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September 2020
"Back To School" amid a pandemic poses accessibility issues for students with disabilities.
With most schools offering, if not mandating, some form of virtual learning platform as kids return to school this year, many issues of accessibility for students with disabilities are arising.

When COVID-19 hit last spring, schools were taken by surprise and had to scramble to put an online learning platform in place. Now, after having the summer to figure it out, disability right advocates, parents and students with disabilities are concerned that the accessibility of these virtual learning programs may still be lacking.

Follow this link to read an article about accessibility concerns of online learning during COVID-19.
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Honoring the life of Deidre Davis Butler
Deidre Davis Butler recently passed away. Butler worked her entire life after law school advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and ensuring that people of color with disabilities had a voice at the table as well. Ms. Davis Butler helped draft the Americans With Disabilities Act, worked on behalf of people with disabilities in both the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department among other positions in government and the private sector.

Ms. Davis Butler held strong views and wasn’t shy about voicing them. Her voice will be missed. Follow this link to learn more about the life and advocacy work of Deidre Davis Butler.
Deidre Davis Butler
It's time to enforce digital accessibility
The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated it's 30th year this summer. The ADA did a lot for physical accessibility, but the time has come to make and enforce accessibility laws regarding the internet. According to this article, a 2019 study revealed 98% of the million most popular web pages have accessibility barriers for individuals with disabilities. An accessibility-first approach is built into plans and processes when constructing a building; the same should be true for launching a website or any other digital experience.

People with disabilities fought 30 years ago for the right to access public places such as schools, shops, government offices and much more. Now that much of the business of these places has moved online, the need for digital access is just as great.
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VOTE: Know Your Rights
Join us in early October
for a free voting rights webinar!

There’s a lot of chatter in the news about the upcoming election on November 3 and it’s not all about the candidates. There are conflicting reports and opinions about absentee voting, people’s registration status, and the safety of voting during a pandemic.

Whether you are voting for the first time or you are an experienced voter, you may have questions about the upcoming election and what process for voting best suites you. If you are a person with a disability, you may have additional concerns about casting an accessible, private vote. Join us as we address all of these issues.

Visit our website for details about this free webinar and all of our upcoming Community Education offerings.
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