God's work. Our hands.
September 10th 

September 10th 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Christ Lutheran Day School
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We need your hands!
We need YOUR hands for our "God's Word, Our Hands" project!  On Sunday afternoon, September 10th, we'll spend two hours transferring bulk food into small packages for family meals...measuring, filling, weighing and sealing 10,000 individual meals. To do that many packages in such a short time requires lots of hands....fifty pairs....working in the lunch room of our Day School and boxing the meals for shipping to hungry people all around the world. The costs are covered and everything needed for the project is provided by the Rise Against Hunger organization, so join us for fellowship and fun and help feed those in need!

On Monday, July 31, the kick-off meeting of our Ministry Teams was held with a good turnout of around forty-five members.  Teams, already in place, as well as teams meeting for the first time began the work of joining Christ        Lutheran's Vision to their specific area of ministry.  This included:  
  • Reviewing the Vision Statement, our Roadmap and the alignment of the teams.
  • Providing a general description of each team's area of ministry.
  • Encouraging folks to explore ways in which each Ministry Team might move toward fulfilling Christ Lutheran's Vision.
  • Accessing those who expressed a willingness to serve in their area of ministry through the Skills & Gifts Survey.
  • Providing each Ministry Team feedback from the Skills & Gifts Survey related to their area of ministry.
  • Establishing an ongoing culture for Ministry Teams to meet regularly for planning are implantation.
Ministry Teams will now begin to reach out to those who completed the Skills & Gifts Survey as we continue our    journey toward becoming an active and fruitful community of Disciples who, "Love God - Love people - Serve the world."
If you have not completed a Skills & Gifts Survey, they are found on the Heartline Desk or by contacting the church office.  Our next meeting is scheduled for, Monday, October 9, @ 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  See you there!

All of you who knit, crochet or sew are urged to take up your needles or hooks) and begin making caps again for the cancer patients who lose their hair because of          chemotherapy. We will have a Blessing of the Caps later this year.  The caps will be gifts to the American Cancer Society in Bryan. There are cap patterns on the Heartline Desk  if you feel called to this ministry


Canned and non perishable food donations in September will be donated to Bread Partners of Washington County. Please help by bringing your canned and non-perishable food items to the food table located in the narthex. 
Thanks to all 28 Christ Lutheran members who gave up their Thursday lunchtimes to serve meals to kids at the  Brenham Community mid-August we were serving more than 50 kids per day. And a Big Thank You to Ginny and Tiffany at the Day School for providing delicious entrees each Thursday for the kids.....and the drinks and veggies and fruit that our volunteers contributed. Of the five churches doing this project, we had by far the greatest number of             volunteers (and the best food!, burritos and chicken nuggets).
Thank you to the Howk family for taking the recycling duties for July at the church and day school.  Johnnie Jankowiak is the August recycling volunteer at the church and day school. There are still recycling opportunities available for September, November and December. Sign up at the Heartline Desk.
Wednesdays        6:30 pm    Wiggle & Worship
Sundays               9:15 am    Wiggle & Worship  
Sundays             10:30 am    Fresh Coffee Adult Conversation - Fellowship Hall
Sundays             10:30 am    Word and Wonder - Adult study - Conf. Rm.      
1st Saturday        8:00 am     Men In Mission - Resumes in September
2nd Tuesday        7:00 pm    Mary Martha Ruth Circle Bible Study - Conf. Rm.
Your call to serve is always welcomed,encouraged and needed.
C hoir practice begins Monday, Sept. 11 6:30 pm.
Vicki Wehmeyer will be directing the choir again this year and we need YOU--with special need for guys to join in.   Please consider joining the Christ Lutheran Choir.  Fun, rewarding and we add joyful music to our worship service at Christ Lutheran. See Vicki if you have any questions

September 26, 9:00 am Conference Rm

Grounds Committee #2 (Coy Fontenot, Eric Winkler, Charlie Heller, Todd Hertel, Ronnie Lueckemeyer) will be maintaining the routine tasks at the church during September

Fellowship Hall Thursday, Sept. 7,  6:00 - 8:00 pm
Want a beautiful sign for your home or porch...paint it yourself at our sign painting party in the Fellowship Hall on Thursday, September 7th. The cost is $30 per person and half of the proceeds will go to our World Hunger project. There's a table in the narthex with samples of the three signs you can choose from and sign up forms which must be completed before the end of August. All supplies are included in the project costs, so bring yourself and a heart for fellowship and fun and help us raise money for a great cause.
Men in Mission has begun again, meeting the first Saturday of the month at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast.  Beginning in October, we'll offer breakfast, a brief devotion and then we will try to complete a few small jobs around the Day School or the Church, none lasting more than an hour.  So, bring a few tools just in case, an appetite for breakfast and a servant's heart. 

