September is here -- another school year is upon us -- a chance to start fresh and to chart a new course for success!

Nutrition is a key component of your child's day and essential for maintaining focus and attention. Check out the tips below from our Holistic Health Coach Kelly Hoffmann to learn how to keep your child's brain fueled throughout the school day.

When choosing a backpack for your child, fit and functionality trump fashion.  Those with wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded back are best for your child. Utilize all compartments of the backpack to disperse the weight, packing heaviest items closer to the center of the back.  Remember,  your child's back pack should  weigh  no more than 10 percent of his/her total body  weight.  Overloaded backpacks increase the risk of back injury and chronic pain.  In fact, in one Italian study, 60 percent of participating children using heavy backpacks experienced resulting back pain. (You can get more  safety tips from the American Chiropractic Association here.)  Of course, regular chiropractic care can help alleviate any pain your child may be experiencing and keep his/her spine properly aligned for optimal health.

We wish all our patients a successful year of learning and developing healthy social connections.         

--Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
Guided Meditation to Ease the Mind, Soothe the Body

Meditation is a powerful technique for improving our mental and physical well-being; it provides tools for coping with the inevitable hurdles that we come across throughout our lives.

In my Healing Boobies community, I offer meditations on a variety of subjects including reducing pain and anxiety, getting a good night sleep and more! I am sharing these meditations with my New Life Wellness community since so many of you can benefit from this practice.

During this introductory period, I am offering a meditation bundle: buy three meditations and get the fourth for free! Click here  for more information and to place your order, or visit

QEEG Brain Mapping: 
Di scovering the Source  of  Your
ADHD Symptoms 
Have your or your child been "tested" for ADHD?  Unlike other health conditions like diabetes or cholesterol, there is no single lab test for an ADHD diagnosis.  Typically, a medical exam is conducted to rule out other physical causes for symptoms; mental health professionals then will require patients to complete checklists for symptoms and attention-span tests.  But these tests tend to be subjective - how accurate are they, and more importantly, how can they tell which type of attention disorder is actually present?

A Quantitative Electroencephalogram, or QEEG, is an objective measure of brain-wave activity for those with ADHD.  Patients wear a simple cap fitted with electrodes that measure activity in various parts of the brain; the "Q" provides a color-coded picture of hyper- or hypo-functioning areas that are triggering ADHD symptoms.  

The "Q" data aids in neurofeedback training to focus on "waking up" the area of the brain that is producing "sleepy" brain waves, as in the case of dysregulated theta brain-wave activity which causes inattentiveness and hyperactivity.   For the 15% of patients with atypical ADHD, a Q identifies the associated "over-aroused" brain-wave patterns which helps in designing a program to train the brain to function in normal, lower gears.  It's important to note that in the pharmacological approach, patients with atypical ADHD who are prescribed stimulants (typically the first choice of treatment by the medical establishment) often are besieged with additional symptoms that worsen their condition, or trigger other symptoms such as anxiety, tics, compulsivity, OCD and rumination.   The Q is an effective, non-invasive measure of the actual abnormal brain-wave patterns behind the ADHD symptoms that provides a physical roadmap for healing.  
Check out Dr. Chiappino's video for more information on the QEEG Brain Map, and then contact our office to schedule yours.  This month's special offer: $50 off your brain map session.  Call us: 631.265.1223.

Fuel Your Children While You Feed Them 

Getting back to a school schedule can be daunting after a carefree summer.  Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast followed by a healthy lunch can help
jump start your child's body and brain and provide the fuel needed to maintain attention throughout the long school day. 

