Welcome to the September Newsletter

August 29, 2022

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the September newsletter!

They've arrived! That would be the new planetary guides for 2023.

Sitting with morning coffee, pouring over the details, getting familiar with the alignment of the planets in 2023 - well what could be more exciting for an astrologer?

I am looking forward to the peaceful energies of the Fall months and observing the subtle changes in the light.

Wishing you an enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

Venus transits Virgo

September 6 - 29

The energies of Venus in the sign of Virgo are low-key, refined, sensitive, humble, self-aware and self-contained.

Virgo is an earth sign, but is ruled by Mercury (planet of the mind). This combination of energies is evident in Venus in Virgo. The groundedness of the earth signs is present, along with an ever so subtle wound up mental energy being present also.

Love of nature, learning to nurture oneself through good nutritional habits, physical exercise, taking good care of one's belongings, being of service, having good dexterity, attention to detail, are all a part of the course with this placement.

Commitment to strengthening one's core self-esteem, bringing balance to a tendency to worry and be overly fastidious, is the inner work required of this placement.

Let's look at the connections made via Venus in Virgo.

Venus (Virgo) squares Mars in Gemini
Sept 10 - 24 Exact: Sept 16

Irritability and anger can surface under this influence. Underlying these more obvious emotions, we sometimes find unworthiness - the tendency to judge ourselves and others negatively.

On the domestic front, we notice things that don't do what they're designed to do.

Whether it's the kitchen drawer that doesn't close well, the shower curtain bar which falls lower on one side than the other, the new razzle dazzle can opener which is a pain to use - you've got the picture. Things can get on our nerves.

On the relationship front, our significant other, roommate, boss or whomever, at times may irritate us beyond belief. Criticism and judgement pours out of us or build up within us.

Within ourselves, attitudes and expectations we have regarding our self-image, especially our body-image, can all of a sudden be so unforgiving.

How do we shift criticism, anger, and judgement?

I would highly recommend downloading the Attitude Reconstruction Blueprint, (click on button).

This is the innovative work of Marriage and Family Counselor, JUDE BIJOU, who is the founder of Attitude Reconstruction and author of the book with the same title.

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Uranus (Taurus) trine Venus (Virgo)
Sept 17 - Sept 24 Exact: Sept 11

This placement creates a great sense of independence, freedom, a positive sense of self, and great inner focus for the creative process and for improving and perfecting what we give our attention to.

Especially favorable for artistic expression, it is also good for generating ideas and support for service oriented events and causes.

The innovative energies of this placement can be well expressed through dance, movement, and all body type therapies, as well as in the kitchen, cooking up or baking our culinary masterpiece.

Venus (Virgo) opposite Neptune (Pisces)
Sept 21 - 29 Exact: Sept 24

Here we have the planet of personal love (Venus) in opposition to the planet of Universal love (Neptune) in an opposition.

Energetically, this placement is bound to feel a bit surreal at times. Whether or not we intend it, our energy fields tend to expand under this placement.

Tears flow easily. We give more freely of ourselves. Add a good sprinkling of compassion, idealism, and fairy dust, and you're in Neptune territory.

This influence nurtures our heart energy.

Venus (Virgo) trine Pluto in Capricorn
Sept 22 - 30 Exact: Sept 25

Venus in Virgo usually carries a quiet, unassuming, energy, so it gets quite a boost from power planet, Pluto in this positive equation.

A supportive influence for self-empowerment, clarity of thought and intention, and confidence in our path and direction.

Mars Transits Gemini

Aug 20, 2022 - March 24, 2023

Mars transiting the mutable, air sign of Gemini is considered a 'lighter' experience than the two previous signs Mars inhabited - Aries, and Taurus.

Communications tend to be set on the fast track, since this very 'mercurial' transit is so expressive and in a hurry to get where it's going. Restlessness, boredom, impatience, excitability, and distraction can be part of this transit.
It's a little bit like communicating with your teenager. You mention something to them at lunch which they shared over breakfast, and they've soooo moved on. They look at you like this conversation took place aeons ago.

On the positive end, the very 'fluid' Mars in Gemini fosters curiosity, versatility, changeability, exploration of ideas, flexibility, intuitive insights, and has an uncanny knack for timing. Networking, outreach, and all forms of communication tend to do well under this placement.

