).
  • Cost is $30; free for students with SHIP
  • Open to the campus and community - college age and above
  • Payment accepted: cash, check and credit cards, and Cal 1 Card Debit Account
What do you do at UHS?
I coordinate our academic classes and teach Public Health 14, an intro to public health and health promotion. I also act as a liaison to Tang for LGBTQ students. And I'm the Project Director of Berkeley Builds Capacity, a five year SAMHSA-funded grant aimed at reducing HIV and related substance abuse, particularly among queer men of color.

What do you find most interesting about working in college health?
For me, what is most inspiring and interesting: helping students develop their ideas and passions and figure out who they are. What is most difficult and interesting: navigating the complex UCB bureaucracy in order to make positive change. It's a lesson in patience and diligence.

Continue reading Sarah's Staff Highlight feature, and find more UHS staff on our Staff Highlight page.
UHS Staff Highlight: Sarah Gamble, Ph.D., Tang Tip for Students
Sarah's Tang Tip for Students
Guide to Tang for Disabled Student resources at Berkeley
The Tang Center is committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities have equal access to health at UC Berkeley. We offer a wide range of services for students with disabilities to help them achieve all their academic endeavors while managing their important health and wellness needs. Learn more.
Sex Goddess
Sexploration + meet the Sexperts!
Hey all you Bears!

I hope the fall semester is going well for you. The start of the new year is a great time to expand your horizons and explore new things. I encourage you to consider exploring what sex and sexual health mean to you in a positive way. Such a self-exploration, or sexploration, is necessary for most students at some point. I am not suggesting that you engage in sex, necessarily, only that you take the time to think about what you want with regard to sex and sexual health. Having a clear idea of what you want in this respect will help you stay true to you and your personal values.

The student SEXPERTS of the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) and I are happy to help you think about and communicate your sexual wants and want not's in a safer, sexy, and positive way. You can learn more about us on the Health Promotion webpage and through our 
Facebook page. Last but not least, you can meet and chat with us in person during Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW)! SHAW will be Monday, September 29-Friday, October 3. Check our Facebook page for regular updates on SHAW events such as panels, random acts of sexiness, free safer sex demos, ask a SEXPERT opportunities, games with sexy prizes, and more!

Ms. Robin
Sex Goddess


But wait, there's more! 

Sexhibit at Doe Library

Be sure to check out the new exhibit: Birds Do It, Bees Do It: A Century of Sex [Mis]Information in the USA. Located in Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library, running September 8, 2014-February 28, 2015. 


Ms. Robin will be one of three featured speakers at the opening reception and talk, October 1, 4:30-6pm. Learn more here


Next Pet Hugs: Tuesday, 10/7, 12-1pm on Sproul

Pet Hugs take place the first Tuesday of the month from noon-1pm. View the full fall schedule, including locations and times, plus past photos and more information on our Pet Hugs page

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning and what to do if you are concerned: Helping an Intoxicated Person.
Hello! If you're a student living in the residence halls, know that your friendly Health Workers are there for you! Each residence hall building is designated its own student Health Worker, who is tasked with helping his or her peers stay as healthy and happy as possible. 
Every Health Worker can provide basic first aid, safer sex supplies, one-on-one peer counseling, and loads of information about the Tang Center and various health resources on campus. 
If you ever have any health-related concern whatsoever - whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or sexual - do not hesitate to reach out to them. And if you don't live in the residence halls, no need to worry! Look to this newsletter and the Be Well @ Cal Facebook page for constant updates, resources, and information.


Roommate Dillemma

"I don't know how I was matched with my roommates. They're both partiers and I'm not at all..."

Love Baristas respond


Should I join a Frat/Sorority?

Love Baristas respond 


Find LoveCafe Barista answers and more great posts via the LoveCafe@Cal tumbler.

NEW: Aetna Mobile App
With the Aetna mobile app students with SHIP can easily pull up their Aetna card, check benefits, locate an Urgent Care facility and more! View the flier.

SHIP Waiver Limbo? 
Are you one of the handful of families still waiting for the SHIP waiver appeal decision? First: We are so sorry! We know it's been frustrating. The new waiver criteria and auto-decision waiver application created confusion causing thousands of waiver appeals this season. As a result, the SHIP office has been managing unprecedented numbers of waiver appeals and inquiries. Second: We anticipate it may be a few more weeks until all cases have been cleared. In the interim, we are working with CARS to make sure families waiting for the waiver decision are not charged late fees if they haven't paid the SHIP portion of their bill. We'll be working with management, our SHIP student subcommittee and student government leaders on improvements for next year. 
The end. Until next month...Be Well, Berkeley! 
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