THANK YOU....THANK YOU  The recycling schedule for the year is completed...all the months are covered at the church and day school.  Thank you Johnnie Jankowiak for taking the recycling duties for August at the church and day school.   Emma Edwards is the September recycling volunteer at the church and day school. Thank You to all our volunteers.  
September 24, 2017
Church Picnic
More information coming in September.
  • Gluten free host and grape juice are available for Holy Commuion
  • Portals of Prayer for July - September are available at the Heartline Desk.
  • Living Lutheran magazine is available for anyone who would a copy at the Heartline Desk.
IN OUR PRAYERS                                    

Our Christ Family:
Shirley Beckermann, Patt Crabtree, Sterling Crabtree, Bonnie Demuth, Verna Mae Druckhammer, Phil Engelke, Charles Heller, Shannon Heller, Laverna Jacob, Misty Johnson, Ora Nell Kuretsch, Laura Metheny, Aubrey Perry, Jack Rhine, Larry Schulz, Nicole Schulz Carr, Emily Schultz, Allen and Jeanie Stepan, Laramie Zelenka                                                      
Our Personal Concerns:           
Donnie Appling, Christina Ashorn, Betty Boeker, Betty Bryant, Dane Bybee, Lyrik Campbell, Jessica Chatham, Olen Craig, Betty Crain, Susan Deski, Gary Devlin, Rita Diamond, Andrew Dietz, Brandy Dillard, Don Dolson, Scooter Dillard, Wanda DuBose, Allen Gene Eckermann, Isabella Edmondson, John Exter, Jr., Anna Finke, Angela Gentry, Pat Gentry, Larry Glenz, Dorothy Goodlett, Gary Grantham, Cassie Green, Teresa Gutierrez, Wanda Hamilton, Beatrice Helwig, Michael Hendricks, Cris Hernandez, Jamie Hobson, Lee Horak, Bubba Jurries, Amber Kirschke, Harry Kluttz, J. Frank Lamp III, Baily Lantz, David Lawrence, Tara Limmer, Mark Lundquist, Allene Machet, John Meadows, Shirley Mueller ( Renee's mother), Naomi Naper, Michael Parker, Lucas Paul, Rita Perkins, Spencer Ramirez, Matthew Rotter, Bobby Schlabach, Amanda Sebastian, Kyree Koehne Shaver, Pat Smith, Jeff Smith, Erin Stavros, Noelle Stokes, Bruce Thiesen, Wade Thoron, Renee Turner, Ginger Vaudrey, James Vaughn, Lisa Wise, Brian White, Zachery Wilke, Deloise Wright, Richie Zoch  
Those in Military Service: 
Kyle Babbitt, David Crabtree, Spenser Ganske, Danny Hart, Johnathon LeBoeuf, Colton Logan, Kim & Elijah Nemeir.
If you see one that is missing, please let us know.

September Birthdays
Caroline Linke
Shelia Hugo
Shirley Schultz
Chad Warmke
Laramie Zelenka
Trey McNeil
Carl Bridges
Gracie Schwartz
Betty Randermann
Betty Bugaj
Danice Boeker
Carol Eben
Terry Brieden
Lois Holley
Patti Harl
Haiden Hickman
Magdalene Knuppel
Ashlea Herrmann
Winston Rosenbaum
Ricky Weiss
Jody Schulz
Autumn Applewhite
Colten Norsworthy
Logan Allen
Sharon Schwartz
Carroll Elmer
Kim Applewhite
Jeremy Klinker
Pat Kelm
Rheagan Mulder
Elaine Wickel
Wayne Wellmann
Landon Daniels
Amber Dreyer
Candice Evans
Kathi Klussmann
Peggy Peterson

September Anniversaries 
September 3
Leon & Kay Roberts
September 4
Pastor Walt & Anne Schindehette
September 6
Rob & Ruth Parker
September 9
Larry & Jody Schulz
September 20
Charlie & Pat Kelm
September 24
Ben & Danice Boeker
September 25
Wayne & Stephanie Fairman
September 28
William & Ora Nell Kuretsch

August 15, 2017
  • No quorum for council meeting.
  • Wiggle & Worship attendance for July - 28 children
  • Day School has 122 students enrolled for Fall    session- capacity is 125.
  • 23 students enrolled in After School Program.
  • A bid from Wittner Plumbing received for the hall water fountain.
  • God's work. Our hands. Sunday, September 10 will be held in the Day School cafeteria.
  • Painting Party will be held September 7 as a fundraiser for the hunger project. 
  • Additional funds from the Hunger project were not needed to supplement Kid's Cafe meals. Volunteers and Day School provided the meals.
  • Vision Team reported good attendance at the July 31st Vision joint team meeting.  Next Vision Team meeting October 9, 2017.
  • Financial report: giving is still behind 10% but spending controlled.  July giving was up.
  • Mike Grunder and Cheryl Howk agreed to co-chair on hurricane preparedness.
  • Boy Scouts will use the Youth House for storage.
  • The pictorial directory is in need of new template; Pastor Groves continues to work with this to get the directory completed.
day schoo letterhead

Well we have said our good-byes and sent our Pre-K kiddos off to "big school", equipped for academic expectations and prepared to thrive socially and emotionally.  We have laid a foundation for Faith that will serve them well in all situations.  It's time for them to fly! 
This month we head into our new school year with 120 preschoolers and 24 after schoolers!  We look forward to a year that doesn't include working on dual accreditations, and plan to have fun learning and growing with our children!     
In addition to their classroom activities, the children will enjoy things
like working in the gardens with Bluebonnet Master Gardeners, Music with Ann Sommer, Bible Buddies with Anne Schindehette, Art with Rob Parker, Chapel and Godly Play with Kandi Elliott, and Sprout Scouts with me.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a fun and productive school year!
In Christ,
Ginny Gaskamp

Children's Ministry
Wiggle and Worship:  Sundays 9:15 am; Wednesdays 6:30 pm
High School Youth
ELCA Youth Gathering planning continues - Houston: June 27-July 1, 2018

Service Activity
God's Work. Our Hands. Sunday - September 10

Family Ministry
Chruch picnic - September 24

Upcoming Activities:
CLDS Fall Fun Day - October 28
Jr. High Retreat at Lutherhill - November 10-12
Advent Elementary Retreat @ Lutherhill - December 1-2
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