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New Work

Rural Farm Delivery 24x30 $13,000
Rural Farm Delivery    24" x 30"    $13,500
Some thoughts on critics and clear days:
As an artist in our time, is it trite to be moved and inspired by nature?

The last 100 years of art criticism would lead one to believe so - the funny thing is, those very critics would enjoy the same clear perfection, the same elemental connection to that day as me.

When did it become cool to not declare that which you love - that which deeply moves you?

The last 100 years of art criticism would say you were "merely sentimental" and tell you it was your job to "ask a question" or to "challenge the notion of..."

If you want to challenge the notion of something why not ask why it is so common today for artists to subordinate themselves to their desire for relevancy or why in contemporary art criticism, one must have their work relate contextually to something else.

We simply cannot accept that was "is" - simply, "is."

That which "is not" requires classification, evaluation and a scaffolding of words to elevate it when it is utterly incapable of doing it alone.

I get it. We are all insecure at times and believing that we have something to add to the world is a tall order, but why not consider risking love over irony? Or genuine connection over clever concept?

Why not have the courage to say to the world with elegance, grace and beauty: "I Love This."

Catalina Island "Wild Side" Art Show Newport Harbor Yacht Club

Opening: Sunday, October 26th 1:30 - 5:00 PM

First Light, Cat Harbor    18" x 24"    $8,900
Hosted by the Catalina Island Conservancy this event showcases the talents of some of the countries finest outdoor painters and is a must see.

To see the collection of Joe Paquet's 2014 Catalina Paintings, click here.

For more information, contact the Catalina Island Conservancy

2014 Workshops

Chatham Creative Arts Center
4-Day Plein Air Workshop

Tuesday, September 23rd - Friday, September 26th

Only 1 spot left!

End of Summer, Wellfleet   8" x 12"    $3,000   SOLD
It's hard to beat painting in the land of Edward Hopper in September.
The light is glorious and the crowds are gone, a real taste of New England.
Cost $695

Note to students: Teaching is tailored to your level so all levels are welcome. My only requirement is that you enter the class humble to nature and open to new information.

 More details here.

New York 5-Day Plein Air Workshop
Stone Barns Center, Pocantico Hills, NY
& Metropolitan Museum of Art

Monday, October 13th - Friday, October 17th

Class is filling quickly!

Good Fences   12 x 20   $4,900    SOLD
Good Fences   12" x 20"   $4,900    SOLD

I am thrilled to be teaching this workshop. the Stone Barns Center is a great location less than an hour from Manhattan offering plenty of variety and an opportunity to study fall color with the prismatic palette.

Day 1 Will begin with an in-depth lecture on the prismatic palette and be followed by an afternoon Demonstration.


Days 2-4 Students will be working in the field - plan on working on 2 paintings per day. It is my practice to get around for frequent critiques so you will get plenty of help.


Day 5 Metropolitan Museum of Art - I can't imagine a better way to end a week of outdoor painting than with a survey of the worlds greatest art. History, craft and anecdote will be discussed as we all get our minds blown by what is possible in the pursuit of art.


All Levels Welcome (Humility Required)


 More details here.

2015 Workshops

2015 Catalina Island 5-Day Workshop

Monday, January 19th - Friday, January 23rd

Catalina Island, CA
Cost: $850
Monday, January 19th - Friday, January 23rd, 2015

This is truly the ideal destination workshop in the month of January.
Catalina Island offers an amazing array of subjects with ease of access. During this five-day workshop we will delve into the prismatic palette and how to capture the unique qualities of each day on canvas.
All levels are welcome.

You will be given a great deal of individual attention tailored to your level.
See you on the sand.

Click here for details.

2015 Madeline Island, WI
Madeline Island School of the Arts
5-Day Plein Air Workshop

Monday, July 6th - Friday, July 10th

Old Farm, Madeline Island 8 x 12 $3,000
Old Farm, Madeline Island    8" x 12"    $3,000
My first experience teaching  at MISA was simply wonderful; there was plenty to paint and the accommodations and hospitality provided by the school and staff was top-notch.

I'm looking forward to returning to this lovely island again next summer, I hope you can join me.
A special thanks to Charles, Jenna and the entire staff for elevating the experience.

Click here to learn more.


Summer Morning, Gloucester  8x12 3,400
Summer Morning, Gloucester    8" x 12"   $3,400
To purchase paintings directly from Joe
Just call (651) 485-5807 or email to discuss details and options.

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