This September, we're asking everyone who cares about the work of generative somatics (gs) to make a donation. Our goal is that over the next 2 weeks, 200 people will collectively donate a total of $20,000. Small actions can make a big difference, and we build our power doing it together!
Dear generative somatics (gs) community,

As we transition into fall, movement leaders are preparing for 2020. Together, we're fighting for and protecting our communities from the ongoing impacts of hurricanes and forest fires, mass surveillance and incarceration, detention and deportation. Thank you for everything you do to build social and environmental justice movements.

At gs, we're building our capacity to make an important contribution in 2020*. There is massive demand for gs programs, which is understandable given the heightened attacks on our communities. gs programs develop embodied leadership, increasing vision, coordination, and connection, and support healing from the impacts of trauma and oppression. 

gs is committed to resourcing our work in ways that align with our politics and strategy. To get there, gs students, teachers, practitioners, and others come together to practice embodied donor organizing. This month, 46 community members are participating in Get Centered , a grassroots fundraising effort from September 15th-30th. Please help us meet our collective goals --

What role can you play?

>> Make a one-time donation of $5 - $5,000 . Every contribution goes a long way for gs.

>> Become a monthly donor to gs! These contributions make gs a sustainable organization.

>> P ost the gs donate page to social media and share why gs is important to you. Post this link:

Embodied donor organizing is an opportunity to build power by resourcing work we care about. We practice toward having a sustainable community network, in which we resource our own communities and organizations, encourage equitable redistribution of wealth, and build cross-class community power.

Small actions can make a big difference, a nd we build our power doing it together! Donations from individuals make up approximately 30% of the gs budget. These contributions support gs to grow sustainably, offer programs that are accessible to communities on the frontlines of our movements, and prepare to make a transformative and precise contribution over the next many years.  

With gratitude,
Danielle, Bhavana, Che, Donaji, Lizzy, Saima, and Sarah
(the gs Transformative Resourcing Team)


Photo above: gs Teacher Training (May 2019)