Let's take a peak at the transits around Mars this month.

MARS (Gemini) sextile Jupiter (Aries) Aug 24 - Sept 10
Exact: Sept 1

This mentally stimulating creative influence opens the intuitive and invites serendipity. Great for writing and self-expression. Supports a 'can do' philosophy.

MARS (Gemini) square Sun (Virgo) Aug 24 - Sept 8 Exact: Aug 27

Don't underestimate the impact of this little fire cracker! Anger, impatience, and frustration can come to the surface often. Being self-aware, taking time to be still and breathe deeply can be most helpful for this influence checks all the boxes for feeling scattered, ungrounded, and wound just a tad too tightly. Digestion can be sensitive, so eating lightly and having regular meal times can be helpful, too.

A tendency to rush things with a view to saving time is common under this aspect, but can lead to minor mishaps and even minor setbacks. The energies of this placement are a little quirky, so moving through time and space in a body, can lean toward being a bit accident prone. Flashes of anger and irritability are on the menu, but these are like clouds - they move right along.

Since the mental energies are stimulated under this transit, it can be more difficult to get to sleep if the mind has been active before going to bed. On the technology front, while on the computer, it's extra important to save work as we go, and to take the time to proofread communications before sending them out.

MARS (Gemini) trine Mercury (Libra) Aug 26 - Sept 14
Exact: Sept 1

This favorable communication aspect carries the 'direct' energies of Mars, and the refined, artsy, relationship oriented energies of Mercury in Libra, which is a lovely blend. There can be flashes of intuition, as innovative ideas and great solutions present themselves.

It is especially helpful in bringing some balance to Mercury retrograde (beginning September 9th), and to the energies of the Jupiter-Mercury opposition (August 26 - Sept 24) - more information can be found in Astro Tips.

Happy Fall Equinox - Sept 22

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Mercury Retrograde in Libra/Virgo
Sept 9 - October 2

Mercury retrogrades at 9 degrees of Libra, on September 9, and goes Direct in the wee hours of October 2, at 24 degrees of Virgo.

This retrograde Mercury is highly influenced by its opposition to Jupiter. See directly below for more information.

Mercury (Libra) opposite Jupiter (Aries)
Aug 26 - Sept 24 Exact: Sept 18
This classic influence speaks to having some difficulty in making decisions, with a tendency to go back and forth. However in it's defense, I would say that sometimes this 'process' has its own merit. Not so much fun though, when involving others in our back and forth uncertainty.

Of course this can also be a process we're in by proxy, and have little else to do but go with the flow. We may be waiting on approval on a loan, or to find out if we're accepted into a program, and so on.

For those who love to return most of their purchases back to the store, you can have a field day with this transit! For all, it's a good idea to check the small print on the RETURN policies when making purchases, or CANCELLATION policies for hotel, air line bookings and the like.

Uranus (Taurus) trine Sun (Virgo)
Sept 7 - Sept 17 Exact: Sept 11
Productive, innovative, and independent, this placement is like the Ace of Swords in the Tarot. Energy follows thought. We get the idea, and immediately bring energy focus, and action to our new creation.


September 10
17 degrees of Pisces
2:59 am Pacific time

This Full Moon in the psychically sensitive, reflective sign of Pisces not only takes place 6 hours after Mercury goes into a retrograde motion, but the Moon will also conjunct it's ruler, Neptune in the early afternoon.

The combination of energies require a wide berth in which to ease into our day, so we can flow with our own inner rhythm.

Creating time to access the imagination, the intuitive, and touch in with the Spirit is the way to go. If you live near a body of water, this would be a great place to spend some time to enhance the natural qualities of this placement.

September 25
02 degrees Libra
2:55 pm Pacific time


Lots of earthy energy (especially Virgo) surrounds this New Moon in the air sign of Libra. So, we have a nice balance between the energies of Venus (ruler of Libra) and energies of Mercury (ruler of Virgo).

This New Moon can help us look for tangible, effective ways in which we can bring more peace and balance into our lives.

Should we desire more social interaction, this could be a really good intention and reflection to do on the New Moon.

Wishing you a great September ~ good health, happiness, prosperity, and fun adventures.