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Munchkin Cats – Pleasure or Perversion?
Munchkins have enchanted some and disgusted others. Take a look at this controversial breed and decide for yourself. 

Book Review – The Real Deal

I’ve read a lot of cat books in my time, many written by cat owners, cat specialists, cat behaviorists and even Veterinarians but I have never encountered a better, more genuinely informative and  usable book as “Think Like A Cat” – How to raise a well-adjusted cat-not a sour puss.
Written by world renowned cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett, the book covers literally everything on raising cats from choosing a cat to loosing a cat and all the topics between, all covered in detail and depth. There is not an ounce of fluff or nonsense in this book. I could cite from any of the 18 well written chapters for an example of sound advice and good information so I selected at random the following from Chapter 5, House Rules:
“Training. What a misunderstood word. For many owners, the very word conjures up an image of a behavioral tug-of-war between owner and pet. I want you to rethink your definition of the word  training to include your responsibility to understand what your cat is actually telling you by her behavior. Also, training means communicating with your cat in a language she understands. Stop looking at her as a pet in need of training and get inside her head. How can you combine your training expectations as an owner with her daily needs as a cat? Get on her level physically, emotionally, and mentally in order to map out an effective training plan.”
The chapter goes on to offer advice and information on  how to train – what techniques to use to actually succeed at achieving your desired results while satisfying her natural needs and instincts. You can purchase Think Like A Cat Here
Every Thirsty Cat Fountain is made by hand. Watch this video of Lee creating a fountain in our studio in Cambridge, NY.
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Scientists research the genes of ancient house cats to discover their rise to power in our lives in this Smithsonian article. Photo by Antonio Lapa
Your cat is trying to communicate with you. What's her body language trying to tell you? Find out in this National Geographic article.
Moving anytime soon? The New York Times takes a look at best practices for a smooth move with your pets. Photo by Hector Bermdez
How many cats is too many? Check out this article from the Huffington Post written by a self-anointed 'Crazy Cat Lady'. Photo by Alex Harvey
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There is a lot to read here but if you read this through you will learn everything you need to know about cats' water requirements and about cat water fountains. It is now widely accepted that cats crave moving water and this is why veterinarians ...

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When creating fountains by hand from start to finish many things can go wrong at every stage. When throwing, drying, during the bisque firing and during the glaze firing pots can go 'out-of-round', they can crack, pinholes can develop or extrusions and small blisters can emerge from the clay or the glaze can run and the pot stick to the shelf, breaking off a piece of the foot. With the more egregious of these faults the pots are simply tossed but often the fault is simply a minor cosmetic flaw, often not even visible and these go into our 'Seconds' sale. We never sell a fountain that does not function well.
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