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"Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are likely to be significantly impacted by the rule’s heavily weighted factors. Perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault cause significant physical, emotional, and often, financial injury to their victims, which increases the likelihood of the public charge ground of inadmissibility being applied. The proposed rules identify specific circumstances that would weigh “heavily” in a public charge determination." (pg.4)
"Rural advocates are some of the most creative, fierce, and dedicated folks in the anti-sexual violence movement. With few resources and a large service area, rural programs across the country are still helping survivors navigate options and find healing."

We have many organizations in the anti-trafficking field that are based in rural areas. Here is a toolkit that was gathered by The Resource Sharing Project which is part of a national movement of sexual violence-related services and resources. The RSP works to end sexual violence and support survivors at the local, state and national level in the U.S.

"Emancipation Nation (EN) Podcast is a podcast devoted to providing advocates, and those that want to be advocates, ways to competently fight various forms of human trafficking. EN will bring on guests that have been successful and will provide the audience with valuable, practical, best practice information that can be implemented."

Dr. Celia Williamson is a professor at University of Toledo and has over 25 years of experience doing anti-trafficking work. She has put together a podcast discussing various aspects of human trafficking and the work that is being done to combat it. Take a listen if you would like to hear her take!

"Although the government meets the minimum standards, it opened, charged, and prosecuted fewer cases, issued fewer victims trafficking-specific immigration options, and granted fewer foreign national victims of trafficking eligibility to access benefits and services. Anti-trafficking advocates reported a lack of sustained effort to address labor trafficking and to strengthen oversight of employment-based and other nonimmigrant visa programs, and continued to report that victim services were not always provided equitably." (pg. 484)

The US Department of State released the 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report in June. For United States specific data, see pages 484-491.

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