Go Tell It on the Mountain

September 2014 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Help Needed to Set Up, Stock, Take Down Harvest Fest Booths

NOTE from Trustees:


  Harvest Festival is a busy time   with many opportunities to lend   a hand. Please plan to help         with these activities:

  1. Booth setup on Saturday     Sept. 13 at 9:00 a.m. It is a fun   time and many hands make for   light work. With your help we       will be done by noon.

  2. Friday Sept. 19 at 9:00 a.m.   to move sorted items into             booth areas.

  3. Saturday Sept. 20 all day       for the festival itself.

  4. Saturday Sept. 27 at 9:00       a.m. to take down and store         the booths.

  Many thanks for your help.


-- Gerald Alonzo

Still Taking Festival Gifts 


Donations for the Harvest 
Fesetival are still being accepted, right up to Sept. 19, the day before the festival itself.


Drop off things to sort from 9:30 to noon on Tuesdays and Sundays. Come and help sort Tuesdays from 9:30 to noon. You'll enjoy it.  

Books:  All books in good shape except magazines and old textbooks.

"... of making many books there is no end," observes the preacher (Ecclesiastes 12:12); and Glenda McCalla's task is to sort them all out.

Tools: Good working order.

SportsThose old tennis balls, ski equipment, diving stuff, etc.

Clothes: Shoes, belts, scarves, purses. No stains, rips, etc.

Jeremy  Cole shows wares.

Collectibles: Whatever that means to you.


Kitchen: Small appliances, silverware, glasses, vases etc.


The PODS are filling up.


Toys:  Clean ones; move them on.  Games, dressup.


Silent Auction: If you have a service to donate for the silent auction, let Nancy Jo know.  


-- Nancy Jo Lopp


Altar Flowers 
Open dates for flower donations are Sept. 14, 21, and 28. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.



For a lovely bowl
Let us arrange these flowers,
For there is no rice.

-- Matsuo Bashō


IDEO Group to brief Skyland committees
Jan Swayne summarizes IDEO notes below.

Members of the informal IDEO design working group, who have been working on plans for Skyland Church to better serve the spiritual needs of the mountain community (see July newsletter), will explain their top recommendations - summarized below by Jan Swayne - to church committees after Harvest Festival.


The group, made up of Jeremy Cole, Kim Gautho, Mike Mahrle, Marcia Rollins, and Jan, boiled down its ideas to five favorites, which individual members will take to church committees thusly:


* Have a whole church retreat in order to get to know each other better (to be seen and known). To be taken to the Deacons, the Recreation committee, and the Women's and Missions boards by Jeremy and Kim.


* Hold diversity training in order to better respect, accept, support, and welcome each other. To be presented by Kim and Marcia to a committee still to be chosen. The IDEO group has discussed forming a Church Culture committee, to oversee events such as diversity training, an outdoor service, and a whole church retreat.


* Have an outdoor service in order to experience God through nature. Jeremy and Mike to explain to the Deacons and trustees.


Have small group activities/ speakers/discussion groups or classes on life transitions as a way to support each other. Marcia and Jan to present to the Deacons, the Education and Missions boards and the Women's group.


* Hire a youth leader/minister (but do not leave them alone) or have kids lead a group activity as a means of teaching children about God and community. Jan and Marcia to discuss with the Religious Education board.


Minister's Column

Stephen consults with Margretta and Julie Victorine over children's books selection for Harvest Festival.



Harvest Festival Sept. 20;

Get Ready to Rock!


September pretty much means Harvest Festival here at Skyland Church. The Sunday morning announcements cover plans as they are unfolding; our needs for donated items, jams other canned goods, volunteers for here and there.


On Tuesdays, an ever-growing number of helpers lug and sort, share laughter and find goodies. This is the rhythm of our lives together, part of what makes it fun to be here. Most of us know what to do, but if you aren't sure just ask the person to your right or left.


During the preparations and on the big day itself (Saturday the 20th), take a moment and look up from your personal task to enjoy the experience of others. I like to say that God is still creating, and it is rarely more evident among us than when we are working on a big project together.


Thanks to everyone for all your gifts of time and treasure that help our world go round here at Skyland Church. See you there!


-- Stephen

Photo by Nancy Jo Lopp
Jinn Easterday, back at Skyland with husband Neil Westbrook after a 10-year residence in New Zealand, polishes a hand loom that has been contributed to the Harvest Festival.

Jam photos by Nancy Jo Lopp

Mary Ellen Reminds Us -- 
Time to Get Serious! 
About that jam or home-made comestible you're planning to make for Harvest Festival: we are depending on you and how you dependably supply us with beautiful jars, like jewels, of homemade goodies to sell in our booth.  
We will label and price them for you. Please bring your contributions to Whitiker Hall on Friday, Sept. 19.

With lots of appreciation, 
Mary Ellen McTamaney
We're getting reports of some jam being made, which is wonderful!  We need as many participants as possible to make our booth as successful as before at Harvest Festival!
I've made made 13 jars of cherry cardamon chutney,but I can't do this all on my own. The summer fruit at the Farmer's markets is luscious - plums, nectarines, peaches, berries.  What strikes your fancy? 

Remember, this booth is where some people head first, to stock up, so let's create a big supply for our fans!  


Festival Update: Booth changes, Pie Production, Scheduling


We've gotten so some much clothing, we're bringing the "accessories" (shoes and purses) down to the booth where the plants were.  At the same time, we have so little produce and plants that we are merging them into one booth. But we still need more of both; so if you have any plants or produce, please let us know by filling out the sign-up sheet in Whitaker Hall, and bring them to the produce booth the week before Festival, ideally on Thursday or Friday Sept. 18 or 19.


This year there is no formal pie-baking location or day. We have also put up sign-up sheets for the pies and salads for lunch in Whitaker Hall. Please sign up if you plan to make either. We are asking all those making pies to bring as many as you can make to Whitaker Hall on Friday the 19th or the morning of the Festival, Saturday the 20th. If you want to make pies at the church, the kitchen can be available in the afternoon of Thursday the 18th. Let us know if you would like to use it.


If you know of any businesses that may want to donate their products to the Festival, please coordinate with me via e-mail (lhcooke@comcast.net).  We can supply request letters, tax forms and thank-you letters if needed.


Sorting continues on Tuesday mornings; booth setup is at 9 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 13; and the Silent Auction baskets will be created and the final clothing sorting will be done during the week of Sept. 15. Booth organizing will begin at 9 a.m.Friday the 19th.


Please sign up to make this the best Harvest Festival ever!


Many thanks,


-- Larry Cooke



Meditation Moment

He who binds to himself a joy

Does the wing�d life destroy;        

But he who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity's sunrise.


-- William Blake



Financial Report for August 2014

Nothing special this month Our pledge donations are running about $900 each month short of commitments. Please try to keep your pledge donations current or inform me if you plan to make one or more lump sum payments. This will improve my reporting of planned income.


Here is our operating finances for Aug. 2014 as of Aug. 31.

        Summary of Operating Finances

     Aug 201    | Jun 1,2014 to Aug 31

                                   Actual   Planned      |   Actual      Planned 

Income    $  9,444     $ 10,903  |  $ 42,258    $ 47,210

Expenses $  9,631     $ 10,503  |  $ 38,506    $ 40,113

Net          $  (-187)    $      400  |  $   3,751    $   7,097


-- Gerald J. Alonzo


Skyland Community Church

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