September 15, 2020
It has started:

Some Amino Acids are up 10% or more in the last few days.

On August 21st Feed Info reported Korean Lysine producer CJ was implementing a 15% increase. We saw that price increase reflected last week.

On Friday September 11th CJ was reported as having increased Tryptophan.

Yesterday,September 15th
ADM announced a 10% increase on Lysine.
Glowlit Insights reported an 18% increase on spot pricing for
purchasers of L-Threonine.

Several factors are driving increases, these are a few:
1) Shipping container costs; doubled, tripled or more.
2) Weather; hurricanes and torrential rains.
3) West coast fires.

These factors along with planned shut downs for maintenance seem to indicate now is a good time to take advantage of lower pricing where you can find it.

As always; Thank you for your past and future business.

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Have a great day, Randy