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September 1, 2022 | Issue 34
Attention Smithfield Businesses!

Take It Outside Grant Program
The Town of Smithfield has secured $100,000 in funding from the RI Commerce Corporation to further Smithfield’s small business community’s “Take It Outside” initiative. The funds will be used to cover the cost of producing outdoor activities as autumn and winter weather arrives in New England. The funding is focused on the purchase of items such as heat lamps, tents, tables, etc.
The "Take It Outside" initiative was created to encourage and increase outdoor commerce and reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19. This is the Town's third round of grant funding to support small businesses with outdoor activities. 
Smithfield Small businesses who wish to apply for outdoor equipment may do so until Friday, September 30,2022. Grants will be issued prior to the closeout date to eligible applicants. Do not delay in submitting your grant request. The Town will make every effort to fill eligible applicants' requests; however, funding is limited to the award amount.
Businesses applying for the program must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • The applicant is currently a Smithfield-based licensed business in good standing;
  • The applicant has less than $1 million in gross annual revenue in either 2020 or 2021;
  • The business attests that it has been negatively impacted by the COVID19 Pandemic in at least one manner described below:
  • being forced to close or curtail business operations due to the pandemic or a government order pertaining to the pandemic;
  • experiencing a supply chain delay or disruption that negatively impacted operations;
  • experiencing increased cost as a result of the pandemic; and/or
  • being forced to lay off workers as a result of the pandemic
  • The applicant has not received funding from any other source for the goods and/or services for which it seeks support that does not need to be repaid (i.e. other grant funding, gifts, insurance payments, etc.); and
  • The applicant is not disbarred in the federal System of Account Management (“SAM”).
  • The applicant has not received support, funding, goods and/or services in an amount exceeding $10,000 for the total RI Rebounds Take It Outside Program;
  • By receiving equipment from the Town of Smithfield, the applicant has not received more than $20,000 in support between the RI Rebounds Take it Outside Program, RI Small Business Grant Program, and the forthcoming RI Small Business Technical Assistance and RI Small Business Ventilation Programs.
Camp Shepard Sub-Committee Tours
With the first round of tours beings so successful, the Town of Smithfield Camp Shepard Subcommittee will be conducting a second round of tours of the property to give residents the opportunity to see this jewel of Smithfield. The tours will take place on Saturday, September 17th from 9:00AM - 12:00PM and will be conducted on the hour (9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m.).

Registration for the event is required for admission and space is limited.

It is never too earlier to start thinking about the holiday season. All Lit Up Christmas Parade applications are now available.

Police Chief's Corner
The Smithfield Police Department was successful in collecting a large amount of backpacks and school supplies this year as part of the Kids, Cops, & Classrooms program. We would like to send out a heartfelt thank you for the generous donations from the Dollar Tree and numerous town residents. 

The goal of the program is to help relieve the burden parents experience when they prepare to send their children back to school and to show children that law enforcement officers are their friends and are in the community to help them.

Smithfield Emergency Management Agency
September is National Preparedness Month
Because hoping an emergency doesn't happen isn't a plan!

September is National Preparedness Month and it’s a great time to review our overall readiness for emergencies and disasters. Your family’s household emergency preparedness efforts directly impacts your resiliency from an emergency. Do you have an emergency preparedness strategy? Great! Take the time now to review it and make it better. Never really thought about emergency preparedness but interested in learning more? Awesome! This is the perfect time to start building your personal readiness program.
As part of National Preparedness Month, Smithfield Emergency Management is pleased to be distributing FEMA’s preparedness booklet, Are You Ready: An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness. This guide is packed with comprehensive emergency tips and strategies to keep your family safe during an emergency or disaster. You can pick-up your free copy of this brochure at either the East Smithfield or Greenville libraries or in the information rack located in the lobby of the Smithfield Town Hall. You can also access an electronic version of this booklet by clicking the link below:
As always, Smithfield Emergency Management is ready to assist residents and business owners in being ready for a disaster. If you have specific questions on emergency preparedness or wish to discuss preparedness strategies, please contact Smithfield Emergency Management at 401-233-1095.

Get your free copy of ARE YOU READY? today!
Available at Smithfield Town Hall or either town library.

