September 29th, 2017
Vol. 1, Issue 7
Dear Lakeside Community,

Congratulations to Orcutt's classroom for having the most school spirit two weeks in a row. Our 1st graders have a lot of Lakeside spirit!!

We have been practicing very hard with Rojelio to get ready for tonight's dance performance. It has been such a pleasure to watch the students get so excited about dancing... and dancing with each other.

Next week is goal setting week. As a staff, we are looking forward to meeting with you regarding goals for your student(s). If you have not signed up for a meeting time with your student's teacher please be sure to do so immediately.

Our new playground is on it's way and should be arriving very soon. If you have not signed up to help with the installation on October 14-15 and October 20-21 please do so as soon as possible. Click here to register. If you are not able to volunteer but would like to donate food or water items for the volunteers who will be donating their time for the installation. We appreciate your support.

As always, Mert Parsons, former Lakeside Secretary, is collecting soaps, shampoos, and toiletries for homeless shelters. All those from vacation hotels are perfect as well as larger bottles. I'll be seeing my friend who distributes them in a couple weeks, so check around and see what you have. Please drop off in the office and Mert will stop by and pick them up . Thanks! She is also collecting coats and blankets for the colder season.

Attendance - Please use the  (or call) when reporting your child's absence. Only emailing Nancy may create a delay in transferring information because she is not at work everyday.

Parent Information - If you are going to be on campus for any reason please make sure you sign-in with the office first. This helps us ensure we know who is on our campus at all times for the safety of all students and staff.

Shammy Karim
Upcoming Events
October 2-6 - Goal Setting Week
October 4 - School Board Meeting
October 4 - Dine Out- Chipotle Los Gatos
October 9 - Foundation Meeting
October 14-15 - Playground Installation
October 21-22 - Playground Installation
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