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Pastor Sarah Friesen-Carper

Sunday, September 20
9:00 am Drive In Outdoor Worship Service

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Friday, September 18, 2020
Beloved of God,

This is a photo of members of Council cleaning the tables and chairs after our first in-person meeting since February. We sat on Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall, 6 feet apart, with masks on and a conference call option available. Then on Wednesday there were more in-person gatherings - Bible study, Picnic, Confirmation, and Cub scouts all met outside on a beautiful day. We continue to work hard to make careful, safe choices for our community. At the same time, being able to see each other in-the-flesh carries the feeling of Sunday worship celebration into the week. 

I am proud of the ways this congregation has creatively connected with one another and remained faithful to God's church over these last months. I know that many of us are wearying of having to do so many things differently. Yet, God is calling us to hold on, to remain faithful, to trust that God is holding us and keeping us. 

So, dear people, pray, hold fast, and keep supporting and loving each other. When you need help, reach out. When you see someone in need, reach out. And don't forget, you are never alone. 

In Christ, Pastor Sarah 

P.S. Please remember to take the worship survey about how you would prefer to worship this fall and winter. See below or click here.

 Bulletin: September 20, 2020
In Case of Severe Weather... check your email, the website, or our facebook page. 
Sunday's Worship Service is streamed live on facebook
Worship Readings
The readings for Sunday, September 20th are:

First Reading: Jonah 3:10-4:11
Second Reading: Acts 18:1-11
Gospel: Matthew 20:1-16

Call 651.371.5421 to hear this week's sermon. 

September 2020 Council Minutes are available here. 

SPLC COVID Response Team 

Click here to read the SPLC Covid-19 Preparedness Plan and related documents. 

We are in Phase 3. Please check out what that means our plan! Check out forms for facility use requests, as well as cleaning guidelines and others. 

Stay tuned for further updates!! 

To contact the team, please email: 
Bring Your Own Picnic Nights
Wednesday nights - 6:00 pm 
September 30th. 

For more information about this event, please click here

We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring nurses in our congregation! They have some words of advice for us: 

Drug overdose is now the No.1 cause of unintentional death in the United States. The common medications are prescription opioids, heroin, fentanyl and its analogues.
Frequently the creeping up of addiction occurs when we think there should be absolutely no pain, not even an ache. It is better to take less medication, use heat or cold applications, and change positions to alleviate some of the pain. Also, the use of acetaminophen or Ibuprofen for pain relief is effective to use to stretch out the time between opioid doses.
Be aware that cognition is impaired by even small doses of opioids. Do not drive while taking the medication. Constipation is a side effect of pain medications. Be sure you have some stool softener or your favorite constipation relief available.  
 If you continue to have pain, talk to your MD and discuss possible options for relief. Do not take medications that haven't been prescribed for you. There are many programs available to help with chronic pain, don't give up if the first one you try is unsuccessful. Please ask for help if you realize you are falling into an addiction pattern.

Remember to pray for these nurses and all those on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. 
Mission Trip
If you and/or your 7th-12th grade child are interested in going on a Mission Trip next summer, please let Joanna or Brandy know by Sept. 25th

Sunday School and SPLASH will meet on Sunday, September 27th immediately following worship service. 

Please contact Chris or Katie with any questions or if you'd would like to have your child participate at

Family Devotions
Sunday School is inviting the entire congregation to join us for weekly family devotions. Devotions will be emailed or mailed weekly.  Please email or call Melissa in the main office to be added to the distribution list and please note if you would like the devotions via email or regular mail. 
Bible Study on Isaiah 
The book of Isaiah is full of the promises of God's salvation and written for people who eagerly await what God is doing next.
Join Pastor Sarah and other curious folks to talk about what God promises and what God is up to "In the Days to Come..." 

When: Wednesday Evenings (7:30pm) 
Where: Zoom (click here for the link)
Date: August 26th - September 23rd 
Click here to sign up. 
Questions: Contact Council 
Treasurer, Chris Timmons at

As of 09/17/2020
Over / (under) Budgeted $
Year-to-Date Totals

$ 115,912.49

$   5,724.19 

Sunday, September 20
9:00 am      Outdoor and Live Stream Worship
11:00 am    Coffee Hour via Zoom 
Monday, September 21
8:00 pm      COVID Response Team Meeting
Tuesday, September 22
7:00 am      Walking Club
7:00 pm      Walking Club
Wednesday, September 23
1:00 pm     Adult Bible Study **Outside at church**
6:00 pm    Confirmation
7:30 pm    Isaiah Bible Study via Zoom
Sunday, September 27
9:00 am      Outdoor and Live Stream Worship
10:00 pm    Outdoor Sunday School
11:00 am    Coffee Hour via Zoom