NEWSLETTER | September 2021

Upcoming Events
Save the Date: Children of Prisoners Workshop
The EuroPris expert group on Children of Prisoners has been working extensively on supporting member states in implementing the Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2018)5 on Children of imprisoned parents. On 11 November in Leiden, Netherlands, the group will present its work from the past two years. Next to this, speakers will be invited from other European jurisdictions to share their innovative work in the area of Children of Prisoners. Registration to the workshop will open soon and more information and a draft agenda will then be available on the EuroPris website. The event is organized alongside the COPE Annual Conference.
Save the Date: Domestic Violence Workshop
EuroPris and Confederation of European Probation (CEP) established an expert group on domestic violence to work on improving the management and rehabilitation of offenders with a domestic violence background and to raise awareness about this issue in European Prison and Probation Services. On 1-2 December in Leuven, Netherlands, the two organizations will organize a workshop for the expert group to present its work, and address key areas such as the evaluation of treatment programs, the use of virtual reality, and interagency cooperation.
EuroPris News
Annual General Meeting - New Board Member
What are the positive outcomes of the Covid-19 crisis from a management perspective? During the 10th AGM on 29 September, the Director Generals discussed this question. At the online meeting, the Board presented the report, budgets, and plans for the period 2020-2022. All documents were unanimously adopted. As a result of the Board elections, we proudly announce and welcome the new EuroPris Board member Robert Tartaglia from Italy. At the meeting, it was announced that the current president Romain Peray is leaving the board. The new president will be elected on 14 October.
Annual Report is now available
At the 10th Annual General Meeting held online, the Annual Report was approved. It contains executive summaries of the activities conducted in 2020 as well as full descriptions of all EuroPris operations. It also describes the financial development of EuroPris over the past year.

Council of Europe Implementation Guidance
Since 2013, EuroPris has had observer status at the Council for Penological Cooperation (PCCP) of the Council of Europe (CoE). Within three EuroPris expert groups: Children of Prisoners, Education in Prison, and Foreign Nationals in Prison and Probation, the experts have reviewed recommendations from the Council of Europe and analyzed the implementation of the recommendation in member states. Tools and examples on how members implement CoE recommendations are now available on the CoE Implementation Guidance page.
PRI Blog Foreign Nationals in Prison and Probation
"The impact on the mental health of foreign nationals in prison has been particularly significant." To what extend was the impact of COVID-19 on foreign nationals in prison and probation? Petra Pavlas, an expert on Foreign Nationals in Prison affairs presented some insightful conclusions from the EuroPris/Confederation of European Probation on Foreign Nationals in Prison and Probation expert group in the blog from the Penal Reform International.
Other News
New Guide for detention monitors on human rights
In July, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and Penal Reform International (PRI) presented their new publication Protecting Human Rights in Prisons while Preventing Radicalization Leading to Terrorism or Violence: A Guide for Detention Monitors. The publication underlines the importance of independent detention monitoring and looks in detail at a number of specific human rights risk areas in preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism (VERLT) in a prison context.
Short Guide to European Prison Rules
The European Prison Rules have been revised several times, most recently in 2020, as knowledge of good prison practice, and how to effectively protect human rights in prison, is constantly evolving. This guide, published by International Penal Reform together with the Council of Europe, is aimed at people who work in or monitor prisons and provides an overall framework that can be followed to ensure that daily prison processes and activities by prison staff and other professionals working in prisons are conducted in compliance with the Rules.

COPE Annual Conference: Time to Act, How to Act!?
Children of Prisoners in Europe (COPE) is co-hosting their Annual Conference with Exodus on Cross-sectoral work for children with imprisoned parent. The conference will look at the role of key actors across different sectors working in partnership to support and enhance the rights and wellbeing of children impacted by parental imprisonment. The event will feature a series of interactive presentations and discussions about current support initiatives for children impacted by parental imprisonment, in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. The conference will be a hybrid event, broadcasted live and the physical event will be in Leiden, Netherlands on 12 November.
Webinar on investigating deaths in prisons
All deaths in custody in England and Wales are investigated by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO). However, the number of deaths, including those that are self-inflicted remains high as do incidents of assault and self-harm. The project run by SAFESOC has been exploring how PPO recommendations and investigation reports could stimulate safety improvements across the prison estate. Data is currently being analyzed to produce a first-of-its-kind evidence base to inform preventative and responsive prison oversight around the world. SAFESOC is organizing a virtual conference on 3 November.

E-Course on human rights of foreign prisoners
Penitentiary staff plays a pivotal role to ensure human rights protection and fair treatment of prisoners, preventing episodes of radicalization and extremism. A new free online course for prison staff, prison managers, and prison staff trainers will help improve the knowledge and awareness of issues related to human rights and the needs of foreign inmates offered by the B-Competent project. The course is composed of 10 modules in English with subtitles in Albanian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Montenegrin and Spanish.
Highlights from KMS
EuroPris receives queries from member countries every week, and in this section, we will highlight several Knowledge Management System (KMS) reports from the last months. Click on the link to view each KMS report:

Upcoming Events
CJPE Summer Course on Sexual Violence - Cancelled
19-22 October- Barcelona, Spain

20-21 October - Online

3 November - Online

Children of Prisoners Workshop (tba)
11 November - Leiden, Netherlands

12 November - Leiden, Netherlands (hybrid)

24-25 November - Online

1-2 December - Leuven, Belgium
Document Library
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