53rd Edition
September & October 2021

Welcome back! First up, the results of the 2021 National Primary School Leaving exams for Matim PS students. We have GREAT news to report.

The exams were conducted on September 8-9thAIFA donors provided the students and their proctors with a light breakfast each morning and a healthy lunch to give them the energy to test for two days.  The students so appreciated our support.  We are thrilled to announce that 109 students took the exam and 106 students, or 97.2%, passed with a C or better. This continues the upward trend we've seen over the last 10 years, even as the number of students taking the exam has increased. As you see below, in 2012 (one year after AIFA started working at Matim PS), 95 students sat for the exam and 29 students, or 30.5%, passed. Your support is truly making an impact!
A Day of Celebration Remembering Julius Nyerere,
The First President of Tanzania
Through a very generous donation from The Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy, a day of celebration was held with Matim and Lemanyata Primary Schools as well as the Arusha District Education Officer and his staff. The Peace & Unity grant award was to recognize efforts to bring people together in support of strong families and communities. President Nyerere demonstrated this by his work to bring the countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar together to form the present day Tanzania. 
Leading off the day’s activities was a short speech by the District Education Officer surrounded by all teachers from both schools. There was singing by the children of the National Anthem, reading of poems and the celebration concluded with a soccer match, resulting in a 1:1 tie. 

Please enjoy a short video of the day.
COVID Update We are pleased to learn that Covid vaccinations are now widely available in Tanzania thus making the possibility of our next trip a reality, hopefully in early 2022. Headmaster Mr. Angweni D. Lango has received his vaccination and his leadership will help encourage others to follow. Matim PS is still implementing safe practices of hand washing and wearing of masks in the classrooms.  
Matim PS Night Watchman In light of the valuable resources provided to Matim including computers, flat screens, DVD players, supplies, etc., Mr. Lang'o thought it prudent to hire a night watchman. The gentleman works roughly 12 hours/day, sunset to sunrise, and 7 days/week. He was most appreciative for this job opportunity as he is a married man with young children. 
Thanks to our dear friends at The Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy for the “shout out” at their annual golf tournament.  
We are so pleased that you have continued to support AIFA via the Amazon Smile program. Just this quarter we received $31.32. With the holiday season approaching, tell friends and family of this way of supporting AIFA’s work. Asante.
As always we sincerely thank all who have been so generous in supporting AIFA’s work. Donors: Jacquie & Steve Tennant, Tom & Kathleen Crow, John Sery, Marsha McCauley & Jack Christy, Carol & Alan Dellapenna, Sharon Wilson, Bob Balderson, Tom & Sharon Walker, Alison & Frank Dennis, Alex & Dorothy Rubin, John & Val Smith, Mary Haughey & Bob Ebbecke, Carol Lite & Ken Cantor, Carmen Richardson & Gary Goubeau, Steve Shaplin, John Herezeg, Cyndi “Cutter” Martin, St James Episcopal Church and Thrift Shop and The Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy.
If you would like to make a fully tax-deductible donation, you can safely do it here. Thank you!
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