September 10, 2019
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Military Chaplain Update
Michael Chittum, Executive Director
Last month in the August 10, 2019 edition of the NACCC News , I noted that the NACCC is the endorsing authority for three military chaplains: Ariel (Al) T. Castillo, CH, CPT of the U.S. Army, Chaplain Derek E. Martin, LT of the U.S. Navy, and COL Andrew Gibson of the U. S. Army (Maine National Guard). As is sometimes the case, I discovered that the records of the NACCC were incomplete.

I am honored to recognize one other chaplain for whom the NACCC is the endorsing authority. He is: Koch, Richard J COL USARMY NG AKARNG (USA). Col. Koch has served as a chaplain for 23 years, with the last 16 being full time with the Alaska National Guard and has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Col. Koch stated: “Beyond my full time work with the AKNG, Mary (also an NACCC minister) and I are serving as "Stated Supply" (sort of following the tradition of Johnathon Edwards) for a local Presbyterian church in Anchorage and we frequently remind them of our NACCC roots.”

As you pray for our chaplains, please add Rick Koch to your list.
W ord Alive Mission
Julie Robie, Missions Administrator

Ghana, West Africa – Rev. Charles Nyane, president of Word Alive Mission in Ghana, West Africa, welcomed a team of eight who traveled to offer encouragement and support to the mission. Folks travelling to do mission work are invariably asked, “Why don’t you just send money?” Sending money is good. Money is needed. There is never enough money to cover mission needs. Both funds and fellowship are needed. Support, however we are able to provide it, reminds national and international missionaries that they are loved, that we pray for them and that we support them. That this sometimes very hard work of loving others to Jesus Christ is teamwork. And we journey with them, no matter how hard it gets.
Please enjoy the Fall issue of News & Needs of our Missions , featuring a new design collaboration by Missions Administrator, Julie Robie and Development & Communications Assistant, Tracy Bernhardt.

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