Webinar For IIAN Members
Understanding LB 139
The Nebraska Department of Labor website disclosure for the construction industry's independent contractors

Date : September 18, 2019

Time : 10:00-11:45 AM

Where : Remotely from the comfort of your own office

Cost : FREE
Presenter: IIAN Legislative Representative Jim Cavanaugh
Jim Cavanaugh and his staff will present IIAN's webinar on the law changes made by LB 139, which becomes effective August 31, 2019. Time will be allowed after the presentation for questions and answers.
   The new law changes the Nebraska Contractor Registration Act regarding sole proprietor construction contractors who do not carry workers compensation coverage on themselves, and creates a new legal presumption for premium determination.  
The webinar will cover:
  • How LB 139 helps solve the premium determination and coverage problems caused by sole proprietor construction independent contractors who do not insure themselves for workers compensation
  • Who is exempt from the duty to purchase WC coverage in Nebraska
  • Who must comply with the new Department of Labor registration requirement established by LB 139
  • How construction contractors will register on the Department of Labor web site
  • How LB 139 applies to different legal business ownership contexts
  • How independent insurance agents should counsel their construction industry clients