St. Rita School inspires students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight to achieve academic excellence in a safe, nurturing and faith-filled Catholic environment.
We prepare students to be morally responsible, innovative thinkers who, in today’s technology-guided global community, live and share the Love of Christ.
From the Desk of Mrs. Tiezzi

Dear St. Rita School Families and Teachers,

It has been so great to see all our students in person and virtually over the past few weeks. Teachers and students seem to be happy to be back in school even with the many changes that have been made. Currently we are very strictly adhering to all the protocols established in our return to school plan in order to ensure your child’s health and safety. When we have fully established our new routines and we are successful with the new protocols, I hope to add in eating in the lunchroom, extracurricular clubs, sports, and activities. I ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new school year.

In order to share what is happening in your child’s classroom this year, teachers in grades K-8 will be holding a virtual back to school night during the week of September 28. You should receive notification about your virtual back to school night sometime next week.

Now that our students and teachers have come back to school, the nurse is working diligently to take care of students who may be sick. Please understand that we are following all the necessary protocols to keep all students and faculty safe and healthy. It is so critically important that our families play an active role in helping to monitor and support the health of their child. Parents are requested to take their child’s temperature daily prior to the start of school in the morning. We will be taking temperatures periodically during the week.

Children are sent home from school for many different reasons - allergies, anxiety, colds, fevers, upset stomachs, migraines, etc. Please trust should any child be sent home from school the nurse will follow-up with the parents in order to ensure the child is healthy enough to return to in-person instruction. In order to ensure the privacy of each and every child we ask that you not bombard the nurse or classroom teachers with questions about another child’s illness. Should a child or staff member ever test positive for COVID you will be notified and the necessary health and safety protocols will be followed.

We are currently interviewing for a part-time middle school religion teacher position. The ideal candidate would be someone who has previous teaching experience, is a practicing Catholic, and is willing to share their Catholic faith with our students. If you know of anyone who is qualified to teach the Old Testament, New Testament and Church history please have them contact me. We are also looking for qualified substitute teachers in all grade levels.

Thank you for entrusting your child/ren to our care. Please enjoy this lovely fall weather.

God Bless,
Mrs. Tiezzi

Reminder: The signed last page of the Family Handbook is due back to your child's
teacher by Friday, September 18, 2020

Click HERE to access the 2020-2021 Family Handbook

Please observe the NO PARKING signs on Gillies Road, Edgmere and Dessa
Drive. Your willingness to observe the NO PARKING signs will ensure the
safety of our students and school neighbors. Please share this with
grandparents, caregivers, and anyone else who may pick up your child
at dismissal. The Police Department has been issuing warnings and will
be ticketing those drivers who disregard the NO PARKING signs.
Please see the map below for no parking areas, and available parking lots.
 Areas marked in RED and NO PARKING zones.


All uniforms must be purchased at the Dennis Uniform Store.

Pre-K Uniform - Girls and Boys must wear the gym uniform. As an option, the girls may wear the green jersey jumper or the uniform shorts or pants with the green knit shirt with the St. Rita logo. Boys may also wear the uniform khaki shorts or pants with the green knit uniform shirt. Sneakers and socks are to be worn. Sneakers may not have wheels, light up or make noise.

Girls Grades K-3:
White turtleneck or white peter-pan collar long- or short-sleeve shirt
Green cardigan sweater (OPTIONAL)
Navy or green tights or navy, green knee-high socks or white crew or quarter socks
Khaki pants (optional in the winter) worn with belt

        Girls Grades 4 and 5:
                               Uniform skort *
                               Uniform shirt with band bottom (navy)
                               Uniform green pullover or cardigan sweater (OPTIONAL)
Navy or green knee-high socks or white crew or quarter socks
                               Khaki pants (optional in the winter) worn with belt

Boys Grades K-5:
Khaki pants with brown belt
Green turtleneck with St. Rita logo
Green knit long- or short-sleeved shirt with St. Rita logo
Uniform green pullover or cardigan sweater (OPTIONAL)
Navy, green, or white crew or quarter socks

Boys Grades 6-8:
Khaki pants with brown belt
Green knit shirt with St. Rita logo (long- or short-sleeved)
Uniform green pullover or cardigan sweater (OPTIONAL)
Navy, green, or white crew or quarter socks

         Girls Grades 6-8
                            Uniform skort
                            Uniform shirt with band bottom (white or navy)
                            Uniform green pullover or cardigan sweater (OPTIONAL)
                            Navy or green knee-high socks or white crew or quarter socks
Khaki pants (optional in the winter) worn with belt

St. Rita fleeces are acceptable for all grade levels.

The length for the girls’ jumper, skort, and all shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the  knee. Girls and boys wear a black, brown, or maroon penny loafer, tassel loafer, or oxford style shoe. Bo Sandals, chunk style, stack or platform shoes are not permitted. Heels may be no more than one inch. All shoes must have backs.

K-8 for everyone:
Khaki shorts
Green shirt with St. Rita logo
Crew or quarter white or khaki socks
Gym sneakers or school shoes – Sneakers may not have wheels, light up or make noise.
Brown belt
The summer uniform may be worn during the months of August, September, May, and June.

Gym uniforms with the St. Rita Crusader logo on them are purchased through Dennis Uniforms. Sneakers are to be worn at all times with socks. Sneakers may not have wheels, light up or make noise. A Middle School optional warm-up suit is also offered at Dennis Uniforms. This is the only attire allowed for gym. Failure to wear the appropriate gym uniform will keep the student from participating in Physical Education class that day. This may affect the student’s grade.

All students are to be well-groomed during the school day. Uniforms are to be clean and neat and free of tears and holes. 

Girls and boys must wear hair styles that are moderate and sensible and adhere to the school guidelines. Hair color should be appropriate for the school environment. Girls may wear scrunchies, hair clips, headbands, bows, etc. in the hair (not the wrist) and should be simple, without excessive ornamentation, and should be appropriate for school. Boy’s hair should be above the shirt collar, trimmed around the ears, and may not have defined lines (e.g. long on top and shaved on the sides.)

Jewelry, when worn, must be simple and not distracting. Post-type, non-dangling earrings are the only ones permitted, one per ear, worn in the lobe. No choker-style necklaces are permitted. Boys are not to wear any type of earring in school. No other body piercing is allowed. No tattoos are allowed. Make-up is not to be worn in school.
On days when uniforms are not required, students will be given general guidelines for appropriate dress. Generally dress is to be modest at all times and neat in appearance. No inappropriate slogans or logos are permitted. If a student’s apparel is deemed inappropriate, a parent/guardian may be called to bring a replacement for the inappropriate apparel. Please note that there should be distinction between a dress-up day and a free dress day.
Dismissal Times

2:35 - Pre-K Students and their siblings

2:40 -- Last Names A - C

2:45 -- Last Names D - G

2:50 -- Last Names H - M

2:55 -- Last Names N - R

3:00 -- Last Names S - Z

Did you participate in the summer reading challenge? If so, don’t forget to hand in your forms to Mrs. Schreck by Thursday morning to be entered into the drawing for an Amazon Gift Card. The drawing will take place
Thursday afternoon. For more info
Prayer Corner
Please remember the
Fortuna and Giamo Families
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