Fire Chief's Corner
Back-t0-School Safety Tips
It is back-to-school time once again! Students will be walking to school and riding school buses. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be heavy in the morning as kids go to school and again in mid-afternoon during school dismissal. Remember that the pedestrian traffic could continue throughout the afternoon with school sports and other after-school activities.

It is imperative that we all stay alert for this additional traffic while we navigate the streets of Smithfield. The safety of the children in the community as well as the safety of all motorists depends upon good driving habits.

Keep the following safety tips in mind throughout the school year.
School Bus Safety


Students rely on school buses to get them to and from school safely.

Did You Know: School buses are the most regulated vehicles on the road; they’re designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in preventing crashes and injuries; and in every state, stop-arm laws exist to protect children from other motorists.

If you are driving, remember these simple rules:
  • Yellow flashing lights on a school bus mean slow down — don’t speed up — because the bus is preparing to stop. There are likely students waiting to get on the bus or parents waiting nearby to pick up children. 
  • Red flashing lights mean stop — and wait at least 20 feet behind the bus — because children are getting on or off the school bus. Stay stopped until the red lights stop flashing, the extended stop-arm is withdrawn, and the bus begins moving.
  • Even when lights aren’t flashing, watch for children, particularly in the morning or mid-afternoon, around school arrival and dismissal times. Be alert as you back out of a driveway, or drive through a neighborhood, school zone or bus stop.

Parents - talk bus safety with your children:
Your child should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Teach them to play it SAFE:
  • Stay five steps away from the curb.
  • Always wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the bus driver signals for you to board.
  • Face forward after finding a seat on the bus.
  • Exit the bus after it stops and look left-right-left for cars before crossing a street.
Pedestrian Safety


With September here and schools opening for the fall, it’s likely you or your child will be a pedestrian at some point in the day. Remind them to:
  • Use the sidewalk whenever possible, and if there isn’t a sidewalk, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic.
  • Whenever they are available, use marked crosswalks to cross the street, and look left-right-left for vehicles or bikes before crossing.
  • Make sure you never play, push or shove others when you walk around traffic.
  • Everyone should watch the road, not their phones.

If you are driving, especially in a neighborhood, look out for pedestrians at all times, everywhere. Foot traffic is higher as we return to school.
From the men and women of the Smithfield Fire Department, best wishes for a healthy and productive school year to all of our Smithfield kids!
Town of Smithfield
Helping Hands Fund
Donations are being accepted throughout the year for the Town of Smithfield’s Helping Hands Fund established to help bring hope and joy to less fortunate families in our community. Contributions to the fund will be used to provide essentials including clothing, food, and gift certificates.

Please send your donation to the Town Hall, c/o The Town Manager's Office, 64 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917.
Statewide Behavioral Health Resources

Immediate Support
  • For children and youth under age 18, call the 24/7 Kids’ Link Hotline at 1-855-543-5465.
  • For people age 18 and older, call the 24/7 BH Link Hotline, 401-414-LINK (5465) or visit the BH Link Walk-In Triage Center, 975 Waterman Ave., East Providence to connect with a counselor.

Peer Recovery Support
Peer recovery support specialists are people who are in recovery from a substance use or a mental health condition. Their life experiences allow them to help others experiencing similar situations. Learn how to connect with a certified peer recovery support specialist

Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
  • Call Rhode Island’s Buprenorphine 24/7 Hotline, 401-606-5456, to talk with a healthcare provider, get an evaluation, and make a plan for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).  
  • Visit's Get Help webpage to find local treatment and recovery support services, including statewide locations for the Rhode Island Centers of Excellence.

Safer Drug Use Supplies
Get access to safer drug use supplies like naloxone (Narcan®), sterile needles, and fentanyl test strips. Call or text for free delivery to an address or to arrange a pickup. 
Vacancies for Town Boards and Commissions

Smithfield Samaritans
  • The Smithfield Town Council has an initiative program called “Smithfield Samaritans,” and encourages anyone in the community to self-nominate or submit a name to the Town Manager, of a Smithfield resident or business in town who is doing or has performed an act of kindness or a good deed that is notable or charitable.
  • The Town Council will review all nominations that are submitted and will each month select one individual or business to be recognized with a citation and the opportunity to speak at the council meeting explaining their good deeds “on the record.”
  • The nomination form is available online here as well as printed copies available in Town Hall.
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