Highlights of this issue include:
  • A Word from Andy+
  • TFCE Commitment to Racial Justice (Parish News & Updates)
  • Newcomers' Class continues this Sunday (Ways to Connect)
  • Registration for Children's Formation
The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Please join us for our e-service on Sunday morning at 10:00 am. A Zoom or Facebook account is not required to view the service.

If you are missing a sense of community while participating in our online worship, we invite you to try out the Facebook Watch Party for our Sunday Services. The Watch Party can be found on our Facebook Page Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m (though folks begin gathering and chatting around 9:50 am). There you can watch the service with others in real time, greet each other and exchange the Peace, and know that though we are in different places, the Body of Christ continues
to gather as The Falls Church Episcopal.

We are contining to gather for an informal digital coffee hour. We'll have gathering time as a large group, and then split up into smaller groups for conversations on where we saw God this past week, and how we are cultivating practices of sabbath rest and renewal during these strange times. Join us on Zoom at 11:00 a.m.
TFCE Week-at-a-Glance
Sunday, September 20 - Saturday, September 26
Sunday, September 20:
Monday, September 21:
Tuesday, September 22:
  • 6:00 p.m. – Evening Prayer LIVE on the South Lawn (also live streamed at www.facebook.com/thefallschurch) If it rains, worship will happen on Facebook but not in person.   
Wednesday, September 23:
Thursday, September 24:
  • 7:30 a.m. – Morning Prayer (www.facebook.com/thefallschurch)
  • 8:30 a.m. – Thursday Morning Fellowship (email Cleve for more information)
  • 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Main Sanctuary open for quiet prayer
  • 8:00 p.m. – Mom’s Bible Study (email Kelly for more information)
Friday, September 25:
  • 5:00 p.m. – Silent Witness Against Racial Injustice (on Broad Street outside TFCE)
Saturday, September 26:       
  • 9:00 a.m. – Foyer Group (email Casie for more information)
  • 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. – Historic Church open for quiet prayer
Youth Groups

This week's Youth Forum activity is available here
Children's Formation
Have you registered your child(ren) for Sunday Formation?

YOU CAN REGISTER CHILDREN FROM 3 YEARS OLD TO 5TH GRADERS! This year we are taking a virtual adventure into scripture, using a hands-on approach to virtual learning. All of our grades will receive a take-home bag and a flexible curriculum that can be done at a family's own pace. Similar to our Hogwarts Virtual VBS, the program will have Zoom lessons, weekly lesson videos, and fun projects the whole family can enjoy. We have also designed the program to empower families with the ability to choose to participate in a way that works best for them! So register your child(ren) today, to ensure that your family will receive the lesson emails, and your child(ren) will get take-home supplies!
A Word from Andy+
On the Road to God’s Kingdom Purposes: Vestry Adopts Racial Justice Roadmap

Dear Falls Church Family,

I recently shared that our Vestry was in the final stages of putting together a Racial Justice Roadmap as an important aspect of our fulfilling God’s mission. I am happy to let you know that at the September Vestry meeting this roadmap was adopted unanimously. By doing so, the Vestry affirms our commitment to racial justice (that both Jesus and the prophets of Israel proclaimed) and envisions how we will engage this transformational work. In our contemporary context and in our Episcopal understanding of the mission of the Church, we see the work of racial justice as foundational, not simply an “add-on.”

I encourage you to read the Vestry’s Roadmap found below. We will put it on our website as well. One of the ways you can intentionally join this journey is to take a look at the Sacred Ground small group study and reflection opportunity we will offer soon with details in next week’s eNews.

Parish News & Updates
The Falls Church Episcopal’s Commitment to Racial Justice
Striving toward racial justice is one of the foundational pillars of the Episcopal Church. Indeed, the normative statement of what it means to follow Christ is imbued within the words of our baptismal covenant “Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself? Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?” (Book of Common Prayer, p 304-305). The vestry of TFCE is committed to ensuring the congregation of the Falls Church Episcopal honors our baptismal covenant by creating a Racial Justice Roadmap. This roadmap will ensure that the quest for racial justice is continuously upheld by our congregation and honors our commitment to living as Christians and serving the world as Christ’s body, with God’s help.

The vestry of the Falls Church Episcopal (TFCE) believes that racial justice is not a political or academic issue; there aren’t two sides. It is a fundamental disconnect in our society for which our faith compels us to act. We wish to be long suffering with this issue; this should be a long term, steady stream effort that becomes a part of our DNA at TFCE. The majority of our current efforts don’t address racial injustice specifically. Instead our current efforts deal with the intersectional issues of poverty, homelessness, and incarceration that disproportionally affect People of Color. We reach out locally because there is so much need but we should look to broaden our relationships beyond our own locality. Advocacy at the state and national levels will ultimately be the force that re-aligns our society toward equality for all.

Get Souls to the Polls in November
As American citizens, it is our privilege and a duty to vote. As Christians, it is our privilege and duty to ensure that all citizens may exercise their right to vote. In the words of our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, "it is a Christian obligation to vote, and more than that, it is the Church's responsibility to help get souls to the polls." This fall, examine your faith and choose the candidates whom you feel best represent the values of the Church and the teachings of our Lord. And if you are comfortable, follow all CDC guidelines, and help others get to the polls so that they, too, may exercise their faith. Bishop Goff's message 
Annual Giving Campaign 2021
Resilience and Gratitude: The Path to Generosity is the theme of the 2021 Annual Giving Campaign.

