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Upcoming Events:
Sept. 12: Popcorn Day
Sept. 14: Soccer Game at home 4pm 
Sept. 17: Soccer Game at Kasch Park in Everett 4pm 
Sept 19-21: Outdoor Ed (5th Grade)
Sept. 20: Soccer Game at home 4pm 
Sept. 21: Pizza Day
Sept. 24: Soccer Game at Northshore Christian 4pm
Sept. 26: Popcorn Day
Sept. 28: Walk-a-Thon 

The staff is looking forward to meeting with all parents tomorrow evening (parents only).  Here is the evening's schedule:
6:30 - 7:00      All-Parent Meeting at New Hope Fellowship
7:05 - 7:25      Session 1 at MCS
DC parents stay at NHF for DC Meeting (7th-8th grade)
6th Grade Parents - please meet with Jr. High teachers at MCS for this session.
7:30 - 7:50      Session 2 at MCS
7th-8th Grade Parents - please meet with Jr. High teachers at MCS for this session.

WALK-A-THON? Don't walk; RUN!
That is what our students will be doing this year for the annual Walk-A-Thon. Our all-school Color-Run-A-Thon is scheduled for Friday, September 28 at 3:00 pm, immediately following the school day, here at MCS. All Preschool families are invited, too!

Students will begin their run/walk around our school field. Concerned that this may be difficult for your student? Don't worry, Coach Austin will begin their training this week.

Picture this, the students are diligently running or walking around the field with their teachers. Parents are lining the field. Some parents are ready with dry color while other parents are armed with water. As the students pass, clouds of color appear. Next, parents are ready to shower the students with water. Concerned your student is not up for this extent of mayhem? Purple pinnies can be worn as a signal to all: "This is all the color I am comfortable wearing, thank you!"

What can you do to prepare for this event?  
  • Parents, before you put those water squirting gadgets away for the summer, make sure they work and set them aside for September 28.
  • Bring towels for your student/s or a change of clothes.
  • As with our picnic on the first day of school: Bring blankets/chairs to sit on, a dish to share (last name A-L: Dessert or Chips, last name M-Z: Side dish - veggies, fruit, salad).  Instead of hot dogs, the school will provide fried chicken, ice water, napkins, plates, and cups.
  • Come ready for a lot of fun, mess, cool pictures, and fellowship within our school community, all while raising money for our school.
Why are we doing this?
As you know, Monroe Christian School is a 501(c)3 corporation (non-profit). We wish that tuition covered all our expenses, but it doesn't. We depend on 3 main fundraisers each year to supplement our budget (Walk-A-Thon, A Time to Give, Annual School Auction). So, in essence, the funds raised will be put toward our annual operating budget and to meet any unexpected needs. If enough funds are gifted, we are working our way through a list of necessary school-wide improvements.
What else do we need from you?
An electronic letter will be sent to you on September 12. Please take a minute and personalize it with a picture of your student from the first day of school or a picture of your student enjoying an activity from last year, or a note, and send it to at least 10-15 strategic supporters of your family and Christian Education. But why stop at 15?! Send it to as many friends, family, doctors, dentists, and professional offices you frequent as you can - even small donations add up to meet our goal of $12,000+.

Help also needed for...
Color Run/Walk - color distributors on the day of the event to repackage the color for individual color throwers.
A runner to pick up our chicken for dinner.
Set-up and clean-up crews - sign up in the hallway during Parent/Curriculum Night tomorrow.

TAPP's first Popcorn Day will be this Wednesday, September 12th. A bag of popcorn can be purchased for $0.50 or popcorn and a Capri Sun for $1.00. Please send your order and money to your child's teacher at the beginning of the school day.  If you would like to pay for the entire year then you can submit payment in full to the office (popcorn can be purchased for $7.50 and popcorn and Capri Sun for $15.00).

