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September 11, 2018
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Below you will find news and information about the Republic School District. As a reminder, regular issues of Tiger Talk will be distributed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month during the school year. Two summer issues in June and July will be distributed as well.
SI Day, September 21
There will be no school for students on Friday, September 21 for a scheduled School Improvement (SI) Day. For families in need of childcare, Cub Care through the STRIPES 360 program will be available for kindergarten through 8th grade students.  CLICK HERE for more information.
Highlights from Social Media: #repmoproud
As a reminder, you can find Republic School District on Facebook and Twitter! In addition, all buildings and the STRIPES 360 program have a Facebook pages. RMS and RHS also have Twitter accounts. Check them out! Here are a few highlights:

The Republic High School baseball players started volunteering at Schofield today! They will be here each Friday afternoon to mentor the lifelong learners and leaders at Schofield. #repmoproud

SEPT 8: 
This week students in Mrs. Galyon's computer class at Sweeny Elementary learned to be good digital citizens by visiting Interland. This is a website that teaches students about kindness, internet safety, and cyberbullying. Mrs. Galyon connected this with an activity about spreading kindness at Sweeny and how contagious kindness is! #repmoproud

SEPT 7: Attendance at school is super important, and these McCulloch students are off to a great start! Over 350 McCulloch leaders who had 98% or better attendance for the month of August celebrated with bubbles and chalk for a "Great 98" celebration! In fact "attendance" is one of our district "goal areas" for our CSIP (strategic plan), and each of our buildings has a specific attendance goal they work to meet each month. #repmoproud        
Springfield-Greene County Library Partnership
The Republic School District is thrilled to be the first pilot district to partner with the Springfield-Greene County Library for the student access card program. This initiative provides access to a number of reliable databases full of endless resources! A few examples of the resources available include Tumblebooks, Credo, Biography in Context, Mango Languages, Lynda.com, Culturegrams Kids...and SO MUCH MORE!
Because of this partnership our students and employees have access to resources they may not have otherwise, we can ensure that the information they are obtaining is credible and they can access it in a safe manner 24 hours a day! Yes, this resource is available any time using the " Springfield-Greene County Library Database" link under "Quick Links" at  republicschools.org. To gain access, students and employees can use their district assigned Google username as the login and password.

Questions can be directed to your student's school librarian. 
While this resource provides SO MUCH for our students, we encourage each student having their own individual library card and frequent visits to the library as well! You can learn more  HERE.

What a tremendous opportunity we have with this partnership. Thank you Springfield-Greene County Library!    

Apply for Free & Reduced Meals!
Applications are now available for free and reduced meal. Please consider completing the application, even if you do not plan to use the benefit.  A new application must be completed each year.  Click HERE for the form. 
Eat Breakfast and Lunch at School! 
Breakfast and lunch are available daily at school! The menus for September can be viewed at  https://www.republicschools.org/Page/184 . Be sure to place money in your child's meal account via PayPal using the aforementioned link or by sending payment through a sealed envelope with your child to school. Please include your child's name, grade, school and amount paid on the envelope.

Have You Opted-In to Get Texts, Yet? 
PARENTS/GUARDIANS: To receive texts from us be sure you have  opted  in to do so! If you haven't  opted  in yet, the below directions might help! Opt-in is only required one time, not annually. 
*This is especially for incoming kindergarten families and families new to Republic!

If you are pretty confident your cell number is  in our system first try manually texting "Y" to code 67587. If that goes through, you will receive a confirmation text letting you know you are signed up to receive future texts. If that works, you are good to go. 

However, if that does not work please contact the building your child attends to double-check that your number is  in our system correctly. If it's not, they will manually put it  in the system and then you should receive the  opt- in message the next day. 

If your number is already  in our system, the issue is most likely with your wireless carrier.  In that case you will need to contact your wireless provider and let them know you are unable to receive SMS messages. They should be able to turn them on. Thank you!

Lockout vs. Lockdown
To appropriately communicate various situations that could potentially take place  throughout the school year, two specific terms will be utilized: lockout and lockdown. These terms have very different meanings and very different procedures that will take place when implemented. Our goal is to effectively communicate what is taking place in our buildings during these various situations, and we felt these two terms most accurately will help in achieving this goal.  

A lockout will take place when there is an incident or situation where there is no direct danger or threat perceived toward students, employees, or school facilities. Business as usual will continue to take place within our school building walls. However, students are brought inside from any outdoor activities and
doors are additionally secured. 

It is important to note that our buildings operate daily in near-lockout status. Perimeter doors are locked and visitors are screened at the building's entrance.
Example of a lockout situation: A neighboring district is in lockdown. As a precaution we may put our buildings into a lockout due to community unrest until the situation is resolved. 
A lockdown will take place when there is a situation or the district has received information regarding a potential threat to students and employees. Internal procedures, which are practiced throughout the year, are implemented. Emergency personnel may be called on site to assist.  

Peachjar Electronic Flyer Service
As a reminder, the district utilizes Peachjar as an electronic flyer distribution service to assist in sharing district and community information with our patrons. Emails will be distributed each Thursday to parents who have provided the district their contact information. Take note, at any time you have the ability to opt-out of receiving these emails. 

Since we have used this service for several years, Peachjar accounts from the past will be carried over to each new school year. However, families new to the district this year will be receiving the below message from Peachjar about your account. For more CLICK HERE
Download our Free Mobile App!
Have you downloaded the Republic School District free mobile app? If not, simply search for "Republic School District" in your app store. This free app has been designed to provide our patrons with a quick and easy resource for the most sought after information distributed by the district. 
Upon downloading, you will be asked to set-up the app for your personal preferences. During this process you can tap to select the schools for which you'd like to receive information. At any time you can update your preferences in the app's settings. Specifically, the calendar, announcements and notification areas will be customized to your school settings. Keep in mind the notification area will be used very minimally as we will continue to utilize the current text and voice calling system in place.
We look forward to communicating with you through this tool!  

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District & Community Events

Upcoming Dates
September 12: K-8 End of Progress 1
September 20: K-8 Progress Reports Distributed
September 20: RHS End of Progress 2
September 20: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 p.m. at Central Office
September 21: School Improvement Day, No School for Students
September 28: RHS Progress 2 Reports Distributed
September 28: Football Homecoming

**Every Friday during the regular school year students are dismissed one hour early for teacher collaboration time. Visit https://www.republicschools.org/fridayearlyrelease 
for details.** 

For additional events and dates, visit the district calendar HERE
For questions or comments please contact me via email or by calling 417-732-3605.

Josey McPhail

Director of Communications
Republic School District