Olympian Fencing Club September '22 Newsletter

Hi Members and Supporters of Olympian Fencing Club!

We hope everyone had a great summer and we’re excited to kick off the new season and welcome back all of our members including several new members who joined throughout the summer! We just had our first SYC and Cadet tournament of the season in Arlington, TX last weekend with 10 fencers competing across 8 events. It was a great start to the new season with a bronze medal for Ila Kanaskar in the Y12 women’s epee event and many great bouts fought by everyone else. 

Club Reminders

We are now back to our regular schedule which means the Y10 and under fencers (Rec 1 and Bronze Team) now practice on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:30pm - 7:30pm and 11-14 year old fencers in Rec 2 and Silver Team meet on Mon, Wed, Fri from 5-8pm and 15 up Rec 2 plus Gold Team meets from 6-9pm. Open fencing is M/W/F from 7-9pm.

The club will be starting up Saturday practices for Team members only in October so keep an eye out for an email with the first confirmed date.

Tuesday & Thursday conditioning class for Team members will be from 7:00pm to 8pm (coming at 6:45pm to warm up) starting September 13th. This will help our fencers improve their strength, endurance and reduce the chance of injuries throughout the season. The last session will be on November 3rd.

Welcome New Members!

Rec 1

  • Grayson Reeves
  • Kyla Cooney
  • Maxim Zebrowski
  • Jacob Wong

Rec 2

  • Carlos Abad
  • Mateo Abad
  • Hugo Lizarraga
  • Julian Andres Gutierrez
  • Lilia Gentel
  • Mason Collette
  • Max Masor
  • Phillip Pohl
  • Savannah Pawl
  • Veeraj Bajaj

Little Olympians

  • Hannah Reeves
  • Mackenzie Masor

Assistant Coaches

  • Michael Gonzalez

Remember, if you refer a friend who becomes a new member, you get 2 free private lessons!

Recent Notable Results

Sept. 3-5: North Texas Roundup SYC & Cadet

  • 3rd Place Y12 Women's Epee - Ila Kanaskar

Advancement to Team

Bronze Team

  • Emi Rodriguez

Silver Team

  • Alec Falkiewicz
  • Kennedy Fenno
  • Kevin Obrebski
  • Lucas Reyes
  • Patrick Garcia

Gold Team

  • Cole Hernandez
  • Manny Sanchez
  • Natalie Alvarez
  • Pierce Hentosh


Upcoming Tournaments/Events

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