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          September, 2017

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" Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, and 
today is a gift; that's why they 
call it the present." - by Eleanor Rooseve lt, American politician, diplomat and activist.
 She was the longest-serving First Lady of 
having held the post 
f rom March 1933 to 
April 1945 during 
her  husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt's four terms 
in office.
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Whether we are living on our own, raising a family, are a happy empty-nesting couple or individual, life gets busy and there is no way around it.  The more time we seem to have, the more we seem to fill it with.  If you have read any of my past newsletters, you know I encourage everyone to unplug and take some time to just relax once in a while.  It is good for our mind and our soul to just "be" sometimes.  I have collected tips from people in all phases of life to create this newsletter on how to make life just a little bit less hectic so that there is time to be reflective and calm.  I hope these ideas are helpful.  I challenge everyone to choose just one tip and see if it assists you in taking time to breathe and appreciate all that is around you.

Please pass along to family and friends who may be interested in the monthly content of this newsletter. Creating a web of knowledge helps those in need.
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From The Positive Perspective......
  • Grocery stores have started allowing you to order your food online and then just go pick the order up at your convenience.  Some have even started delivering the products to your home for a small fee.  Your time is valuable.... check it out.
  • Plan meals for the week on a Saturday or Sunday. Being sure all the items are in the house over the weekend, then weekday life can be simpler. (Thank you, Hannah, for that one!)
  • Crock pot meals started in the morning can provide a wonderful aroma when you walk in the door after a long day at work and meals can be ready in a snap.
  • If your car tends to get in disarray often, clean out the car when you are getting gas.  It's amazing how much can get done in that 5 minutes. (Thank you Tanya for that one!)
  • Take 5 minutes in the evening to review what the next day's schedule will be.  You will wake up feeling more prepared and less anxious about what you need to do.
  • Choose a day to get errands done and another day (or partial day) to stay home and accomplish all the home tasks.  It's amazing how much time you save just going up the main boulevard once in a while instead of every day and getting all the things done in one clip. 
  • Do you have children who can help with household chores?  Age appropriately, teach them how to sort socks, set the table, do their laundry, organize their lunch for school.  Chores like cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming can be done by them and it accomplishes two things.  First, they learn how to perform such chores for when they are adults and it allows Mom and Dad to have a few extra minutes to pay attention to things that the kids are not able to do.  If everyone pitches in, there might even be time for a family game night.
  • Automate things that make sense to you.  Do you have to sit and right checks to everyone or can you go online to your bank and set up recurring payments to those you feel comfortable with?
  • Set a financial limit for yourself regarding using coupons and sending in rebates.  If the reward is not worth your time, consider it a donation.
  • Try to buy things ONCE.  It's amazing how much time people spend on returning things.  Consider it carefully before you buy it, then commit. 
  • Create routines.  If those around you know that every day at 4pm the kids should be doing homework, there is no time wasted in guiding kids with what they have to do.  They will know it.  Now is a great time for setting up new routines for kids and school.  They are a year older now.  What responsibilities can we give to them this year that they did not have last year?  Instruct and then let them prove how responsible they can be.
  • When deciding on how long something will take to do...allow extra time in case you run into a problem.  Then you will not feel behind in tasks.  You may even find yourself with some "me" time.
  • Rethink how often you do certain things.  Do you really need to straighten the house every day?  Would it make sense to just be sure it is picked up for the weekend? Do you need to do a load of laundry every day?  Can we wait a few days until there is a full load for whites, colors and darks? This one might be tough for someone with OCD tendencies, but it can be done, especially if it means spending more time with the ones you love.
  • Reduce the time you spend on social media. (Thank you Sue for that one!)  How much do you really need it?  How much do you learn from it? Sure, it's great to catch up with family that you do not live near to see photos of their new dorm room or apartment or what is the latest and greatest that your grandchild is doing, but do you really need to see what your neighbor had for dinner?  Again??  Spend the time wisely catching up with those that matter.
  • Buy a Roomba. (Thank you, Maria!)  Saves cleaning time if you have the right surroundings for it. 
I have just scratched the surface of time saving ideas.  I welcome your ideas for future newsletters on this topic. Please take some extra time that you have gained and use it for positive self-reflection and making memories with loved ones.
Until next time.....look at life and your inspirations From The Positive Perspective.

Stay well.
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I wish you well...