Many parents find packing a healthy lunch to be challenging, especially for picky eaters.  What do kids need in their lunch boxes to succeed?  Kelly Hoffmann, HHC offers this advice: "Try to avoid anything made with corn, white flour and processed sugar and you will see your children thrive."
Below are some of Kelly's lunch tips to fuel your child for success:
  • Skip the fruit drinks. Try replacing them with water, whole fat milk or add some fruit to the water and let it infuse overnight. (Best option is pineapple, watermelon and/or peaches). It's sweet and delicious and tastes great. 
  • Pack healthy carbs.  Apples, bananas, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain wraps are great choices. 
  • Opt for lean proteins.  Bake (not fry) a batch of homemade chicken nuggets (get Kelly's recipe here).  Other lean protein ideas: All natural peanut butter (if no allergy); full-fat Greek yogurt (with a piece of fruit to make it more appealing); fish sticks (seasoned to their liking). 
  • Replace cookies with apple chips with some dark or milk chocolate; sprinkle apples with cinnamon; pack fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or cherries; cut pineapple chunks or nectarines into shapes or cubes to make it fun and easier to pack.  
  • Swap out chips for carrot sticks with a dip of their choosing.  Other good snack choices are yogurt, hummus, peanut butter, homemade ranch dressing, and herb mix (my son loves a herb mix of salt, pepper and garlic).
  • Pack pumpkin and sunflower seeds - they're great sources of healthy protein and are always fun to eat!
Introduce these foods at home and make it fun for the kids...let them season their own food (although if my kids had it their way they would use the whole bottle of salt and garlic!) 

Kelly provides holistic health coaching at our Smithtown office on Mondays from 2pm-7pm.  Take advantage of her September Special: $75 off Kelly's 3-month program (6 sessions) or 6-month program (12 sessions). Contact Kelly at  LifeHopeHealth@gmail.com;  631.356.4534.   Don't miss her lecture on September 17th (see below)!
Much Ado About "Cupping"

Michael Phelps will go down in history as the greatest Olympian of all time with 23 Olympic titles and 28 medals; spectators worldwide were awed by his performance in Rio, but perhaps the biggest splash he made in the wellness arena was his chance promotion of cupping therapy.  Interest in this ancient form of therapy spiked after Phelps was seen sporting purple rings on his shoulders and back, telltale signs of a cupping treatment.
Cupping is a technique used for generalized pain, injuries of the back, shoulders and neck, herniated discs and other injuries.  It is based on the theory that stagnation of circulation in the body and muscle tissues underlies these conditions.  Circulation in the affected area is improved by means of glass or plastic cups that are applied to the body at various acupuncture points or over areas of pain. Suction from the cups pull blood to the region to stimulate healing.  

Rings left by the cups, as seen on Phelps during the Olympics, can last 4 to 10 days; according to our acupuncturist Lori Fortunato, LAc, the darker the ring, the more stagnation of circulation in the muscles.  "As the patient progresses through treatment, the rings lighten in color intensity, indicating improvements in the underlying conditions."  Lori says  cupping is effective for sore back muscles and uses it in conjunction with acupuncture  for relief of hot flashes and anxiety.

Want to find out how cupping therapy can help you? Lori is offering $25 off a cupping therapy session throughout September for private pay patients.  Call to book your appointment: 631.265.1223.

Upcoming Lectures: Register Today! 

Healthy, Holistic Living 
Saturday, September 17, 2016 3:00 pm
A lecture by Kelly Hoffmann, HHC

Join Kelly for an informative lecture on bioindividuality and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Learn tips and tricks to help optimize and schedule your time so you can concentrate on your own needs and reduce your stress.  She'll also discuss nutrition and the different combination of foods we need to be healthy.  Call  631.356.4534 to register.  Lecture is free, but seating is limited.


Essential Oils for an Optimal Brain
Monday, October 3, 2016 7:30pm
A lecture by Dr. Keri Chiappino, DC DACNB BCN

It's back to school and Dr. Chiappino is hosting a "Make and Take" workshop featuring a Focus blend of essential oils for concentration -- perfect for your little Einstein or yourself!  You'll make your own rollerball to bring home for the family and learn about the many benefits of essential oils.    $10 fee per person includes take-home rollerball. RSVP by September 26th. 631.265.1223.  Seating is limited. Reserve your spot today!
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