59th Edition
September & October 2022

Great news! We are thrilled to announce we are nearing the release of our new A is for Africa website. Many thanks to Charlotte Scheper for her diligent work in creating this beautiful website. For a sneak preview, check it out here! https://aisforafrica.wixsite.com/charity
Bookmark it and look for updates and our official launch in just a few weeks!
ReePads for Olkokola PS
We now have five schools, three primary and two secondary, participating in the girls' Health & Hygiene Program. Recently, Ms. Rephrin Kombe, Owner/Director, ReePads, and her team conducted extensive training to the girls of Olkokola PS and Engorica PS. Through an informal partnership with the Thrive Global Project, AIFA was able to assist in the purchase of ReePads for the Engorica girls and have them participate in the training at Olkokola. To date, this year, about 700 girls are now participating in this very important public health training program.
Thank you, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Since 2018 Corpus Christi CS has been part of AIFA’s Sister School Program. Each year the staff and students raise awareness of our work in Tanzania through various events. Since 2020 they have continued the "Just .25" campaign where students can donate 25 cents on the 25th of each month to to raise funds to support school supplies for Matim. On behalf of the 1,544 students of Matim PS, we say Asante Sana! Simply translated from Swahili, Thank You Very Much!
Peace & Unity Celebration
For the second year, Matim PS hosted the Peace & Unity Field Day to celebrate Mr. Julius Nyerere, the “Father of the Nation”.  Mr. Nyerere was the first president of Tanzania and the driving force to combine the countries of Zanzibar and Tanganyika. The Field Day activity brings students of the Matim, Lemanyata, Olkokola and Engorica together for a day of celebration and a fun community activity on a soccer field. Matim was recognized by the District Education Officer for their leadership in the first celebration of its kind in the Arusha District. Funding for this activity was provided by The Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy.
Expression of Gratitude to AIFA from Olturumet SS, Arusha
Mr. Lango, Matim Headmaster and AIFA’s In-Country Program Coordinator, officiated the 13th Form Four graduation at Olturumet SS. Headmaster, Mr. Vitalis M. Nada, expressed his heart felt gratitude to AIFA for our continued support and presented this certificate. We have known Mr. Nada for many years and always look for opportunities to support his school.
Tanzania National Standard 7 Testing
The National Testing was held October 4-5, 2022. We will not know the results for a couple of months, but the teachers and students have worked all year to improve their performance. They have come to school one hour early and stayed an extra hour each day to continue to improve their scores. During a recent summer break, these teachers and students also spent three of the four weeks of break in classrooms studying. They are deeply committed to doing well, passing with good grades and then heading off to secondary school. We would also like to recognize the parents who value the childrens' education and make sacrifices to support their progress.
As always, we sincerely thank all who have been so generous in AIFA’s work. Ted Ziegler, John & Jenny Bennett, Jacquie & Steve Tennant, Tom & Kathleen Crow, John Sery, Marsha McCauley & Jack Christy, Carol & Alan Dellapenna, Sharon Wilson, Steve Shaplin, Bob Balderson, Tom & Sharon Walker, Alex & Dorothy Rubin, John & Val Smith, St James Thrift Shop, Anna & Ken Berger, Molly Smith & Mike Schroeder, Carol and Joe Dupree, Carmen Richardson & Gary Goubeau, Frank Bennett, Carol Blackburn, Lucy & Blix Winston, Andree Schillesci, Betsy Davis, Margaret Swetz, Joan Fader, Sheila Pyatt, Dawn Stull, Joyce Thomas, Debbie Hattery, Glee & Bill Butts, Heather Kauffman, Marlies Smith, Denise, Jeff & Colton Berger, Sarah Dunn, Nancy Nanvaty, Jenny Berry, Charlotte Scheper, Donna & Jenna Scott, Robin, Marin Baya & Linc Camarote, Susan Paschal, Mike Berry, Jeffery Berg, John Herczeg, David Wallace & Betsy Frick, Mary Haughey & Bob Ebbecke, John & Kathryn Nash, Diane & Rudy DeAtley, Lesley DeLia & Jeff Stark, Beth Cahill Schrider, Virginia Richmond, Susan Pascal, Mrs. Kristi Martin and students of Corpus Christi CS (Mobile), Kathleen Smith, and The Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy.
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