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9.11 Security Memorial
The Overlooked Heros

On September 11, 2001 our world in the United States changed. On its anniversary we take the time to remember all those that died on that day. Mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. We also give thanks to all of the Police, Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders that gave the ultimate sacrifice to save others on that horrible day.
There is one group though that has not received the thanks even though they were truly the first "on the scene". The Security personnel in the building would have received the first call. They would have been dispatched to the event to start the evacuation and evaluate the problem. They would have helped direct and lead the Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders to the fire. They stayed to assist the hurt, scared and panicked employees to get out of the buildings and to safety.
Over 5 separate security companies had staff in the World Trade Center buildings, and many of the companies had their own internal Security staff. I have found the names of 22 men who were employed in the security field that gave their lives on that day along side the Police, Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders. The last time that many of them were seen, they were standing in stairwells or exits directing people to safety. Safety that they themselves would not reach.

Please remember today as you go about your lives to not only be thankful for those Fire, Police and Emergency Responders, but also for those who really do blend into the framework of the office buildings. Our Security Officer.
9.11 Security Memorial Wall
Stanley McCaskill
Francis Trombino
Mohemmed Jawara
Godwin Ajala
Larry Bowman
Denease Conley
Francisco Cruz Jr
Samuel Fields
Erving Vincent Gailiard
Jorge Luis Morrow Garcia
Ronald Hoerner
Daniel Lugo
Lawrence Boisseau
Richard Fitzsimmons
Philip Hayes
Robert Gabriel Martinez
Esmerlin Salcedo
Douglas Karpiloff
John P. O'Neil
Wesley Mercer
Jorge Velazquez
Godwin Forde
Rest In Peace
Like many lists concerning those who died during the terrorist attacks on September 11th, our list may be incomplete. If you know of anyone who gave their life while employed in a security position on September 11th, please contact me.

Simon Oram
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