Member Jennifer Brown recently spoke about why she gives to TFCE

More information coming soon in the eNews, TFCE social media and your mailbox.

What's New
Diocese of Virginia sponsoring online discussion group on The Church and Race

A note from Bishop Porter: one of the few gifts COVID-19 may have given some of us is a little more time and space to read and think. I am suggesting we use that gift collectively to learn about our Church and our faith as well as connect with one another. Attached is a proposal for a virtual discussion group.If you are interested in joining, please notify Anita Lisk at alisk@thediocese.net.

An Online Discussion Group for Clergy and Laity

TFCE Naves Open for Private Prayer Thursdays & Saturdays
The Historic Church is open for silent prayer each Saturday from 9:00 - 11:00 am. The Main Sanctuary is open on Thursdays from 11:00 am -
1:00 pm. We ask everyone to maintain six feet distance, wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the sanctuary. Please click here for rules and expectations. Questions?
E-mail Parish Administrator D'O Dillard.
During these difficult times, it's uplifting to hear stories about parishioners taking action to improve the lives of people in this community, this nation, and the world. Click here to visit the Stories of Hope web page. E-mail Andy, Kelly, or Casie with stories that you'd like to share.

Our latest Story of Hope provides an update to our very first Story of Hope...the Allvin Family's Let's Breathe campaign...
Ways to Worship
Go to www.facebook.com/thefallschurch to connect live, or click here to learn how to connect via Facebook Live without signing up for Facebook. If you are having trouble accessing Facebook, please go to www.thefallschurch.org/liveprayer to watch.
In-Person Outdoor Evening Prayer on Tuesdays

Tuesday Outdoor Evening Prayer at 6:00 pm. In lieu of Centering Prayer, join Father Andy+ on the South Lawn of the Historic Church for in-person Evening Prayer. Please read here for important information regarding the service.
Ways to Connect
Are you new to The Falls Church Episcopal and interested in learning more? Our Fall Newcomers' Class continues this Sunday! We hope you can join us on September 20th at 5:00 p.m. In this second of three meetings, you will meet with clergy, vestry members, and staff to learn more about the history of the church, the history of TFCE, and how to get connected to a group or ministry. Please email Casie Disantis for more information or to register.  Final session is Sunday, September 27th at 5:00 p.m.
Thursday Morning Fellowship Via Zoom! The Men’s Monthly Bible Study has morphed into a weekly fellowship group gathering via Zoom on Thursday mornings at 8:30 a.m. This group is open to all, men and women, we are gender inclusive! Go to Realm for more information or contact Cleve Johnson. Hope you’ll join the group!
Parish Prayer List: Prayers & Transitions
Please use the Prayer List below in your prayers for each other and the world. Praying for each other and the needs of the world is a powerful way to love our neighbors as ourselves! CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEK’S PRAYER LIST.
Ways to Serve

Silent Witness Against Racial Injustice
Friday, September 25th,
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Members and friends of The Falls Church Episcopal are invited to join Falls Church Presbyterian
Church for the next Silent Witness protest. Participants are asked to wear masks and maintain social distancing. The protests are held every other Friday,rain or shine.

Drivers for Meal Delivery Needed
Our ministry partners at FCS have seen a significant increase in their requests for grocery drop-offs at people’s homes. They are looking for drivers to pick-up groceries from their food bank and no-contact drop them off at people’s doors. If you are interested, please email fcswecare@aol.com  
Make sandwiches for those in need
Make sandwiches or bag lunches for drop-off at the Bailey's Crossroads Shelter or New Hope Housing's Eleanor Kennedy Shelter near Ft. Belvoir.. Please see the attached flyer and contact Sami Smyth at 703-799-2293 x11 or ssmyth@newhopehousing.org for more information.
The Little Free Food Pantry
On Fairfax Street near the church’s Thrift Shop is a small “take some food, leave some food” pantry (like the “little libraries” where people can take or leave a book). We are definitely seeing people use that pantry to supplement their groceries, and you can drop off non-perishable food items there at any time.
Ways to Give
Are you shopping more online these days? If you’re buying more items from Amazon, please consider adding The Falls Church Episcopal to your AmazonSmile account. With every purchase you make, the church earns a small percentage. Simply click here to add us to your account! 
We ask that during this time you please continue to make an effort to contribute to the Church as you normally would. Although we are not having in-person services, the work of our parish, staff, and clergy continues. Fulfilling our mission and our vision to be an enduring beacon of faith, hope, and love is crucial during these days.
There are 3 easy ways to give to the church:
We are still checking the mail and depositing checks! 
Please mail your check to:
115 E. Fairfax Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
Donate safely and securely through our website. 
Text “TFCE” and the amount to 73256. 
If you have any questions about Realm or eGiving, please reach out to Casie Disantis at cdisantis@thefallschurch.org or Joy Sperry-Stamenic at accounting@thefallschurch.org.
Worship and Reflection
Our regular corporate worship opportunities have been suspended until further notice. But there are still lots of ways you can worship or reflect on God. Here are some suggestions of resources that might help.
Weekly meditations by our Bishops. This week's mediation is by Bishop Susan: Forward to Church
St. Phoebe's Virtual Chapel is a great resource to explore with musical resources, sermons and reflections, and digital opportunities to pray the Daily Office.
This Sunday, livestream the worship service from the National Cathedral at 11:15 am - more info here.
Here are some ways to enhance your spiritual journey at home as suggested by the Washington National Cathedral.