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September 2018
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Get Your Free Tickets
Join Us at Celebrate Cambrian
Understanding Your Bill
Back to School Water Tips
End of Summer Reading
Get Your Free Tickets!
Water Appreciation Night is October 27th at CEFCU stadium. Come watch the SJ State vs. University of Nevada Las Vegas football game and stop by our table for games, freebies, info and more! Did we mention FREE TICKETS? Get them by calling 408-279-7900 or email us at customer.service@sjwater.com 
Join Us at Celebrate Cambrian
Come on out to Cambrian Park on Sunday, August 26th from 11:00am to 4:00pm for the 13th annual Celebrate Cambrian Festival, sponsored by San Jose City Councilmember Donald Rocha. Come enjoy food, live entertainment, a community resource fair and games, and don't forget to stop by our table! 
Understanding Your Bill Before the Seasons Change
San Jose experiences some of the highest water bills in the months of August and September. Are you worried that you might be using too much water?

What to pay attention to on your next billing statement:

  • Quantity Charges - This is your water usage for the month. 
  • Service Charges - This applies to all customers to cover SJ Water’s cost to operate and maintain a healthy water system.
  • Consumption History - Want to see if your water conservation efforts are paying off? This line item identifies your usage for the current & previous year. 

See what you might be able to do to reduce your bill next month:
Back to School Water Tips
Back to school is one of the most hectic times of the year. You’re busy getting school supplies ready, backpacks organized, and a new wardrobe. All that chaos probably means you’re not thinking about water conservation, and that could mean a spike in your use. But have no fear, there a few simple ways you can keep your water use low, all throughout the school year:
  • Reusable lunch containers: reusable containers actually save more water than buying single-use packaged food. It takes a lot of water to make those little plastic wrappers! 
  • Quicker showers:Try using a 10 minute or less timer for your kids, and reward good water-use habits
  • Full laundry loads: Try to only do full loads and teach your kids about wearing clothes that don’t really get dirty a couple times before throwing them in the hamper. 
  • Reusable water bottle: It takes water to make water bottles, so save some money and water by using a reusable one.
End of Summer Reading
Last month, we encouraged San Jose residents to visit our very own Coyote Creek for an outdoor adventure. This month, if you’re still looking for outdoor activities for the family, take advantage of the nearby Los Gatos Creek Trail. With wildlife, museums, and parks along the way, it’s one of the South Bay’s best hidden treasures.

While you’re checking out our blogs, find out how you can turn your tap water into sparkling water. It’s the perfect refreshing treat!
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