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Developing an OpenVPX System? 

If you are looking to do prototyping and development using the OpenVPX architecture, Pixus can support you every step of the way.   We offer low-cost prototyping systems, from desktop/rackmount enclosed units to open-frame chassis platforms.   Our OpenVPX Development System for 3U Boards features a 5-slot backplane with RTM options and a versatile PSU for VPX voltages.    

If an open-frame chassis is needed for easier board access, we have a solution for you.  One creative option is a new version with removable sidewalls.  This chassis platform allows for thermal testing and ease of attaching probes during development. 

With unsurpassed OpenVPX backplane expertise, we offer solutions to 40GbE, PCIe Gen3, and beyond.   Another convenient board for either development or deployment is the VITA 62 Power Interface Board.  These boards come in 3U and 6U heights and allow direct plugging of VITA 62 power supplies.  

Working with key board partners across the industry, we offer a wide range of SBCs, switches, processors, FPGAs, and specialty boards and RTMs for OpenVPX.   If you are considering development with the OpenVPX architecture, come to Pixus.  Our team of experts would be happy to support your team with tutorials on the technology.   Contact Pixus today to discuss your application. 

New Products/Features
Versatile Handle and Mounting Tab Options for Instrumentation Cases
Pixus offers various handle options for the cases, including multiple front handles, top carrying handles, and swivel-arm stands/handles.  A wide range of mounting tabs, feet, corner trims, and other enclosure component accessories are available.  
Component Corner
Samples Available for Rugged Handles/Panels
Pixus now offers free samples to qualified registrants for our rugged handles that feature our famous metal "claw".   While plastic claws wear down or snap under high insertion force pressure, the rugged claws are reliable and long-lasting.  Pixus also offers custom panel cutouts, silk-screening, and more.  Contact Pixus for your sample today!