You may have noticed that we have not talked about theme T-shirts this year. Instead, Mrs. Brown is spearheading Spirit Fridays. She (along with the rest of the staff) is encouraging each student to dress in school colors each Friday. What are the MCS colors? Blue and gold!
Students are encouraged to wear blue and gold clothing and accents that include those colors. What is acceptable besides clothing? Shoe laces, hats (which will remain in the hallway during class), bows, ribbons, jewelry, or anything that is not a distraction to the student or to the class. We love our school and we are proud of all the learning that takes place here. Let's share our spirit!
Our first soccer game is Friday! Let's show some school spirit by supporting our team! The game begins at 4:00. Bring blankets and chairs to sit on.

Physical Education will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please make sure your child/ren come appropriately dressed to participate in these activities.
You may have heard from your student that some students have been "experimenting" with paper towels in toilets, specifically in the middle school bathrooms. The ones that we just renovated. I visited the appropriate classrooms and shared my concern. The students helped with a solution. I am certain that this behavior will stop. You might remind your student that the cost of a plumber to solve this problem is $1,000.00. Thank you for your support! 
We are having our first fire drill today. For this drill, I announce over the intercom what we are doing. The students then look to their teachers for the best way to exit the building. The loud alarms may have made a big impact on your little one. Please reassure them all is well, that it was only a practice, and that their teacher will always take care of them.

Do you have any of the following items or know of someone who is looking to gift the following to our teachers?
  • 2nd grade- Mrs. Bailly is searching for a Rubbermaid style storage shed for a MCS science gardening area.
  • 7th grade- Mrs. Rodriguez is hoping someone has an outdoor wicker set that is looking for a new home.
If you have one of the remaining above-mentioned items, please call the school. Donation receipts are available. 
The Athletic Director coordinates and plans all MCS sports for 5th-8th graders:  Co-ed Soccer, Basketball, Cheer, Track & Field.  This position pays a small stipend for each sports season.  If interested, please contact Elaine Obbink in the school office or via email:
What's your answer to the following question?
Has my parenting caught up with technology, or am I stuck in the "Middle Ages" when people used phones hooked to cords and web addresses were inhabited by arachnids?
While the basics of parenting remain the same, issues involving technology have left many parents wondering what limits are appropriate, how to hold their children accountable for misuse of technology, and how to help kids learn the decision-making skills required to make healthy technology choices when they leave home.
There's good news! While these modern issues are definitely challenging, we can achieve success by applying some age-old parenting truths:
Kids need limits.
Limits are best set through actions instead of hollow threats.
When kids make poor decisions, they need to experience natural or logical consequences.
Consequences are always more effective when provided with loving empathy.
Our kids will learn how to live their lives by watching us.
Listed below are a few examples of essential limits:
You may have your tablet as long as there is no arguing when I ask you to shut it off.
Feel free to have a cell phone when you can pay for the entire cost.
We allow kids to have their internet-connectable devices as long as they check them in with us each night. We'll return them in the morning as long as there are no problems.
I've met plenty of good people who've ended up doing bad things on the internet. That's why your mom has all of my passwords and is free to see my history. You may have this device as long as you do the same. Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable.
I'm shutting my phone off so that I can give you 100% of my attention. Thanks for doing the same.
For more tips on parenting and technology, listen to
Real Talk on Technology .
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay

Matching Employer Funds - Many larger employers offer matching funds when their employees donate to the school through their portals. Check with your employer to see what they may offer!

General Mills Box Tops For Education - Save Box Tops from all participating products. Please drop off accumulated Box Tops in the school office.

Fred Meyer Rewards - Go to, click on  "Rewards," choose Community Rewards from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions to link your card. If you have already designated MCS as your Community Reward, please take a minute and check if it is still active. (The community reward must be renewed yearly.)
AmazonSmile -Click here  Amazon Smile for more information and instructions to register. 

Office Depot - Use our school ID #70106855 and we will receive credits towards future purchases.  
My Coke Rewards - Save the lids from bottles and the codes on the inside of 12 or 24 packs of Coke products. Bring the accumulated lids & codes to the school office.

Together for the Kingdom: Drop off clothing and reusable household items in our collection bin. For more information regarding the non-profit: